1.There is nothing to tell.It just some guy I work with.
  2.Come on! You’re going out with the guy!
  3.There has to be something wrong with him.
  4.All right,Joey.Be nice.So does he have a hump and a hairpiece?
  5.Wait.dose he eat chalk?I don’t want her go through what I did with Carl.
  6.Okay,everbody relax,This is not even a date.It’s just two people going out to dinner and not having sex.
  7.Sounds like a date to me.
  8.I’m in hight school,in the cafeteria and I realize I’m totally naked.
  9.I’ve had that dream.
  10.Then I look down and I realize there is a phone ..there.
  11.Instead of..That’s right!
  12.All of a sudden,the phone starts to ring.What do I do?Everyone starts looking at me.
  13.They weren’t looking at you before?
  14.Finally,I figure I’d better answer it.And it turns out it’s my mother.Which it’s very,veryweird because she never calls me. .
  15.He says,”Hello,”I want to kill myself.
  16.You okay?
  17.I feel like someone pulled my intestine out of my mouth.and tied it aroud my neck.-Cookie?

  18.Carol moved her stuff out today.
  19.Let me get you some coffe.-Thanks.
  20.No.don’t!Stop cleaning my aura.Just leave my aura alone ,okay?
  21.Fine,ba murky!
  22.I’ll ba fine.I hope she’ll be happy.-No,you don’t.
  23.No.I don’t.Tell hell with her.She left me!
  24.You never knew she was a lasblan?
  25.No!Okay?Why dose everyone keep flxating on that?
  26.She didn't know,How should I know?
  27.Sometimes I wish I was a lesblan.Did I say that out loud?
  28.I told Mom and Dad last night.They took it pretty well.
  29.Oh,really?So that hysterical phone call from a woman sobbing..“I never have grandchildren”was what?A wrong number?
  30.You’re feeling a lot of pain right now.You are angry.You are hurting.Can I tell you what the answer is?
  31.But I don’t want to be single,okay?I just want to be married again.
  32.And I just want a millon dollars!
  33.I went to your building,and a guy with a hummor said you’d be here,and you are.
  34.Can I get you some coffe?-Decaf.
  35.Everybody,this is Rachel,a Lincoin High surviver.There is
everybody.Chandler and Phoebe.Joey.Remember my brother,Ross?

  36.You want to tell us now,or are we waiting for four wet bridesmaids?
  37.Well, it started about a half-hour before the wedding.I was in the room all the presents..and I was looking at this really gorgecus Limges gravy boat.When all of a sudden ,I realized I was more turned on by this gravy boat than Barry.I got freaked out, and it hit me.
  38.How much Barry looks like Mr.Potato Head.



   Translation for daily use assessment course arrangement credit enrolment\register for oral examination graduate school postgraduate president optional course school of Arts and Sciences take an examination\sit an examination (对学生的学习情况)评估 课程安排 学分 注册 ...


   encouraging someone who is hesitant 当某人犹豫不决是给予鼓励. 1. Give it a try. 试试看。 2. Go for it. 去试试吧。 3. Have a go at it. 你来试一试。 4. It won't hurt you to try it. 你不妨试试。 5. It's going to be hard, but give it your best shot. 事情会很难,你尽力而为就是了。 6. Come on. You can ...


   送给英语学习者的 10 句经典名言 1、What is language for? some people seem to think it’s for practicing grammar rules and learning lists of words??the longer the words the better. that’s wrong. language is for the exchange of ideas, for communication. (语言到底是用来干什么的 ...


   1.问候类(Greetings) 英语中的问候用语非常繁多,正式的通常有: How do you do?(初次见面通常用语) How are you?(比较熟悉的人之间用语) How are you getting along with...?(你近来...可好?) How are you doing?(您工作还顺利吧?) How is everything?(一切还好吧?) How is your vacation/holiday(s)/Christmas Day/weekend?(假期怎 ...


   英语口语情景对话 情景一、 祝愿、祝贺和应答 (Good wishes, congratulations and responses) 1.- Well done and congratulations to you. 2. - I hope you‘ll succeed in everything. 3.- I wish you success. - Thank you. 4.- We send you our best wishes. - Thank you very much. 5.- ...


   1. 先生,早 Good morning, sir. 2. 你要用车吗? Need a taxi? 3. 有行李吗? Any luggage? 4. 要帮忙吗? May I help you? 5. 欢迎搭乘本车。 Welcome. 6. 请进。 Get in, please. 7. 欢迎到北京。 Welcome to Beijing. 8. 你要去哪? Where to? 9. 请系安全带。 Please buckle up. 10. 你好,我名叫李大明。 Hello, my name i ...


   日常英语培训 1 SUMMARY 一、专业名词 二、.客户来访时的常用英语 客户来访时的常用英语 Introductions Greeting 接待常用英语 三、日常工作用语 ask for leave mail 四、会议常用英语 2 专业词语 厂长 经理 助理 主任 主管 工程师 领班 作业员 factory director manager assistant chief supervisor/director engineer foreman operator 资深作业员 senior ...


   1、Business Hours 营业时间 2、Office Hours 办公时间 3、Entrance 入口 4、Exit 出口 5、Push 推 6、Pull 拉 7、Shut 此路不通 8、On 打开 ( 放) 9、Off 关 10、Open 营业 11、Pause 暂停 12、Stop 关闭 13、Closed 下班 14、Menu 菜单 15、Fragile 易碎 16、This Side Up 此面向上 17、Introductions 说明 18、One Street 单行道 ...


   好久不见。 It’s been so long. John, is that you? (你是约翰吧?) Yeah, it’s been so long. (是我,好久没见。) 好久没见了。 Long time no see. *比较随便的说法。对方一般回答 Yeah, how have you been?/Yeah, too long. Long time no see. (好久没见了。) Yeah, how have you been? (是呀,你还好吗?) I haven’t seen ...


   谈论物品和人、 日常英语 300 句 4--谈论物品和人、语言活动 谈论物品和人 Talking about objects and people 谈论物品和人 151. What do you want, sir? 先生,您要点什么? 152. I want a cup of tea. 我要一杯茶。 153. What would you like to eat? 你想要吃什么? 154. Please give me a hamburger. 请给我一个汉堡包。 155. What co ...


初中英语语法大全 最全的只是汇总

   更多英语学习资料,请访问 www.xlan.net.cn。在线学习英语,听说读写全掌握 英语语法大全 英语语法大全 初中英语语法 学习提纲 看到 p50 谓语 时态 词与其他句子成分的关系。如 in, on, from, above, behind. 9、连词 连词(conj.): 用来连接词、短语或句 连词 子。如 and, but, before . 10、感叹词 感叹词(interj..)表示喜、怒、哀、乐 感叹词 等感情。如:oh, well, hi, hello. 一、词类、句子成 ...


   学习英语的五个好习惯 好的学习习惯会对我们的学习有很大的帮助,下面和大家介绍几个 有用的习惯 还有就是要改掉的一些习惯,分成英语学习的背单词,阅读,朗读, 听写还有写作的习惯。 1、背单词的习惯 、 似乎背单词永远是中国学生英语好坏的标准,也是考察的重要内容, 那么我首先要和大家谈这个问题,就是背单词的习惯问题。 首先,重复次数不是越多越好。同次背诵的时候,抄写或者朗读的 次数不是越多越好,而是在 72 小时内进行有效的重复,基本上我们喜 欢做的抄 10 次就够了,再多的次数其实在不久之后就 ...


   明道教育第八册( 明道教育第八册(上)第九单元英语测试卷 姓名: 姓名: 一, 单选 1. is difficult for me the book. 分数: 分数: a. that, read b. it , read c. it , read d. that , to read 2.we are all to see the cat. a. surprising, surprised b. surprised , surprising c. surprised ,surprised d. ...


   彼得教育 www.bideedu.com 商务英语考试(BEC)写作常用模版及句型 写作常用模版及句型 商务英语考试 应用类文体常用模板 1. 信件的开头: 信件的开头: We are writing to enquire about… We are writing in connection with… 免费资源 无需注册 We are interested in … and we would like to know… 环境: You want to know the prices of ...


   成功高考英语作文的三大技巧 一、举实例 思维短路,举实例! 提出一个观点,举实例! 提出一个方案,举实例! 而且者也是我们揭示一个观点最好的方式,任何情况下,只要我们无法继续文章,不管 三七二十一,尽管举例子! in order to attract more customers, advertisers have adopted every possible stimulative factor in making ads, such as sound, light, colours, c ...