Man & Nature
The major environmental problems
global warming ozone depletion acid rain Freshwater resource crisis Resources and energy shortages Forest declined Desertification Species accelerated extinction
Global warning
Because of the global waring, Polar bears will be homeless
Atmospheric pollution
Atmospheric pollution
acid rain
Trees were corrosion
Buddha corrosion
Freshwater resource crisis
Forest declined
Species accelerated extinction
The problems we talk about :
Acid rain
global warming
We will discuss around the following aspects:
The reason of environmental problems
The consequences of problems
The measures for solving problems
Acid rain
The reasons: :
burning sulfur substances The exhaust gas from the cars Cut down a lot of trees
Coal etc of burning sulfur substances, automobile exhaust emissions reduction, forest area, resulting in a large number of sulfur and nitrogen gas into the atmosphere, atmosphere and air in substances such as reaction, finally formed the acid rain.
The side effect
Soil and lakes acidification vegetation and ecological system destruction building materials, metal structure and cultural corrosion a series of serious environmental problems and so on
acid rain
Trees were corrosion
Buddha corrosion
Reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides Using low sulfur fuel Improved coal-fired technology, reduce sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides coalfired process of emissions Development of new energy, such as solar and wind power
Global waring
Because people burning of fossil to produce energy or mineral and the deforestation carbon dioxide from the burning of when greenhouse gas, because these greenhouse gases to the radiation from the sun highly visible through sex, and reflected on earth the highly longwave radiation absorption sex, can strongly absorbed the infrared radiation, ground is often say "greenhouse effect"
Bad effects
Global to redistribution of rainfall glaciers and permafrost melt冰川和冻土消融 sea levels rising affecting the balance of eco-system threatening human food supply and living environment.
Bad effects
Temperatures cause extreme weather and water resources are XiRao Europe: Britain suffered a catastrophic floods in 60 years; Strong storms come France; Alpine glaciers receded in the past 150 years nearly 200 meters; Spain did not encounter in 40 years of drought, the second largest city of Barcelona had to emergency seconded from France to buy water supply ship inhabitants. Desertification threatens the Iberian peninsula, there were reports that the Spanish climate has started "African change"; Heat wave and drought sparked forest fire frequently, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and other countries too; Climate warming also affect southern Europe some areas of grape planting, farmers had to consider ruin vineyard, elevation, opening up new areas of higher area.
Global warning
How to solve it?
Plant more trees Reduce carbon dioxide emissions Family planning Widely participate in international cooperation Change model of economic development, the development of renewable clean energy
We believe that, in all of our common efforts, environmental problems will be solved gradually, our future world will be more beautiful.
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