一、 选出你所听到的单词(10%)
( ) 1 A. ball B. banana C. boy D. brother
( ) 2 A. cat B. cap C. chair D. cook
( ) 3 A..fork B.eye C. hair D. head
( ) 4 A .4567 B. 5467 C. 6547 D. 6457
( ) 5 A.blackboard B. noticeboard C .cupboard D.football
( ) 6 A.see B. tea C. she D.he
( ) 7 A.乘地铁 B.骑自行车 C.骑摩托车 D.乘飞机
( ) 8 A.警察 B.农民 C.邮递员 D.工程师
( )9 A. go home B. go to school
C. go to bed D. go to the park
( )10 A. a cup of tea B. a bottle of milk
C. a bottle of water D. a bowl of rice

二、 选出你所听到的句子。(10%)
( )
  1.A. He’s Mike. B. He’s in the car. C. He’s my brother.
( )
  2.A. They are students. B. They are teachers. C. They are
( )
  3.A. Do you like this dog? B. Do you like this cat?
C. Do you like this monkey?
( )
  4.A. How old is he? B. How old are you? C. How old is she?
( )
  5.A. Some sandwiches, please. B. Some pears, please.
C.Some biscuits, please.

三、 根据所听到的问句,选择正确的答句(5%)
( )1 A. On foot. B. No, it isn’t. C. Yes, I am.
( )2 A . She’s a doctor. B. She’s Miss Wang C. Yes, she is.
( )3 A. I go to school by bike. B. Some eggs, please.
C .Fine, thank you.
( )4 A. He’s my father. B. Yes, he is . C. No, he’s a waiter.
( )5 A .She’s my teacher. B. He’s my father.
C .My teacher is over there.

( ) Is this right?
( ) No. Watch me.
( ) Good.
( )OK. Let me try again.
( )Here’s a pair of chopsticks for you.

一、 找出不同类的单词。(5%)
( )1A. grapes B. pears C. peaches D. juice
( )2 A coffee B. pie C. tea D. milk
( )3 A mother B. father C.sister D. TV
( )4 A. biscuit B. pie C. chocolate D. dog
( )5 A .dog B .cat C. panda D. he

二、 按要求写单词(10%)

  2.pear (复数)


  6.can’t (完整形式)         

  7.is not(缩写形式)

  10. policeman(对应词)

三、 选择填空(10%)
( )
  1. Who’s that girl? -- my sister.
A. He’s B. She’s C. It’s D .They’re
( )2 Are these apples? Yes, .
A. they are B. these are C. they’re D. these’re
( )3 books are those? Sorry I don’t know.
A Whose B Where C Which D Who’s
( )4 Shall we go to school by ?
A. the bus B. a bike C. an airplane D. car
( )5 What colour are the jackets?
A .They’re oranges. B. They’re orange.
C. It’s orange. D. It is red.
( )6 Mike, write on the wall.
A. can’t B. don’t C. aren’t. D. isn’t
( )7 Can you see a cat the tree?
A. in B .on C. between D. of
( )
  8. How much is it? -
A. It’s five yuan. B. It’s five yuans. C. They are five yuan.
D. They are five yuans.
( )
  9. What would you like? .
A. I’d like a pie. B. I’d a pie. C. I’d like a pies. D. I’d
like an pie.
( )
  10. do we go there?
A. How B. What C. Is D. Are

四、 中英互译(10%)



  6.good idea

  7.be late for…
  8.a cup of

  9.open day
  10.go to the hospital

( )
  1. What is for breakfast? A. Thank you.
( )
  2. What can you see in B. Hamburgers and milk.
the picture?
( )
  3. Have some juice. C. A bird and some flowers.
( )
  4..How much are they? D. No, I can’t. But I’d like to try.
( )
  5. Can you use chopsticks? E. Thirty-two yuan, please.

    near is our are sometimes

  1. There books in the library.

  2. we watch TV in class.

  3.This is music room.

  4. There a noticeboard in the office.

  5. There’s a bike the window.


  1. Shall we go to the by ? All right.
我们坐出租车去火车站好吗? 好。

  2. Excuse me, is this for Shanghai? No, it .
请问这是开往上海的飞机吗? 不,它不是。
3.What would you ? Some ,please.
你想要什么? 一些巧克力。
4. 我每天步行上学。
I go to school everyday.
rice in the bowl.
6.Where is my ? It’s in the .
我的鸡蛋在哪儿? 它在冰箱里。

1. let, try, again, me

  2. I’ve , new, , a , got , skirt

  3. in, picture, the, can , you, see, what

  4. now, are, you, free

This is Mike’s school. There are many boys in the playground. The
teachers are in the office. Nancy and Helen are under the tree near
the classroom. Mike is in the music room. There is a piano near the
( )
  1. The boys are in the office.
( )
  2. Nancy is near the classroom.
( )
  3. Helen is in the tree.
( )
  4. Mike is in the classroom.
( )
  5. There is a window near the piano.




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