Mike is from England. He has two sisters.They are twins. Their name are Lucy and Lily. Mike's father is a teacher. He teaches English in Beijing. Mike's mother doesn't work. She stays at home. Mike is in Class Two,Grade One. only five years old. their mother. Lucy and Lily are They stay at home with
My name is jim. I'm eleven. Class 2, Grade
  6. classroom.
I'm in
Now I'm in the
Look at the playground.
The girl in red is my sister, Kate. She's ten. And the man in blue is my father. He's a doctor. They are waiting for me .
A photo Look at this photo. It is a photo of Mr Green's family. Look at the woman. That's his wife. They have two children, Henry and Helen. Henry is a pupil. He is interested in playing football and he is good at playing the flute. Helen cannot walk. She is too young. She is not a pupil. They are from America.
My name is Lucy. I've got a small school bag, but it's nice. There are some books, some copybooks, some pieces of paper and a pencil box in it. Open the pencil box, please. Look! What's in it? There are some
green pencils, a blue pen, a big rubber and a pair of scissors.
Happy Sunday It is Sunday. Mary, Susan, Bob and I are at the zoo. We see birds, horses, bears and monkeys. The monkeys are very funny. We look at them and they look at us. They take some bananas from our baskets! They are happy, but we aren't.
Liu Tao: What's the time? Mum: Let's go to the zoo. Liu Tao: Great! Mum: What's that? Liu Tao: It's a panda.It's black and white. Mum: How many pandas can you see? Liu Tao: One,two,three..I can see eight pandas. Mum: Look,there are some birds in the tree. Liu Tao: How nice!Let's go and have a look.
I'm Helen.I'm a student of London Primary School.I get up at seven o'clock,and I go to school at eight o'clock.At twelve o'clock,I have lunch.I go home at five with my brother,David.At eight,we watch Tv together.We go to bed at nine o'clock.
New term comes.Helen must go to school. The next day she puts her new pen and a new knife in the pencil box.She puts the new box into her bag.The bag isn't new.She likes the red bag very much. Mother gives her
some new clothes,she puts them on the bed.Her shoes are small now.Her mother says,"Go and get some new ones."Mother gives her some money.Helen thinks,"OK.I want to go and get football shoes.I like playing football very much."She likes the black and white shoes.
An old woman wants to go to New York to see her son. She gets up very early and gets to the station at nine o'clock in the morning.What time does the train come and
leave? She doesn't know.She asks a boy.The boy looks at the woman and says."tu:tu:tu:tu:tu:."The old woman sits in a chair and thinks and thinks . Then she says,"Oh,I see."



   2005 学年度第 2 学期 英语教学计划及教案 英语教学计划及教案 科 目 PEP) 英 语 (PEP) 年 级 三年级(下) 年级( 教 师 王 老 师 英语第二册教学计划 教材分析 本学期使用教材是《九年义务教育六年制小学教科书英 语 ( 第 二 册 ) ( PEP 》 PRIMARY ENGLISH STUDENTS’ BOOK 2),本册教材分为六个单元,两个复习单元。 内容: 单元 题目 话题 Unit 1 Welcomeback to school School things ...

a7下英语教学计划 三年级下

   2005 学年度第 2 学期 英语教学计划及教案 英语教学计划及教案 科 目 PEP) 英 语 (PEP) 年 级 三年级(下) 年级( 教 师 王 老 师 英语第二册教学计划 教材分析 本学期使用教材是《九年义务教育六年制小学教科书英 语 ( 第 二 册 ) ( PEP 》 PRIMARY ENGLISH STUDENTS' BOOK 2),本册教材分为六个单元,两个复习单元. 内容: 单元 题目 话题 Unit 1 Welcomeback to school School things ...


   C: 老的; 高; 年轻的; 矮的; 强壮的; 漂亮的; 漂亮的; 英俊的; 可爱的; 苗条; 猪; 牛角; 山羊; 公牛; 母牛; 天鹅; 兔子; 鸭子; 鹅; 鹅(复数); 绵羊; 马; 鸡; 金鱼; 老鼠; 老鼠(复数); D: 墙壁; 板凳; 门; 窗户; 地图; 邮票; 明信卡; 旗; 字典; 练习册; 黑板; 架子; 录音机; 衣柜; 天花板; 椅子; 沙发; 灯; 钟表; 长凳; 冰箱; 电脑; 睡房; 客厅; 饭厅; 厕所; 厨房; 花园; 书房; 诊所; 家; 房子; 学校 ...


   3 招轻松拿下英语阅读 1.快速跳读的能力。 快速跳读的能力。 快速跳读的能力 掌握了这个能力,就能为你节约大量的宝贵时间,为取得高分提供有力保证。 ①关于词汇的跳读。 ◆一般情况是先通过一个单词确定一个方向,根据这个方向,确定这个单词是往上读还是往下读; ◆在阅读长难句时,要把断点在恰当的位置断开,即在此层意思完,下层意思未开始前断; ◆看到动词时,想此动词之发起者是谁,发起者要明确; ◆看到代词就想它指的是什么; ◆如果遇到不认识的单词,如果是动词、形容词,可根据上下文猜,如是名词则不要 ...


   课本作文专项 课本作文专项 (1) One day, a man called Wang Wei was visiting New York. When he got P8 to the hotel, he found his ID card was lost. He was very upset. He looked for it everywhere, but he couldn’t find it. Wang Wei was so worried. What should he do? ...

考研英语阅读理解精读100篇(高分版) UNIT 6

   大耳朵英语 www.ebigear.com 更好的英语互动平台 UNIT SIX TEXT ONE Maintaining internal E-mail systems has long been the bane of the university information-technology director. Servers are unwieldy and unreliable, and in the past several years, the number of studen ...

考研英语阅读理解精读100篇(高分版) UNIT 2

   大耳朵英语 www.ebigear.com 更好的英语互动平台 UNIT TWO TEXT ONE The bride and groom, a guitar-wielding rock vixen and a muscle-rippling dragon-slayer, make an odd couple?so it is hardly surprising that nobody expected their marriage. But on December 2nd the vide ...

考研英语阅读理解精读100篇(高分版) UNIT 4

   大耳朵英语 www.ebigear.com 更好的英语互动平台 UNIT FOUR TEXT ONE As Americas digest the news of another gun atrocity, a mall shooting in Nebraska on December 5th, they cannot be blamed for thinking that guns are in too ready supply. But an article in the latest ...

考研英语阅读理解精读100篇(高分版) UNIT 5

   大耳朵英语 www.ebigear.com 更好的英语互动平台 UNIT FIVE TEXT ONE Boosted by booming international financial markets, the City of London has not had it so good since the end of the dotcom bonanza in the late 1990s. Basking in double-digit growth rates, London's l ...

考研英语阅读理解精读100篇(高分版) UNIT 1

   大耳朵英语 www.ebigear.com 更好的英语互动平台 UNIT ONE TEXT ONE Tesco is preparing a legal battle to clear its name of involvement in the dairy price-fixing scandal that has cost consumers 270 million. Failure to prove that it had no part in collusion with other ...



   A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush 多得不如现得。 A cat has nine lives 猫有九条命;吉人天相。 A fool never learns.(傻瓜永远学不会。 ) A friend in need is a friend indeed 患难之交才是真正的朋友。 Actions speak louder than words 行动胜于言辞。 All good things come to an end 一切美好的事物皆有终结 ...

高中英语复习资料-必修2 Unit4 Wildlife protection

   Unit4 Wildlife protection 复习目标闯关 要点名师讲解 【重点单词】 重点单词】 第 1 页 共 21 页 第 2 页 共 21 页 2. affect vt. 1)影响,侵袭;相当于 have an effect on 但多指一些负面影响。 The disease is beginning to affect her brain. 2)使感动,激起(悲伤、愤怒爱等情绪) We are deeply affected by his devotion to work. ...


   1,ag=do,act 做 , 动 3,ann=year 年 2,agri=field 田 地 , 农 田 (agri 也 做 agro,agr) 5,bell=war 战 争 6,brev=short 短 4,audi=hear 听 7,ced,ceed,cess=go 行 走 10,circ=ring 环,圈 白 8,cept=take 拿 取 9,cid,cis=cut,kill 切 , 杀 12,clar=clear 清楚,明 15,cord=heart 心 18,cruc=cros ...


   新视野大学英语听说教程【第二版】第二册 Unit 1 International Clock Talk Short Conversations 1.B 2.D 3.C 4.D 5.C 6.C 7.B 8.B 9.A 10.C Long Conversation 1.D 2.D 3.A 4.B 5.C Understanding a Passage 1.C 2.D 3.B 4.C 5.B Movie Speech 1.upset 2.sick 3.law 4.harmless 5.break ...


   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 Word List Laundry 洗衣 Mini-bar/Refrigerator 冰箱 Ice 冰块 Cocacola 可乐 Mineral water 矿泉水 Cigarette 香烟 Sugar 方糖 Cold water 凉开水 Hanger 衣架 Electric Kettle 电水壶 Glass 水杯 Cup 瓷茶杯 Telephone Book 电话本 Hair Drier 电热吹风机 Washed ...