三 年 级 英 语 ( 下 )测 试 题
一.听音填入所缺的单词(10 分) 听音填入所缺的单词(
own, living room, lamp, home, desk kitchen, like, two, bedrooms, closet
This is our . There is a and ,a , a and a
dining room. There are two my it. I bedroom. There is a my home very much.
bathrooms. This is and a in
听录音,给下列句子排序( 二. 听录音,给下列句子排序(10 分) ( ( ( ( ( )My grandfather is feeding the fish. )They play the drum on Monday. )What are you going to do after school? )Do you have a gym in your school? )I can write an e-mail on the computer.
三.听录音,选出你所听到的单词(5 分) 听录音,选出你所听到的单词( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A desk )
  2. A floor )
  3. A sister )
  4. A hard )
  5. A play B B B B B dance first sing nurse PE
C draw C family C Sunday C office C people
(5 四、听录音,在每组对话里圈出你所听到的单词。 分) 听录音,在每组对话里圈出你所听到的单词。 (
  1. A phone
  2. A watch
  3. A soccer
  4. A closet
  5. A big B B B B B fish clean basketball bedroom thin C book C talk C ping pong C living room C tall
笔试部分 (70 分) 选择题( 一. 选择题(20 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( is your mother? She is in the living room. A. What B. Who C. Where )
  2. What’s your sister ? She is thin. A. do B. like C. does )
  3. What your parents’job? ’
A. are B. is C. am
  4. I want to play A. about B. with )
  5. What is Lily’s mom
A. do B. doing
her. C. for
? I’m cooking. C. does
  6. Joy to fly kites. A. likes B. like C. liking )
  7. Can you swim? No, I . A. cann’t B. can’t C. can )
  8. family lives in a red house. A. Peter B. Peters C. Peter’s )
  9. He likes . A.cook B. cooking C. cooker )
  10. I want football. A. play B. for play C. to play
二 .在
里填入适当的词,使句子意思完整 里填入适当的词 使句子意思完整 (10 分) America. ? She is an engineer.

  1. I am Joy. I am
  2. What’s your mother’s
  3. My father’s
is my uncle. .

  4. The car is in the
  5. She
like Chinese. It’s hard.
三.情景配对(12 分) 情景配对( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. What is your mother like? )
  3. What’s in the living room? )
  4. Where is my clothes? )
  5. Do you like English? )
  6. What are they doing? A . It’s in the bedroom. C. They are playing games. D. Yes, I do . E. No, there aren’t. F. There is a sofa. )
  2. Are there two bedrooms in your home? B. She is pretty.
把下列句子中的汉语翻译成英语.(10 分) 四.把下列句子中的汉语翻译成英语

  1. My
(父母 are teachers. 父母) 父母 .(图书馆 图书馆) 图书馆 (浇) the flowers. 浇 .(出租车司机 出租车司机) 出租车司机 .(厨房 厨房) 厨房 .(星期三 星期三) 星期三
(洗) clothes. 洗

  2. Our school has a big
  3. My grandfather is
  4. He drives a taxi. He is a
  5. My mother is

  6. Where are they? They are in the They are
  7. Joy is going to play

  8. There are two
(制作 jiaozi. 制作) 制作 (足球 on 足球) 足球
(阳台 in my house. 阳台) 阳台
五.连词组句 (8 分)
  1. am, to, soccer, going, I, play, 4:10, at .
  2. are, six, my, there, people, in, family. my.

  3. grandfather, dog, walking, the, is,

  4. in, bedroom, is, your, a, there, home? 六.阅读理解(5 分) 阅读理解 Peter, Tom, Joy and Jane are good friends. They are in Class One, Grade Three. Peter likes PE, computers and science. Tom and Joy like computers, Chinese and music. Jane doesn’t like music. She likes art, computers, math and Chinese. They all like English.
  1. They are ( ( ( ( )
  3. Jane likes music. )
  4. Peter likes art. )
  5. Peter, Tom, Joy and Jane all like English. . )
  2. Tom is in Class One, Grade Three.
七.作文(5 分) 作文( 以“My family” 为题,介绍一下你的家庭成员和他们的工作。 为题,介绍一下你的家庭成员和他们的工作。 My family



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