1、日常活动/主要工作(职业活动)/社交生活 Dear bob, I’ll tell you something above my daily life in this email and hope you will find it interesting. I usually get up early and go to work at 8 o’clock. I have lunch in the office . And I come back home at six. As a secretary , I deal with phone calls , emails and faxes during work hours . I also do the paper work for the manager . After work , I like to do shopping with friends or watch TV at home . sometimes I also like to chat on the internet. Best regards, Michelle
  2、童年的梦想/目前的情况/对未来的希望 1st august 2005 Dear Jennifer, Thank you for telling me about yourself, I’d like to let you know more about me too. As a child , I wanted to be a detective , I thought a detective was really great because he could solve criminal cases to do justice . But my dream never came true. I’m mow a librarian dealing with books every day . The work is nothing thrilling, but I like it , Since there are more and more electronic materials, I hope that we will have an e-library built soon . Looking forward to hearing from you again. Best regards, Ian
  3、事件发生的时间和地点/人物/事件的经过 One day last week, a girl parked her car outside a fashion house, As soon as she was inside , two men opened the car door , started the engine and drove away in just one minute , When the girl recovered from the shock, she called 110 . Luckily, there was a police patrol car nearby . So the girl got in the police car and they drove in the direction where the thieves escaped . Twenty minutes later , they found the car waiting at a busy crossroad for the traffic lights to turn green . Needless to say , the car thieves were caught red-handed.
  4、自主(autonomous)学习与过程教育/自主学习 与合作(collaborative)学习/你自己的学习情况 Autonomous learning is an important learning style in distance education . It is an essential skill for distance learners because they study alone most of the time They do not meet their tutors or classmates very often . However ,distance learners can learn a lot from each other . So autonomous learning learner . I have to do most learning tasks by myself .
Meanwhile we have group activities every two weeks to complete some learning tasks or share experiences . I have found both forms of learning very helpful.
  5、有一种观点认为:声调生活比乡村生活好/你对 这种观点的看法/你的结论 Some people believe that town life is better than country life . I don’t agree with this . Town life can be convenient to us in many spects . For example , you can move around easily, shopping can be more fun in a big shopping mall and you can enjoy a more colorful nightlife . But there are also many disadvantages , It is much nosier than in the country . Air pollution is more serious , It is not easy to park your car . It costs more to live in town. To name but a few is enough Therefore, I prefer country life.
  6、保持身体健康的重要性/保持身体健康的方法/ 重申保持身体健康的意义 Nowadays more and more people know the importance of keeping healthy, Without a healthy body, we can do nothing . For me there are three main ways to keep healthy . First , it is necessary ot keep a balanced diet , which is the basis of good health , It is better for us to have more fruit and vegetables everyday , Secondly , it is important to take regular exercises , such as swimming , jogging and so on . Last but not least , it is euxenite to keep in a good mood . Relaxation and entertainment are ways go renew our spirits and release our stress . When we make healthy habits a part of our everyday life, we are bound to keep healthy.
  7、哪一种是你最喜欢的交通方式/阐述你的理由/ 做出结论 In a modern city , there are many means of transportation , such as subway , taxi , bus and so on .But my favorite means of transportation is by bike. First , riding a bike is good for keeping healthy . I spend one hour riding a bike to my office on my working day , and I think it is a good form of physical exercise . Secondly , it is money-saving ,Recently , the private car drivers always complain the price of gas is higher and higher but if you ride a bike , it will cost you nothing ,Thirdly, it is beneficial for protecting the environment , so it is a “green” form of transportation . Therefore , although it has some disadvantages, I like riding a bike best .

  8、 描述你家的位置/各信房间的功能/表达你对家居 条件的态度 My home is a newly-built house in the north of the city . We have three rooms in addition to the kitchen and bathroom . The first room is the main room or living room . It is for having meals . relaxing , reading , watching television and so on . It is the busiest room in the house .The second room is my daughter’s bedroom . She sleeps and tresses there . The third room belongs to my wife and me . It seems quite spacious because we have little furniture . We sleep . prepare lessons and generally relas there . I think my home is cozy and I like my home .
  9、你最喜欢的电视节目是什么/你喜欢它的理由/ CCTV today offers a great variety of programmers to meet different needs and tastes , For example , the weather forecast , serials , films , sports and so on . My favorite TV programmer , however , is the news . There are several points that are worth mentioning . For one thing , it covers news about important events both at home and abroad . Besides , the mews it provides is timely and reliable ,Finally , it broadcasts in the evening during the so-called “golden time”, It saves me much time reading through news-papers for current affairs. In short , watching the news on CCTV has become part of my daily life .
  10、你理想的的工作是什么/你的理由/如何实现你 的理想。 Everybody has his dream for his career in the future . He or she might want to be a teacher , a doctor , a scientist , a sportsperson and so on , To tell you the truth , my ideal job is in business , The idea came into being when I was a child . With the development of market economy , there are many prosperous opportunities in business , I like reading stories about some successful businessmen such as Bill Gates ,Li Jiacheng , etc . I believe I will be a man like them some day . Now , I am majoring in Compute ring . I must study hard to get myself qualified for my future job.
  11、在北京见闻/接下来两天的活动安排/返回的具 体时间 Dear Mary , This morning we went to Tiananmen Square . There were many tourists walking around and it was very crowded . We then visited the Forbidden City . It is very large and there are many interesting things to see . We all enjoyed the tour .
Tomorrow we are going to the Great Wall and the day after we will visit the Summer Palace . We are coming back on Tuesday afternoon .The plane will take off at
  4.35pm and arrive at
  7.10pm. See you then . John
  12、接受邀请下周到英国观光旅游/希望对方能到 机场接你/告诉对方你抵达的日期和航班号等 Dear Robert I’m very pleased to accept the kind invitation you extended in your last email . I’m, planning to spend my holiday in Britain nest week . Since this is my first visit to your country . I hope you will be able to meet me at the airport . My flight details-the plane leaves Beijing at 12:30 next Thursday and arrives in London at 14:30(local time).The flight number is CA13
  47. Thank you and looking forward to meeting you in London . With best wishes. Zhang Lin
  13、你刚接到了妻子的电话/你不得不回家带小孩 子上医院看病/晚上跟老板联系 Dear Mr. Burns, I’m sorry to say that I can’t attend this afternoon’s meeting , I just received a phone call from my wife , She told me our child has a fever and is coughing all the time . He has refused to eat or drink anything since this mooring, so I will have to go back home now and drive them to hospital . I will phone you this evening to discuss my new business plan .Sorry for the inconvenience . Bob
  14、介绍你自己的情况/表达你想了解对方哪些方 面的情况/希望保持经常的联系 23 Waima Road Jinan, Shangdong China 20th Jan , 2005 Dear Joan. Hi, I’m Katie , I’m 23 years old ,I graduated from Guangzhou University in 2001 and now I work in a post office . I’m interested in English , so I am learning English in my spare time at Jinan TV University. I was glad to meet you on the Internet . I’d like to know more about you-job, hobbies, etc. I’d also like to know about your country. I hope we can write to each other more often and become good friends. Love.
  15、因特网与现代社会/因特网对生活的影响/你对 因特网的看法 The Internet has become a symbol of modern society . For example, via the Internet ,we can send a message to a friend or a relative in a distant place within seconds ; we can talk to echo other or even see each other; we can do shopping without going out ;we can stay home and do business with foreign companies. In fact , we can do many things more easily and more cheaply using the Internet ,So I can’t imagine what society would be like without the Internet.
  16、远程学习的对象/远程学习的好处/你自己的学 习情 Distance learning is for those who can’t study full time for some reasons . Many of them have a job , and some have to take care of a family ,But they can study and meanwhile work or do other things. They can study with the help of a tutor and contact the tutor or other learners when having difficulties . They can study at any time and anywhere . For example , I work in a company during the day , but I am taking a course in law in the evening, I find distance learning is suitable for me .
  17、有一种观点:没有钱就没有爱情/你对这种观 点的看法/你的结论。 Some people believe that there is no love without money . I don’t agree . Money is important . but it can’t buy everything . For example it can’t buy love .If there were no love without money . all the poor would have no love and all the rich would have love. But this is not true . Many poor people live happily because they have love , and many rich people live unhappily because they do not , Therefore, I think there can be love without money .
  18、英语讲座通知 There will be an English lecture on American Indians and America History by Miss Iycidro, an American professor from Shenzhen TV University . It will be given in the hall of the Culture Centre in our university on Saturday evening from 7:30 to 9:30, May 5, 20
  04. Those who are interested in it are welcome . And you may also invite your friends from other schools to attend it . Be sure not to be late . After the lecture , please write a report about it in English . Student Union May 4, 2004
Dear Sirs, My name is Wuhua, born on July 6th, 1965 inChangchun, Jilin Province, China. I am a journalist and have already had eleven years of working experience. I can speak Japanese and Germany besides English and of course I’m good at operating computer. I graduated from Journalism Department of Beijing University in 1990 and then worked as a journalist in Shenzhen Daily till December, 19
  96. I studied in BBC from 1997 to 1998 and since I came back in January, 1999, I have been head of the news section . I will be very lucky if I can work in your newspaper The 21st Century. And I think I have abilities to do the job well. Yours Sincerely, Wuhua
  1、①了解对方近来的情况。②通知对方同学将在 元 旦 举 行 聚 会 。 ③ 请 对 方 参 加 。 www.qincai.net9o5F%G#}7g1U.O Dear…电视大学资料学习,电大答案,国内较大的 电大学生专业交流论坛 8e8S/k6R/Y-{3s I haven’t seen you for a long time. What’s with you recently? How is your new job? Have you adapt to your surroundings? I hope all goes well with you.电 大 答 案 , 电 视 大 学 教 学 , 电 大 交 流)D(s5v,~#m"[&M)q How time flies! New Years Day is coming. We’ll hold a party. All of our classmates will arrive. That will be interesting. I hope you can join us. The party will be hold in the old place. I am looking forward to see you. Write to me soon.国内电视大学学生交流 社区, 提供学习资料下载, 交流, 电大就业指导等。 4J#\-K0a3p.M#@ With my best wishes Yours
  2、 ①了解对方最近的学习情况。 ②你的学习情况。 ③请你说说提高英语水平的经验。:::星魂社区::: 国内著名电大交流社区 e&m7K%T4n.d Dear:.. What’s going on with you these days? How is your study recently? I hope everything goes well with you. Do you improve your English? I got a higher score in the English exam this time. I was very happy. I ‘d like to share the methods of learning English with you. Firstly, I insist on reading English aloud every morning. Secondly, I watch English movies and enjoy English songs in my spare time .I find it is the
best way to study English. Thirdly, I read some English magazines and newspapers, for example, China Daily, which improve my reading ability and writing ability greatly. These are my methods to study English. I hope you can also find a correct way for you and make further step, come on! Write to me soon.:::星魂社区::: 国内 著名电大交流社区 0x!j/V$D(q:u*A(` Best wishes for you You



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