Unit 7 Cultural relics
作者:湖南省邵东县第一中学 苏继军
Listening & Speaking Type of lesson: Teaching aims:
  1. Talk about cultural relics, their importance and ways to protect them.
  2. To improve the students’ability of listening.
  3. To learn how to ask for and make suggestions.
  4. To encourage the students to discuss in pairs and develop their imagination and creativity.
  5. Moral education: One nation can not develop without history and the cultural relic are the signs of historical events. Our people can not forget the history of our nation and should protect the valuable cultural relics. Teaching aids: a computer and a projector. procedures: Teaching procedures: StepI Leading ingStepI Leading-in Show the students the slide on the screen and ask them the following questions:
  1. Do you enjoy the music and the sceneries on the screen?
  2. Do you know what they have in common?
Then the teacher leads the students to the topiccultural relics. StepII WarmingStepII Warming-up
Ask the students look at the screen and show them the second slides. Ten the students asks the students some questions on the screen.
Show another slides for the students and let them think how to protect cultural relics and give them some moral education.
StepIII StepIII Listening Finish the listening task of the textbook with the help of the following slides.
Ask some of the students to come to the front and drag the statues to the right places according to the listening.
StepIV StepIV Speaking Explain some useful expressions about how to ask for suggestions and how to make suggestions on the screen.
The teacher shows the students a model.
Ask some students to have dialogues in the front. StepV StepV Homework


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