UNIT 7 What does he look like?
long hair straight hair black hair
short hair straight hair black hair long hair curly hair blonde hair
short hair curly hair blonde hair
What does he look like?
George Bush
He has short hair
He has black hair.
What does he look like?
He has long hair.
He has straight hair.
He has curly hair. He has blonde hair.
He is wearing glasses.
He always wears glasses
What do they look like?
They all have short hair.
Jack Bush is short.
George Bush David Bush is medium height. is tall.
George Bush is medium build.
Jack Bush is heavy.
David Bush is thin.
What does he look like?
He is
What does she look like?
She has
blonde hair.
What does he look like?
He has
a mustache.
What does he look like?
He has
a beard.
What does she look like?
She has
black hair.
Look at 1a,match the words and the pictures. Listen and fill in the pictures. Can you find Amy’s friend?

  1. short hair c f
  2. curly hair
  3. long hair a a
  4. straight hair
  5. tall d
  6. short h e
  7. medium height
  8. thin b g
  9. heavy
  10. a medium build e
Please describe these stars.
Yao Ming
Shen Dianxia
Bill Gates
Zhao Wei
What do I look like?
I have long straight hair. I am medium height. I am medium build.
(I am tall/ short/thin/ heavy). thin/
What do you look like?
Let’s guess your friend’s name(in this class).
You can use
Is it a boy ? Is he/she tall/short/medium height…? Does he/she have short/curly/long hair?
Describe Lily’s new friend:
A:Do you know I have a new friend in Class Five? B:What does she look like? A:She has long hair and big eyes . B:Is she tall? short A:No,she’s. B:I think I know her.She always wears a redand dress white shoes. A:Yes,that’s her.Her name is Nancy.
2b Listen again and fill in the chart.
is has
curly hair long hair
David Sally Pete
tall heavy medium height thin short medium build
short hair

Listen and circle “is” or “has” below
is is is is is is is is is / / / / / / / / / has has has has has has has has has tall heavy curly hair medium height thin long hair short medium build short hair
Pair work:Describe one of your friends like this with your partner.
He is my good friend. He is tall__(tall/ _tall__(tall/ short / medium isthin height) . He isthin (thin/ heavy / medium build ). He has short(long _short(long / short ) hair. THe is wearing a T-shirt .
Hair 头发 short hair long hair curly hair straight hair
漂亮+长短 漂亮 长短+形状+颜色 长短
blond 金黄色 brown 褐色
?她有一头短的金黄色的卷发。 她有一头短的金黄色的卷发。 她有一头短的金黄色的卷发
She has short, curly ,blond hair
?一头漂亮乌黑 的长发 一头漂亮乌黑
beautiful,long black hair.
描述人的长相用动词 be还是 have/has
What does your friend look like ?
tall short heavy He thin /she fat a medium is height bald 秃头的
He /She has
long/short/ curly/straight hair a medium build 身

beard/ mustache
Class is over. Thank you, everyone! Good Bye!



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