1.She was educated at Beijing University, she went on to have her advanced study abroad.(06陕西卷)
A. after which B. from which C. from thatD. after that

  2.Women drink more than two cups of coffee a day have a greater chance of having heart disease than those don’t.(06北京卷)
A. who; 不填 B.不填; who C. who; who D.不填; 不填

  3.Look out! Don’t get too close to the house roof is under repair.(06福建卷)
A. whose B. which C. of which D. what

  4.We saw several natives advancing towards our party, and one of them came up to us.,we gave some bells and glasses. (06湖南卷)
A. to which B. to whom C. with whom D. with which

  5.The owner of the cinema needed to make a lot of improvements and employ more people to keep it running, meant spending tens of thousands of pounds. (06江苏卷)
A. whoB. thatC. asD. which

  6.?Do you have anything to say for yourselves? (06江西卷)
?Yes ,there’s one point we must insist on.
A.why B. where C.how D./

  7.I was told that there were about 50 foreign students Chinese in the school , most were from Germany .(06辽宁卷)
A. study ; of whom B. study ; of them
C. studying ; of them D. studying ; of whom

  8.We’re just tying to reach a point both sides will sit down together and talk.(06山东卷)
A.where B.that C.when D.which

  9.The Beatles, many of you are old enough to remember, came from Liverpool. (06天津卷)
A.what B.that C.how D.as

  10.I was given three books on cooking, the first I really enjoyed.(06浙江卷)
A. of that B. of which C. that D. which

  11.I saw a woman running to ward me in the dark. Before I could recognize who she was,she had run back in the direction she had come.(06重庆卷)
A. of which B. by which C. in which D. from which

  1.Last week, only two people came to look at the house, wanted to buy it. (07安徽卷)
A. none of them B. both of them C. none of whom D. neither of whom

  2.We shouldn’t spent our money testing so many people, most of are healthy(07北京卷)
A. that B. which C. what D. whom

  3.By serving others, a person focuses on someone other than himself or herself, can be very eye-opening and rewarding.(07湖南卷)
A. who B. which C. what D. that

  4.He was educated at the local high school, he went on to Beijing University.(07江苏卷)
A. after whichB. after thatC. in which D. in that

  5.After graduation she reached a point in her career she needed to decide what to do.(07江西卷)
A. that B. what C. which D. where

  6.?Where did you get to know her? (07山东卷)
?It was on the farm we worked.
A.that B.there C.which D.where

  7.Some pre-school children go to a day care center, they learn simple games and songs.(07全国卷Ⅰ)
A. then B. there C. while D. where

  8.The book was written in 1946, the education system has witnessed great changes.(07山东卷)
A.when B.during which C.since then D.since when

  9.His movie won several awards at the film festival, was beyond his wildest dream.(07上海卷)
A. whichB. thatC. whereD. it

  10.Those successful deaf dancers think that dancing is an activity sight matters more than hearing.(07天津卷)
A. when B. whose C. which D. where

  11.Chan’s restaurant on Baker Street, used to be poorly run, is now a successful business.(07浙江卷)
A. that B. which C. who D. where

  12.Human facial expressions differ from those of animals in the degree they can be controlled on purpose.(07重庆卷)
A. with which B. to whichC. of whichD. for which

  13.The village has developed a lot we learned farming two years ago.(07福建卷)
A. when B. which C. that D. where

  14.It is reported that two schools, are being built in my hometown, will open next year.(07四川卷)
A. they both B. which both C. both of them D. both of which

  1. is known to us all is that the 2008 Olympic Games will take place in Beijing.(2008福建)
A. It B. What C. As D. Which

  2. ? Who should be responsible for the accident?
? The boss, not the workers. They just carried out the order .(2008福建)
A. as told B. as are told C. as telling D. as they told

  3. By nine o’clock, all the Olympic torch bearers had reached the top of Mount Qomolangma, appeared a rare rainbow soon.(2008福建)
A. of which B. on which C. from which D. above which

  4. The man pulled out a gold watch, were made of small diamonds. (2008陕西卷)
A. the hands of whom B. whom the hands of
C. which the hands of D. the hands of which

  5. They will fly to Washington, they plan to stay for two or three days.(2008重庆)
A. where B. there C. which D. when

  6. The Science Museum, we visited during a recent trip to Britain, is one of London’s tourist attractions.(2008江苏卷)
A. whichB. whatC. thatD. where

  7. It was along the Mississippi River Mark Twain spent much of his childhood.(2008天津卷)
A. how B. which C. that D. where

  8. Occasions are quite rare I have the time to spend a day with the kids.(2008山东)
A. who B. which C. why D. when

  9. The road conditions there turned out to be very good, was more than we could expect.(全国卷II)
A. it B. what C. which D. that

  10. It was in New Zealand Elizabeth first met Mr. Smith.(全国卷II)
A. that B. how C. which D. when

  11. Animals suffered at the hands of Man they were destroyed by people to make way for agricultural had to provide food for more people.(2008江西卷)
A. in which B. for which C. so that D. in that

  12.The growing speed of a plant is influenced by a number of factors, are beyond our control. (2008湖南卷)
A. most of them B. most of which C. most of what D. most of that

  13. I’ll give you y friend’s home address, I can be reached most evenings.(2008北京卷)
A. which B. when C. whom D. where

  14. All the neighbor admire this family. the parents are treating their child like a friend.(2008安徽卷)
A. why B. where C. which D. that

  15. Villagers here depend on the fishing industry. there won’t be much work. (2008上海春招)
A. where B. that C. by which D. without which

  16. For many cities in the world, there is no room to spread our further, New York is an example.(2008四川卷)
A. for which B. in which C. of which D. from which

  17. We went through a period communications were very difficult in the rural areas. (2008年上海卷)
A. which B. whose C. in which D. with which
2006年组1?5 ACABD 6?10 DDADB 11 D
2007年组1?5 DDBAD 6?10DDDAD 11?14 BBDD
2008年组1?5 BADDA 6?10ACDCA 11?15 DBDBD 16?17 CC



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       本文由rabbit0808贡献     doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机 查看。     四六级:英语六级单词最基础,得阅读者得天下     怎么复习 这部分希望大家好好看看,尤其是那些为过四六级忧心忡忡的朋友, 能做到这些,你就 有我的水平了,如果你能做到一半,还过不了四六级,我谨慎的建 议你踹我 我的成绩四级 6 次,六级三次,最低 69,最高 78 分,四级一次被抓,但 在出事之前 我已经飘然离开考场,全身而退。这成绩确实不高,不是 ...


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