小学三年级英语下册 Module6 Unit2 教案
Title Aims NSE Book6 Module6 Unit2 She’s quite at English.. i:Talking about one’s study report at school. : . i:Let the students learn new words: quite, say, try, fast, good at. : . i:Learn, say, read “She’s very good at Maths, She tries hard at Art. ” : i: Can say a chant. word-cards , radio , computer CAI
Teacher’s Activity
I Warming-up and revision
  1.Hello, everyone!
  2.Sing a song.
  3.A free talk. T: What subjects do we have today? T: I like English. What subjects do you like?

  1.Hello, Monica.

  2.Sing a song together.
S: Today , we have Math, Chinese, English, PE, Art … S: I like Maths.
Teaching process
II Leading-in Now look at the TV, I have a ling ling’s report. What’s the score of English? She’s very good at English. Are you good at English? Does lingling good at Art? Please open your books and listen to the tape. III Listening & reading Activities
  1.Play CD and understand the text.
  2. Play the tape
  3.Give students a form and ask students to fill in the new words.
  1.Listen and find the new words “quite, try, fast, say, good at”
  2.Pay words.
  3.Spell the new words attention the new Yes, she is. Yes, I’m. \ No, I’m not. S: It’s 1

  4.Explain the words.

  4.Say the words one by one,

  5. Listen again and try to answer two by two and so on.
the following question: a: What does it say about Maths? B: How about English? IV Practice.
  1.A game. T; Group leader, please come to the front, choose one lottery ticket and read in to groups. the Then

  5.Play a game to drill the new words.
evaluation Ss do it in groups.
standard, let’s say who can get the prize. I’ll give you a surprise.
  2.listen and write the correct word. Do the activity book question 1 Report: Shanshan Maths English Science PE
Do the exercise.
V Further Development
  1.listion to the tape and say the chant.
  2.Read and act. VI Homework Give student’s report and let students partners. to say with them Listen and say the chant Do the action
Feed back



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