三级英语练习题 语法练习 1
  1. By the summer, Elizabeth here for ten years . A. will work B. works C. will have worked D. has worked
  2. After Jackson. for an hour, he came to the conclusion that Mrs.bennet was not coming. A. waited B. was waiting C. has waited. D. had been waiting .
  3. I. hope you the instructions ready before I come tomorrow A. to get B. shall get C. will get D. will have gotten .
  4. I'm meeting Even tonight. Ia Russion before . A. didn't ever meet B. have never met C. have ever met D. never met
  5. All the apparatus before the experiment began. A. have been tested B. had been tested C. were tested D. had tested
  6. We'll leave as soon as it raining. A. is stoping B. stops C. will stop D. shall stop
  7. We've already sent out the invitation cards, but we don't know how many people . A. come B. are coming C. came D. have come
  8. No sooner than the accident happened. A. he had gone B. had he gone C. his going D. he went
  9. I had hoped Mr. Smith me an early reply. A. gave B. to give C. giving D. would give
  10.Until yesterday, Miller's family from him for six months. A. hasn't heard B. hasn't been hearing C. hadn't heard D. didn't bear
  11. Tailor looks sleepy. He must to bed very late last night. A. had gone B. have gone C. be going D. go
  12. I yesterday, but I was suspended by an unexpected visit. A. came B. did come C. was to come D. come
  13. I don't know what Jeanie at this time tomorrow. A. does B. is doing C. will be doing D. will do
  14. Hardly when the bus suddenly pulled away. A. they had got to the bus stop B. had they got to the bus stop
C. did they get to the bus stop D. they got to the bus stop
  15. Mother doesn't know much time I have spent in watching TV; if she ever found out ,I'm sure. A. she'd never forgive me B. she never forgive me B. she'll never forgive me D. she does never forgive me
  16. The teacher told the students that the Earthround the Sun. A. moves B. moved C. has moved D. has been moving
  17. While the secretary his desk, he found the long lost report. A. had been cleaning B. is cleaning C. has been cleaning D. was cleaning
  18. As soon as he his error, Rockfeller made the necessary corrections to his data collected. A. discovered B. has discovered C. discovers D. had discovered
  19. Fred believed that his friend by his employer a month or so ago. A. had been promoted B. has been promoted C. has promoted D. had promoted
  20. I think I'll wait until the mail . A. should come B. is coming C. comes D. will come
  21. We could have bought a new car last year ,but we really it. A. can't afford B. couldn't afford C. won't afford D. unable to afford
  22. If you don't pay your taxes ,they. A. have you arrested B. will have you arrested C. must have you arrested D. have you arrest
  23. I meeting you ever since we parted. A. was looking forward to B. have been looking forward to C. had been looking forward to D. looked forward to
  24. Mary in the garden when it began to rain. A. was walking B .walked C. walking D. had walked
  25.Where have you been? What ? A. did you do B. have you been doing C. have made D. were you doing
  26.The boy couldn’t go to sleep because he too long. A. was talking B. talked C. would talk D. had been talking
  27. She has been studying here for five years and by the end of next summer she . A. will graduate B. will be graduating C. will be graduated D. will have graduated
  28. By the end of 1976, we the demand for petroleum. A. met B. have met C. had met D. had been meeting

  29. When you come tonight at eight o’clock, I eight lessons. A. would review B. shall review C. shall have reviewed D. shall be reviewing
  30. Make sure that the doors before you go out. A. locked B. are loked C. will locked D. lock
  31. The instructor had gone over the problems many times before the students the final examination. A. will take B. took C. take D. would take
  32. The sports meeting in October,19
  89. A. was held B. would be held C. has been held D. were held
  33. The tickets when I got there. A. were selling out B. had been sold out C. have been sold out D. were held
  34. Apples to be sweeter than oranges. A. are said B. are being said C. is being said D. were said
  35. Mr.Smith to Europe on a special mission. A. had been sending B. were sent C. is being sent D. was sending
  36. When water is heated, it into vapour. A. is changed B. is changing C. will be changed D. will change
  37. She for what she had done. A. was criticized B. is criticized C. is criticizing D. is being criticized
  38. We as soon as we got there. A. were warmly welcome B. were warmly welcomed C. would be welcome D. are welcomed
  39. “Are Alice and Tom still living in New York?” “No, they to Dallas.” A. are just moved B. have just moved C. had just moved D. will just move
  40. I haven’t heard from Maria. A. since a long time B. for many months ago C. for many months D. since many months before
  41. His grandfather for thirty years. A. died B. was dead C. has been dead D. has died
  42.It’s(high)time you a holiday. A. had B. have C. will have D. have had

  43. The news quickly and made a stir. A. spread B. spreads C. spreaded D. was spread
  44. When they came to the laboratory again, the lights . A. glowed B. were still glowing C. would glow D. had glowed
  45. I suddenly an insect crawling up my leg. A. felt B. was feeling C. was felt D. was being felt
  46. One of the guards when the general came in, which made him very angry. A. has slept B. were sleeping C. slept D. was sleeping
  47. Ted was so worn out that he just down and slept for ten hours. A. lied B. laid C. lay D. had lain
  48. I was at the stop as long as thirty minutes. A. made waiting B. kept waiting C. keeping waited D. kept waited
  49. The children many times not to go near the lake. A. have told B. told C. have been told D. were told
  50. Our thoughts by means of words. A. were being expressed B. are being expressed C. are expressed D. have been expressed
  51. four years since John left school. A. It was B. Those are C. It is D. They have been
  52. By the time Juan gets home, his aunt for Puerto Rico. A. will leave B. leaves C. will have left D. left
  53. “This is a terribly heavy box.” “ help you to carry it.” A. I am to B. I will C. I D. I am going to
  54.All the machines by the end of the following week. A. were repaired B. will be repaired C. have been repaired D will have been repaired
  55.They believed that by using computers the production of their factory . A. will greatly increase B. would greatly increase C. has greatly increased D. would be greatly increased
  56.No sooner had they got off train it started moving . A. when B. than C. then D. after
  57.We can do nothing unless we more information.
A. are given B. were to be given C. will be given D. were given 58 . Most environmental problems exist because adequate measures for preventing them taken in the past. A. was not B. were not C. were not being D. being not
  59.The football match in the afternoon. A. has been held B. is being held C. is going to be held D. will hold
  60.I’ll take down your name and address in case you as a witness. A. will need B.will be needed C. need D. are needed
语法练习 1 答案
  1.C 将来完成时态。By 指:到什么时间为止。
  2.D 过去进行时态。come to the conclusion 得出结论。
  3.D 将来完成时态。tomorrow 表示将来,get the instructions (指令,指示)这个动作在 我回来之前已经完成。
  4.B 现在完成时态。今天晚上我要见艾文,之前我从未见过一个俄国人。.never 从未。
  5.B test apparatus:调试器械。这是一个过去完成时态,又是一个被动语态。
  6.B as soon as:一……就……, 雨一停我们就离开。用一般现在时表示将来时的一种特 殊用法。stops 这个动作还没有发生,但在 as soon as 后表示将要发生。
  7.B invitation 邀请;card 卡片,我们已经发出了请柬(invitation cards) ,但是我们不知 道能有多少人来。这是一个一般将来时态,对于现在来说,请柬已经发出,所以用过去式 sent out,但是“人们来”这个动作还没有发生,是将来的动作,所以用 are coming.
  8.B “no sooner……than……”(刚……就……),在 no sooner 这部分应当用过去完成时, than 后面用一般过去时。A,B 都是过去完成时态,怎么选择?No sooner 的特殊用法,在 其后面跟倒装语序,所以选 B。
  9. D 过去将来时。我希望史密斯先生能给我一个及早的答复。
  10.C 过去完成时态。到昨天为止,Miller 的家人已经有六个月没有他的消息了。until 为信号词,后为完成时态。
  11.B Tailor(人名)看起来有些困,他一定是昨天晚上睡觉太晚了。用 must have done 这 个结构,表示对过去发生动作的一种肯定性的猜测。
  12.C 过去将来时态。be to do 在这里表示计划中的行动。Suspend 耽搁,暂停。
  13.C 将来进行时态。 我不知道明天这个时候 Jeanie 在干什么。at this time tomorrow, 信号词,说明是明天的这个时候发生的动作,所以是用将来进行时态。
  14.B hardly……when……(一……就……), hardly 后应当用过去完成时,when 后面用 一般过去时。hardly 的特殊用法,在其后面跟倒装语序,所以选 B。

  15.A 过去将来时态。Forgive 原谅,She’d 相当于:she would. 妈妈不知道我看电视 花费了多长时间,如果她知道的话,我相信她将永远不会原谅我。
  16.A 客观存在,真理性的,规律性的,没有时态变化,都用一般现在时。
  17.D 过去进行时态。while 是一个信号词,表示一个时间点。
  18.D 过去完成时态。 发现错误这个动作发生在纠正数据那个动作之前,而改正数据的 动作用的是过去时态,所以,发生在过去的过去的动作就用过去完成时态。error 错误。 correction 改正,是名词。data 数据。
  19.A employer 雇主,老板;or so 大约;promote 提升,升职。通过 believed 我们看 出来,这句话的语境是过去时,提升这个动作发生在过去的过去,用过去完成时。答案就看 A,D两个选哪个呢?他的朋友是被提升,所以用被动语态,显然用A被动语态。
  20.C mail 邮件,信件。这是用现在时表示将来时的一种用法。信号词是 until.
  21.B Afford 支付得起。一般过去时,信号词为 last year.
  22. B 一般将来时。Pay taxes 交税。have you arrested 你被逮捕。Have sb done 使某人做 某事。
  23.B 现在完成时态。表示渴望见你这个动作从过去一直延续到现在以至于将来。look forward to 渴望,想要……。ever since 自从…… 。
  24.A 过去进行时态。Be doing 形式,正在进行的动作。当天开始下雨的时候,Mary 正 在公园散步。when it began to rain 天开始下雨发生在过去,所以主句用过去进行时。
  25.B 现在完成进行时态。通过上下句来识别时态。
  26.D 过去完成进行时态,过去完成进行时的语法结构是:had been doing. 表示过去某 一时刻以前,一直延续的一个动作。
  27.D 将来完成时态。by the end of next summer 为信号词。
  28.C 过去完成时态。By the end of 1976 为信号词。
  29.C 将来完成时态。Review 温习,复习。
  30.B 被动语态。在你出去之前确信门是被锁着的。Make sure 确信,loke 锁。门是 动作的接受者,故用被动语态。
  31. B 主句为过去完成时,故 before 引导的从句为过去时。
  32.A 运动会将在 1989 年十月举行。一般过去式,被动式。
  33.B 过去的过去,过去完成时。当我到那儿这个动作发生在过去,所以在这之前票已 经卖完,卖完这个动作是过去的过去发生的动作,用过去完成时。
  34.A 被动语态,be done 的形式。
  35.C 被动语态,动作正在进行,故选择 A.
  36.D 一般将来时态。当水被加热时,将会变成水蒸气(vapour) 。
  37.A 她因自已的所为而受到责备。被动语态,for what 引导原因状语从句。
  38.B 被动语态,be done 形式。语境为一般过去时,故 be 动词用过去时。
  39. B 现在完成时态。说话的时候,他已搬走。
  40.C 我已经好几个月没有 Maria 的消息了。现在完成时态,for 引导一个时间状语。
  41.C 现在完成时态。他的祖父已经去世三十年了。这里死亡表示一种状态,而不能理 解为一种动作,因为死亡是一个短暂性动词,它不可能持续三十年。所以用 has been dead。
  42.A It’s(high)time(是……什么的时候了)的特殊用法,要用完成时态。Have 在句 中是拥有的意思。
  43.A 一般过去式。消息迅速传播开并引起了轰动。Spread 这个动词的过去式与过去分 词是特殊的,均为:spread.故为 A.
  44.B 过去进行时,Laboratory 实验室。

  45.A 我突然感觉到一只虫子正爬过我的腿。这里



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