UNIT 3 This is my father 教案
盐城市一小 郑娟 教材分析: 本单元的教学内容仍然围绕“介绍”这一功能项目展开,只是将第二单元对他人的介绍 扩展到对家庭成员的介绍。 Learn to say 中, 在复现前面所学问候语 Hi/ Hello! Nice to meet you. 的基础上增加了新的称呼语: father/ my mother/ my brother/ my sister.由于中西方文化的差 my 异,学生可能对教材中出现的 Mr. Black 和 Mrs. Black 之间的关系产生疑问。教师可以借此 机会对学生进行一些欧美礼仪方面的介绍。在问候语方面,整个单元仅在 Look and learn 中 有一处新授内容,即对 Good morning.的正确应答方式。Good morning.作为问候语已经在第 一、第二单元中出现,但如何应答则是本单元的新授内容,教师要认真处理这一步骤。在学 生交际操练阶段,应鼓励学生用多种句型进行交流。 一、教学目标
  1、 能用 This is ……句型介绍家庭成员。
  2、 能听懂、会说几种家庭成员间的称呼语:father, mother, brother, sister.
  3、 认识三个人物 Mr. Black, Mrs. Black, Gao Shan, 并能正确理解和运用 Mrs.
  4、 能听懂、会说以下八个水果类单词 an apple, an orange, a pear, a banana, a peach, a mango, a pineapple, a watermelon.
  5、 能听懂并有韵律地诵读歌谣 They are all very good.
  6、 能初步了解名词复数的读音。
  7、 能听懂、会说以下对话,并能运用所学句型进行询问调查。 What do you like? I like…… 二、教学重难点 重点:
  1、能用 This is ……句型介绍家庭成员。
  3、能听懂、会说八个水果类单词。 难点:
  2、能初步了解名词复数的读音。 三、教学具准备 tape pictures radio fruits 四、教学过程 teacher’s action students’ action 第一课时 Step 1: Organization 1 Sing a song: Hi, Nancy! 2 Greeting (
  1) T: Boys and girls, I don’t know all your names, so please introduce your deskmates to me. OK? S1: This is... S2: This is x x. T: Nice to meet you.
S1&S2: Nice to meet you, too. (Four or five pairs) (
  2) You all said very well. Now, look here, do you remember them? If you remember them, let’s introduce them together, OK? Mr. Black, Mrs. Black (是指夫人) , Mr. Green, Miss Li. Step 2: Presentation T: Now, boys and girls, please take out your photos, and introduce your family members to us. (Ss say in Chinese.) S: 我叫…, 这是我的妈妈,这是我的爸爸。 T: Boys and girls, now, I’m… Listen to me carefully. This is my father. This is my mother. (Say it again) <Ss say it like this.> T: Now, read after me. Father?my father Mother?my mother Sister?my sister Brother?my brother (read it one by one) Ss read the words in line. T: Say the sentence: This is my ……. Please introduce your family members to me. Ss introduce their family members Step 3: Practice T: Boys and girls, this is a photo of Nancy’s family. Now, you are Nancy. Or: You are David. Ss: This is my father. This is my mother. This is my brother/this is my sister. Step 4: Consolidation
  1. Listen to the tape, and read after it (three times)
  2. Act the dialogue out.
  3. Sing the song: Family song Step 5: Homework: Listen to the tape, and repeat after it. DESIGN: Unit 3: This is my father Father?my father: This is my father. Mother?my mother: This is my mother. Sister?my sister: This is my sister. Brother?my brother: This is my brother.
Step 1: Organization
T: Boys and girls, let’s listen to the tape. A rhyme They are all very good! Pears, bananas and pineapples, Oranges, peaches and apples, Big fruit and small fruit, They are all very good!
Step 2: Presentation
T: Boys and girls, let’s play a game. “Touch and guess”. Show the big bag. Ask students to touch it then guess. What is it? S: a pear?pears, an apple?apples S: a banana?bananas, an orange?oranges S: a peach?peaches, a mango?mangoes S: a pineapple?pineapples S: a watermelon?watermelons Students read after the teacher one by one?group?boys?girls
Step 3: Practice
1 Listen to the tape 2 Listen to the tape again and read after it. 3 read the words by themselves 4 Show the things If the teacher says: show me your pears, the students must show the pears. 5 Teacher show the fruits and the students say it in English.
Step 4: Consolidation

  1. Read the fruits in English each twice
  2. Play a game. Who can get the most fruits? Teacher shows one fruit, students must say the fruit in English quickly. If he says the first, he’s the winner, and he’ll get this fruit. At last, find out who gets the most fruit.
  3. Sing the song: Fruit song.
Step 5: Homework

  1. Tell your parents the fruit words you have learned.
  2. Listen to the tape and read after it. DESIGN: Unit 3: This is my father 图片
  1:apples 图片
  3:peaches 图片
  5:watermelons 图片
图片 4: pears 图片
  6:mangoes 图片
Step 1: Review
  1)T: Good morning... (
  2)T: Good afternoon... (
  3)T: Hi. T: What’s your name? T: Nice to meet you. (
  4) Please introduce your partner to me. S: Hi, this is S
  1. T: Nice to meet you… S1: Nice to meet you, too. S: Good morning, Miss Zheng. S: Good afternoon, Miss Zheng. S: Hi. S: I’m … S: Nice to meet you, too.
Step 2: Presentation
Part1 1 T: Look at picture
  1. Who are they? S: Mr. Green, Mr. Black. T: Please think about what are they talking? 2 Ss say something about it, say it in English. 3 Practise in pairs. (Mr. Green?Mr. Black) 4 G: Good morning. / Hi/ Hello, Mr. Black. B: Good morning, / Hi, / Hello, Mr. Green. Part 2 1 Look at the picture 2 2 Know it’s 2:40, in the afternoon, Miss Li and Mrs. Black are talking. 3 Practise in pairs (know the opposite between Mrs. and Miss) 4 Ask someone to act it out. Part 3 1 What are they talking about? 2 Example: s1: David S2: Helen S3: Mike. 3 Practise (three pupils a group) 4 Act the dialogue out. D: Hello, Helen. H: Hello, David. David, this is my brother, Mike. D: Nice to meet you, Mike. M: Nice to meet you, too. Part 4: M: Hi, Gao Shan. G: Hi, Mike.
M: This is my sister, Helen. H: Hello, Gao Shan. G: Hello, Helen.
Step 3: Practise
Choose any picture to make a dialogue.
Step 4: Homework
Act the four dialogues out.
Unit 3: This is my father Miss Li Mr. Black Mrs. Black Good morning. Good afternoon. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. This is my…
Step 1: Organization
1 Greeting T: Good morning/afternoon. S: Good morning/afternoon. T: What’s your name? S: I’m... T: Nice to meet you. S: Nice to meet you, too. 2 Say a rhyme They are all very good! Pears, bananas and pineapples, Oranges, peaches and apples, Big fruit and small fruit, They are all very good! 3 Let’s go shopping 4 What’s this? Ss: bananas watermelons peaches pears apples oranges mangoes pineapples Say these fruits each three times
Step 2: Presentation
1 Listen to the tape A: Listen and respond (
  1)Hi, I’m Miss Zheng.
S: Hi, I’m…
  2) Good afternoon. (
  3) Nice to meet you. (
  4) Nice to meet you, Mrs. Black. B: Listen and number (
  1) This is my brother Mike. (
  2) This is my sister Nancy. (
  3) This is Mrs. Black. (
  4) This is Mr. Black. The answer a: 4 b: 3 c:1 C: Listen and draw.
  1. a pear
  2. oranges
S: Good afternoon. S: Nice to meet you, too. S: Nice to meet you, Mrs. Black.
d:2 3 .a watermelons
Step 3: Practise
1 T: What can you see? S: I can see a pear/…… 2 Play a game Magic eyes: What is it? Ss: A mango? Yes/ No. Mangoes? Yes/ No. 3 Say the fruits a cat?cats orange--oranges a banana?bananas a bird-- birds
Step 4: Homework
1 Listen to the tape and read after it 2 Make similar dialogue by yourself. 3 Finish the workbook of unit3



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