三年级英语下册 Unit1~2 单元检测 听力部分
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A Storybook )
  2. A crayon )
  3.A school bag )
  4.A. my computer )5 A. What’s this? )6A .How nice! B copybook B tape B clock C. desk C. ruler C. knife D book D rubber D stapler
B your computer B What’s that? B How pretty!
C. her computer C.What’s this in English? C .What a nice watch! C .This is a camera. D in the bag D.pencil sharpener D on the book
)7 A. Is this a camera? )
  8. A. in English )
  9.A.come here )
  10.A. on the desk
B Is that a camera? C. in the box C.pencil box
B in Chinese B come in
B on the chair
C .on the ruler
( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A.过来. )
  2. A.课桌上这是什么? )
  3. A.用英语说这是什么? )
  4. A.哦,我不知道 )
  5. A.我可以进来吗? B.进来. B .铅笔盒里这是什么? B.用英语说那是什么? B.哦,我明白了 B.我可以看一看吗?
( ( ( ( (
  6. A.Is this a telephone? )
  7. A.Is this a computer? )
  8. A.Look,this is my clock. )
  9. A.Yes,it is. )
  10. A.That is a knife.
B.What a nice telephone! B.Is this a camera? B.Look,this is my key. B.No, it isn’t. B.Is that a knife?
四、听录音,判断。 (对的打√,错的打 x)10’
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A. Yes,it is. )
  2.A. It’s a crayon. )
  3.A. OK. )
  4.A. It’s a toy train. )
  5.A. Come in,please. )
  6.A. No,it isn’t. )
  7.A. Thank you. )
  8.A. Yes,he is. )
  9.A. How nice! )
  10.A. Yes,he is. B.It’s a knife. B.No,it isn’t. B.I’m sorry. B. Yes,it is. B. Thank you. B. Sure.Here you are. B. No,it isn’t. B. Yes,she is. B. Yes,it is. B. He’s my father. C.It’s a clock C.Thank you. C.Excuse me. C.Oh, I see. C.How are you. C.Thank you. C.Good afternoon C.Yes ,it is. C.Thank you. C.No, it isn’t
笔试部分 六、从 A 栏中找出 B 栏的正确答语,把序号填在括号内。10’
A ( ( ( ( ( )May I come in? )Can I have a look? )What’s this in English? )Is this telephone? )What a nice watch! B
  1.Sure.Here you are.
  2.Yes,it is.
  3.Thank you.
  4.It’s a copybook
  5.Come in,please.
D m G s j
( )
  1、当你去拜见朋友,想进房间时,应说: A.May I come in? ( B. Come in, please. C. Oh, I see.

  2、看见一个漂亮的照相机,你会说: A. How old are you? B. Thank you. C. How nice!

  3、询问某件东西是否是电脑,别人应答: A. Is this a computer? B. Yes, it is . C. How pretty!

  4、你想看一看某件东西,别人会说: A. Can I have a look? B. No, it isn’t. C. sure.

  5、在打扰别人时,你应说: A. Here you are. B. Excuse me. C. Hello!

  6、别人告诉你桌上是蜡笔时,你可以说: A. Thank you . B. How are you? C.This is a crayon.

  7、Is that your tape? A. Yes, it isn’t. B. No, it isn’t. ? ? Sure B.look C.good C. Yes, it is. )8?Can I have a A.book )
  9、May I come in? A. Yes. B. Come in, please C. Sure. )
  10、What’s that in English? A zebra. B. Yes, it is a stapler. C. It’s a sharpener. )
  11、当别人叫你过来,他要说: A. Come in ,please . B. Come here ,please. C.May I come in?

  12、当你想知道远处桌上的物体是什么时,你会问: A. What’s this on the desk ? C. What’s that in the desk ? B. What’s that on the desk ?

  13、当别人问你这是什么,你回答: A. It’s a ….. B . Yes , it is . C. No, it isn’t.

  14、你想说朋友的手表好看,可以说: ) ( A. How a nice watch ! B. What a nice clock ! C. What a nice watch !






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