68.lingdi.net)和中正翻译论坛 (http://translation1
  68.5d6d.com/)收集自互联网。 2006 年 5 月人事部三级笔译真题 第一部分 英译汉
Freed by warming, waters once locked beneath ice are gnawing at coastal settlements around the Arctic Circle. In Bykovsky, a village of 457 on Russia's northeast coast, the shoreline is collapsing, creeping closer and closer to houses and tanks of heating oil, at a rate of 15 to 18 feet a year. "It is practically all ice - permafrost - and it is thawing." For the four million people who live north of the Arctic Circle, a changing climate presents new opportunities. But it also threatens their environment, their homes and, for those whose traditions rely on the ice-bound wilderness, the preservation of their culture. A push to develop the North, quickened by the melting of the Arctic seas, carries its own rewards and dangers for people in the region. The discovery of vast petroleum fields in the Barents and Kara Seas has raised fears of catastrophic accidents as ships loaded with oil and, soon, liquefied gas churn through the fisheries off Scandinavia, headed to markets in Europe and North America. Land that was untouched could be tainted by pollution as generators, smokestacks and large vehicles sprout to support the growing energy industry. Coastal erosion is a problem in Alaska as well, forcing the United States to prepare to relocate several Inuit villages at a projected cost of $100 million or more for each one. Across the Arctic, indigenous tribes with traditions shaped by centuries of living in extremes of cold and ice are noticing changes in weather and wildlife. They are trying to adapt, but it can be confounding. In Finnmark, Norway's northernmost province, the Arctic landscape unfolds in late winter as an endless snowy plateau, silent but for the cries of the reindeer and the occasional whine of a snowmobile herding them. A changing Arctic is felt there, too. "The reindeer are becoming unhappy," said Issat Eira, a 31-year-old reindeer herder. Few countries rival Norway when it comes to protecting the environment and preserving indigenous customs. The state has lavished its oil wealth on the region, and Sami culture has enjoyed something of a renaissance. And yet no amount of government support can convince Mr. Eira that his livelihood, intractably entwined with the reindeer, is not about to change. Like a Texas cattleman, he keeps the size of his herd secret. But he said warmer temperatures in fall and spring were melting the top layers of snow, which then refreeze as ice, making it harder for his reindeer to dig through to the lichen they eat. "The people who are making the decisions, they are living in the south and they are living in towns," said
  68.lingdi.net)和 中正翻译论坛(http://translation1
Mr. Eira, sitting inside his home made of reindeer hides. "They don't mark the change of weather. It is only people who live in nature and get resources from nature who mark it."
A push to develop the North, quickened by the melting of the Arctic seas, carries its
own rewards and dangers for people in the region. The discovery of vast petroleum fields in the Barents and Kara Seas has raised fears of catastrophic accidents as ships loaded with oil and, soon, liquefied gas churn through the fisheries off Scandinavia, headed to markets in Europe and North America. Land that was untouched could be tainted by pollution as generators, smokestacks and large vehicles sprout to support the growing energy industry.
第二部分 汉译英
维护世界和平,促进共同发展,谋求合作共赢,是各国人民的共同愿望,也是不可抗拒的当今时代潮流。 中国高举和平、发展、合作的旗帜,坚持走和平发展道路,与世界各国一道,共同致力于建设一个持久 和平、共同繁荣的和谐世界。 中国与世界从未像今天这样紧密相连。中国政府把中国人民的根本利益与各国人民的共同利益结合起 来,坚持奉行防御性的国防政策。中国的国防服从和服务于国家发展战略和安全战略,旨在维护国家安 全统一,确保实现全面建设小康社会的宏伟目标。中国永远是维护世界和平、安全、稳定的坚定力量。
中国在经济不断发展的基础上推进国防和军队现代化,是适应世界新军事变革发展趋势、维护国家安 全和发展利益的需要。中国不会与任何国家进行军备竞赛,不会对任何国家构成军事威胁。新世纪新阶 段,中国把科学发展观作为国防和军队建设的重要指导方针,积极推进中国特色军事变革,努力实现国 防和军队建设全面协调可持续发展。
2006 年 11 月人事部三级笔译真题 第一部分 英译汉
Faced with growing evidence that avian influenza is spreading in birds, the World Health Organization on Wednesday signed an agreement with the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche Holding to build up its stockpile of medicines in case of a pandemic in humans. 淘茶客商城:http://wodecha.teasm.cn
  68.lingdi.net)和中正翻译论坛 (http://translation1
  68.5d6d.com/)收集自互联网。 Under the agreement, Roche will reserve three million treatments of its Tamiflu antiviral medicine for use by the UN agency in case of a worldwide human pandemic of avian flu.
"It's just enough to deal with an initial outbreak," said Jong-Wook Lee, director-general of the WHO. "But clearly this is not enough to deal with a full pandemic."
The agency says only 57 people in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia have died, mainly from contact with infected birds. The virus has killed millions of chickens and led to preventive culling across Asia since late 20
Sustained human-to-human infection has not yet been recorded.But the World Health Organization warns that bird flu, which first appeared in Hong Kong in 1997, could mutate genetically, making it easier for humans to catch and transmit the disease among themselves.
Signs the disease has spread recently to birds in Siberia and Kazakhstan are adding to concerns, the WHO says. A panel of European Union experts will convene Thursday in Brussels to discuss measures to prevent the spread of bird deaths to European poultry.
When asked whether he thought a widespread outbreak in humans was imminent, Lee said: "We don't know when it will come. But it would be hugely irresponsible if the WHO and member states did not take preventive measures now."
Roche declined to give figures for its stockpiles of Tamiflu.
A spokeswoman for the company, Martina Rupp, said it took from 12 to 18 months to deliver the drug after an order was placed- a relatively long time due to a complicated production process.
第二部分 汉译英
25年来,中国坚定不移地推进改革开放,社会主义市场经济体制初步建立,开放型经济已经形成,社 会生产力和综合国力不断增强,各项社会事业全面发展,人民生活总体上实现了由温饱到小康的历史性 跨越。从 1978 年至2003年的25年间,中国经济年均增长9.4%。25年前,中国年国内生产总 值为1473亿美元,去年已达到14000多亿美元。25年前,中国年进出口贸易总额为206亿 美元,去年已达到8512亿美元。25年前,中国外汇储备为1.67亿美元,去年已达到4033
  68.lingdi.net)和 中正翻译论坛(http://translation1
亿美元。目前,中国经济总量居世界第六,进出口贸易总额居世界第四。中国之所以能够发生这样巨大 的变化,最关键的原因是我们始终坚持走中国特色社会主义道路,始终坚持改革开放,激发了全体人民 的积极性、主动性、创造性。 中国虽然取得了很大的发展成就,但中国人口多,底子薄,生产力不发达,发展很不平衡,生态环境、 自然资源与经济社会发展的矛盾比较突出。虽然中国人均国内生产总值已经突破1000美元,但仍排 在世界一百位以后。中国要实现现代化,使全体人民都过上富裕生活,还需要进行长期不懈的艰苦奋斗。 我们已经明确了本世纪头20年的奋斗目标,这就是全面建设惠及十几亿人口的更高水平的小康社会, 到2020年实现国内生产总值比2000年翻两番,达到4万亿美元,人均国内生产总值达到300 0美元,使经济更加发展、民主更加健全、科教更加进步、文化更加繁荣、社会更加和谐、人民生活更 加殷实。 2007 年 5 月人事部三级笔译真题 第一部分 英译汉
It took nine years from the time the Danish and Swedish governments agreed to build a fixed link between their countries to the time the first car, train, truck and bicyclists crossed the Oresund Bridge.
Construction of the bridge, including design and cornerstone, began in March 1991 and was completed in July 20
  00. Today, it is the longest stone-stayed road and rail bridge in the world. At approximately 10 miles (16 kilometers), including the tunnel, it is an engineering and architectural marvel. But as time has proven, the bridge is a cultural and economic boon as well. The sleek span of concrete whose design typifies Scandinavian minimalism has contributed greatly to the development of the Oresund region: the eastern part of Denmark, including Copenhagen, and the southwestern part of Sweden, including Malm? and Lund.
The level of commuting between Malm? and Copenhagen has quadrupled since the opening of the bridge in 2000, and the number of Danes moving to the south of Sweden has increased sixfold. The Oresund region has become a cultural and economic powerhouse, considered a model region by the European Union.
Work on the bridge began in 1995, and was undertaken by a team of international consulting and construction companies.
  68.lingdi.net)和中正翻译论坛 (http://translation1
  68.5d6d.com/)收集自互联网。 From the beginning, construction of the bridge complied with some of the world’s toughest environmental regulations, as well as many advanced design and construction details. The Mexico-based CEMEX, one of the world’s largest producers of Cement and ready-mix concrete, was awarded a contract to deliver tons of high-quality cement to help build the main part of the bridge, the two approach bridges and the tunnel.
When it opened in July 2000, the Oresund Bridge consisted of a
  3.5-kilometer immersed tunnel, the largest of its kind in the world, a 4-kilometer long artificial island (made from mud dug out from the bottom of strait to make space for the tunnel) and a
  7.8-kilometer cable-stayed bridge, the world’s longest bridge including both a highway and a railroad.
Though just half of the total construction, the actual bridge span, is visible above water, the overall architecture was designed to please the eye from both the Danish and Swedish sides of the strait.
The four 204-meter (670 feet) tall pillars carrying the bridge have a simple Scandinavian design. To drivers and passengers crossing the bridge, the pillars provide a visual, as well as actual, impression of stability and calm.
The two-level structure is made of steel and concrete. Along tile two approach bridges, tracks are piaced in concrete troughs that turn into steel decks on the bridge. The bridge’s upper deck carries cars and trucks, while the lower deck accommodates the railroad. The four pillars are grounded in giant cement boxes placed at the bottom of the strait, about 18 meters below sea level.
Last year, an average of 13,600 vehicles and 17,000 passengers crossed the bridge everyday, and traffic continues to increase by 10-20 percent every year.
Throughout the construction process, the Danish and Swedish environmental agencies have surveyed but found no changes in the wildlife, birds, fish and vegetation surrounding the bridge. In addition, the chemicals used in construction and the percentage of waste materials have been kept to a minimum, as required by both Danish and Swedish laws.
In 2003, the Oresund Bridge won the IABSE (International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering) Outstanding Structural Award for its innovative design, planning and construction management, as well as its strict compliance with the time schedule, budget and environmental requirements.
  68.lingdi.net)和 中正翻译论坛(http://translation1
第二部分 汉译英
能源是人类社会赖以生存和发展的重要物质基础。纵观人类社会发展的历史,人类文明的每一次重大 进步都伴随着能源的改进和更替。能源的开发利用极大地推进了世界经济和人



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