Lesson 20
购 物
1听力训练 2掌握常用的销售人员用语 3熟练操作购物时的用语 4对话练习
Why many people like to go shopping in supermarket?
为什么好多人喜欢到超市买东 西? The price is not dearer than those in other places and the quality is super.(服务,态度等)
regular price一般价 half price price半价 current price时价
change零价 casher's desk收银台 price ?tag价格标签
Have in stock 有存货 be out of stock 没有存货 Be all sold out 卖完了 fixed prices 实价
reduce prices减价 Wholesale price price批发价 retail price零售价
英语标牌是一种简单的文体,但写起来并不容易, 因为地道的英语标牌在书写时是有一定要求的:
  3.用名词或名词短语.这样显得语言精练,正规, 严谨.
  5.多用大写或正规词. 总之,在写标牌时应做到言简意赅,引人注目,文 字少,信息多.
主动询问时用语: Can I help you? Can I help you find something? What can I do for you?
Is there anything I can do for you? What do you want?
您想要点什么? 能为你效劳吗?
Come back and see us.
I am a shop assistant.
谨防儿童使用. 谨防儿童使用.
Keep away from children.
I'd like to buy a new suit. 我想买一套新衣服 I'm interested in getting some shoes.
I need a pair of shoes,size
Do you sell candy? 你们这有糖卖吗?
Give me a biscuit ,please.
Let me look at the vases.
Show me this one,please.
It suits me.
Have you got a bigger size?
Do you have any cheaper ones?
Can I try it on?
付款时有时会说: How much is it altogether? 一共多少钱? Can you come down a bit?能 不能少一点?
A:Can I help you find something?
B:I am just looking right now.(I'm only looking.)我只是看看
A: Take your time.And
let me know if there's anything I can do to help you.慢慢看,如果需要帮助就尽管
A:How much is it? A:How much do you charge for the bunch of flowers?
B:The price is marked on the tag. 价格就是标签上.
Going shopping A: Let's go into AiJia supermarket.I need some shoes to match my new dress. B:That's good idea.I am so tired and I'll be glad to sit down ,but I don't need any shoes.
C:Good evening,ladies,May I help you? A:I hope so .I'm interested in seeing a pair of shoes to match my new red dress. C:Do you want high heels or low heels?
A:Low heels are more
comfortable,but I think I should wear high heels with that dress.
C:Let me measure your
foot.Fine ,here are several different styles in your size.Try these on.They are on sale today.(This one is very popular now.)
A:OK,I'll buy them.



   Lesson 20 购 物 本课学习内容 1听力训练 2掌握常用的销售人员用语 3熟练操作购物时的用语 4对话练习 Why many people like to go shopping in supermarket? 为什么好多人喜欢到超市买东 西? The price is not dearer than those in other places and the quality is super.(服务,态度等) regular price一般价 half price price半价 ...


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