初三(上 英语期末市质检 英语期末市质检试卷 厦门 2010-2011 年初三 上)英语期末市质检试卷
(二)基础知识与运用(每小题 1 分,共 30 分) Ⅴ.选择填空:从 A. B.C 中,选出一个最佳答案完成句子。
  21.- Do you know whose backpack it is? - It must belong to, I think, the new comer. Ah…,I can't remember the name. A. your B. her C.his
  22. To be good at something takes 95% practice and5% talent .So don't give up. A. only B. over C.not
  23. Mrs. White's hand hurt .So she found very inconvenient to cook by herself. A. it B. that C. this
  24. You will fail the test you work hard. So put your heart into your study from now on. A. if B. though C. unless
  25. -you call your classmate and ask for help? - They're very busy, too. A. How can B. When do C. Why don't
  26. He says he living in the countryside to the city. A. likes B. prefers C. enjoys
  27. -Is this T-shirt Jim's? - No, it be his. His is much smaller. A. can't B. must C. may
  28. - What would you do if you a teacher? -I'd give the students more time to learn by themselves. A. are B. were C.will be
  29. - Excuse me, does Mr. Smith's daughter live here? - She be here, but she has moved to Shanghai. A. used to B. had to C. wanted to
  30. - Do you learn English by English-language videos? - Yes, and it helps a lot. I really like those famous movies and actors. A. making B. reading C. watching
  31. - Now computers everywhere. - I agree with you. I think they are the most useful inventions. A. have used B. are used C. are using
  32. I believe that scientists will a better way to solve the problem of global warming. A. come up with B. show up C. use up
  33. Tim is the hospital where he volunteered. He has forgotten where it is. A. looking at B. looking for C. looking after
  34. It is hard to catch those who the small advertisements at night. A. put up B. put on C. put away
  35. We Li Ming. He won three gold medals in the sports meeting. A. are terrified of B. worry about C. take pride in
  36. I want to write to Sam, but I don't know . A. where his e-mail address is B. what is his e-mail address C. what his e-mail address is
  37. He is always ready to help those are in trouble. A. which B. who C. where
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  38. - I'm going to Hainan for my holiday. - A. It's a pity B. Thanks a lot
  39. - Is there a table for 4, please? -, please. Is the one near the backdoor OK? A. Take your time B. This way
  40.-1 usually have milk and bread for breakfast. - A. So have I B. So do I
C. Have a nice trip
C. You're welcome
C. Neither do I
VI. 完形填空:从 A. B.C 中,选择一个最佳答案,使短文意思完整。 In one's life, one usually has little understanding of oneself. When you succeed, you may be very proud. When you41, you may lose heart .If you don't get a thorough(完全的)understanding of yourself, you may miss lots of 42 in life. To get a thorough understanding of yourself is to know43about yourself. You may realize your strong points and weak
  44.You may hope for a wonderful future, but be sure not to expect too much because not all dreams can be
  45.You may be confident enough to meet challenges, but first you should know
  46. To get a thorough understanding of yourself needs self-appreciation(自我欣赏). Maybe you think you are not a tall tree47just small grass, but as long as you get full confidence, you are sure to face any trouble. To get a thorough understanding of yourself also means 48yourself. When you are angry, find a quiet place so that you won't be hurt. When you are sad, tell your friends about it to49the mood into a good one. When you are tired, get a good sleep. If you don't take good care of yourself You50be able to stay away from illness. So if you get a thorough understanding of yourself, and you will get a full control of yourself and find your life full of color.
  41. A. fail B. win C. beat
  42. A. lessons B. problems C. chances
  43. A. little B. well C. badly
  44. A. one B. ones C. it
  45. A. realized B. remembered C. replied
  46. A. where to do B. when to do C. what to do
  47. A. or B. but C. and
  48. A. take after B. run after C. look after
  49. A. change B. cut C. throw
  50. A. will B. won’t C. need (三)阅读理解(每小题 2 分,共 50 分) VII. 阅读下面五篇短文,根据文章的内容选择最佳答案作答 51-75 小题。 A A film producer group was on location deep in the desert(沙漠). One day an old Indian went up to the director and said, "Tomorrow rain." The next day it rained. A week later, the Indian went up to the director and said, “Tomorrow storm.” The next day there was a sand storm(沙 尘暴). ‘‘It is incredible,” said the director, "he is really a talented weatherman." However, after several successful predictions, the old Indian didn't show up for two weeks. Finally the director sent for him. ‘‘I have to shoot a big scene tomorrow," said the director, "and I'm depending on you. What will the weather be like?" The Indian said quietly. “Don't know. Radio is broken."
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  51. The Indian liked to talk about the with the director. A. desert B. film C. weather
  52. The word "incredible" means . A. amazing B. interesting C. important
  53. The director thought the Indian was a good with magic power. A. actor B. weatherman C. assistant .
  54. In fact, the old Indian learnt about the weather by A. watching TV B. listening to the radio C. surfing the Internet
  55. We can infer(推测) that in this story the old Indian predicted weather just for . A. fun B. work C. money B Bamboo is one of the nature's most surprising plants. Many people call this plant a tree, but it is a kind of grass. Like other kinds of grass, a bamboo plant may be cut very low to the ground, but it will grow back very quickly. A Japanese scientist recorded one bamboo plant that grew almost l.5 meters in 24 hours! Bamboo grows almost everywhere in the world except Europe. Not all bamboo looks the same. Some bamboo plants are very thin. They may only grow to be a few centimeters(厘米) wide while others may grow to more than 30 centimeters across. Many Asian countries have been using bamboo for hundreds of years. They often use bamboo for building new houses. As a matter of fact, the cables(绳索) that hold up the hanging bridge across the Min River in Sichuan are made of bamboo. The bridge has been in use for more than l, 000 years, and is still holding strong. In Africa, engineers are teaching poor farmers how to find water using bamboo. These African countries need cheap ways to find water because they have no money, and their fields often die from no rain and no water. It seems that bamboo is one of the best things they can use. .
  56. This passage tells us bamboo is a kind of A. flower B. tree C. grass .
  57. Bamboo grows almost everywhere and it grows A. very slowly B. quite easily C. too strangely
  58. The sentence “while others may grow to more than 30 centimeters across.” means “Some other bamboo plants may grow to be very .” A. short B. small C. thick
  59. The engineers teach the poor farmers in Africa to make use of bamboo because it is . A. cheap B. colorful. C. light
  60. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to this passage? A. People in Europe often use bamboo for building new houses. B. The whole bridge across the Min River in Sichuan is made of bamboo. C. There's a big number of bamboos and they are very useful for people. C ※Live Music-Late Night Jazz Enjoy real American jazz from Herbie Davis, the famous trumpet player. He is known to play well into the early hours, so don’t want to get much sleep. PLACE: The Jazz Club PRICE: ¥100-150 TEL: 4668736 PLACE: Jack Stein' s PRICE: ¥150 TEL: 4021877 DATES:15-23 June TIME: 10 p.m. till late!
※Scottish Dancing Scottish dancing is nice and easy to learn. The wonderful dance from England will be given. DATES: 10-20 May TIME: 7-10 p.m.
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※Shows- Anhui Museum
There are 12,000 pieces on show here. You can see the whole of Chinese history. DATES: 1 Mar - 30 Jun TIME: Monday- Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m Weekends 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. SUN HOTEL Prices (a night) ¥ 168 ¥ 148 (closed) ¥ 188 ¥ 208 TEL:4686788 ROSE HOTEL Prices (a night) ¥ 198 ¥ 178 (closed) ¥ 218 ¥ 248 TEL:4686755 .
PLACE: Anhui Museum PRICE: ¥60 (¥30 for students) TEL: 4886888 ※Hotels
Three-star hotels whose service can make you feel at home. Dates 1 Oct-31 Dec. 1 Jan-31 Mar. 1 Apr-30Apr. 1 May-31May. 1 Jun-30Sep.

  61. If you want to watch dancing, you can call. A. 4668736 B. 4021877 C. 4886888
  62. You can see the whole of Chinese history at in April in Anhui Museum. A. 3 p.m. every day B. 9 p.m. from Monday to Friday C. 7 a.m. at weekends
  63. You can enjoy at Jack Stein's. A. American jazz B. Scottish dancing C. 12,000 pieces on show
  64. Sun Hotel and Rose Hotel are open for months of the year. A: nine B. ten C. eleven
  65. You have¥148 and you can in May. A. listen to Jazz B. live in Sun Hotel C. go to Anhui Museum D Have you ever dreamed about sending a letter to yourself or your friends in the future? Now there is another type of mail as a new business: "future mail". "The letter should be delivered(邮递) next 'Mother's Day' and not a day earlier!" Lin Xiaofan tells one of the companies offering the service. She wrote the letter to her mother in advance to express her love to her mother for next Mother's Day. "Offering this service makes people slow down and let them understand the meaning of 'time' in another way," said Zheng Zhimin, manager at a "future mail" company in Hefei. Zheng thinks "future mail" letters are "reminders of affection, friendship and love." While "future mail" is becoming popular, some are concerned about what happens if the postal address of the person who receives letters changes before letters are delivered. Zheng said customers needn't worry too much about their future mail. They will be compensated (赔偿) their letters if or goods get lost by accident any way. Most of the customers are college Students and young white-collar workers. Psychologists(心理学家) said young Chinese might have a new way to express their feelings through this service. They can experience the connection between the past and the present while they receive the letter. It can help people reunderstand the meaning of 'time'.
  66. You may receive a "'future mail that was posted much than you expected. A. faster B. nearer C. earlier
  67. A lot of are interested in future mail service now. A. little children B. college students C. old workers
  68. Through future mail service, people can . A. forget friendship B. show feelings C. misunderstand "time"
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  69. According to the article, future mail is. A. special and safe B. boring and dangerous C. funny and crazy
  70. If you want to , you'd better use future mail. A. remind yourself of your father's birthday B. send the birthday gift to your friend quickly C. talk with your e-pals about your life freely E Put an ice cube(冰块) from your fridge into a glass of water. You have a piece of string(线) l0centimeters long. The task is to take out that piece of ice with the help of the string. But you must not touch the ice with your fingers. You may ask your friends to try to do that when you are having dinner together. There is a saltcellar on the table. Tell them that they must use salt when they carry out the experiment. First you put the string across the piece of ice. Then put some salt on the ice. Salt makes ice melt(融化). The ice round the string will begin to melt. But when it melts, it will lose heat. The cold ice cube will make the salt water freeze(结 冰) again. After a minute or two you may pick up the piece of string and with it you will raise the piece of ice! This experiment can be very useful to you. If, for example, there is ice near the door of your house, you must use very much salt to melt all the ice. If you don't put enough salt the water will freeze again.
  71. We must use when we carry out this experiment. A. some salt B. some food C. a table
  72. The task of this experiment is to. A. put the ice cube into the glass of water with the help of the string. B. take out the ice cube in the glass of water with the help of the string. C. take out the ice cube in the glass of water with your fingers.
  73. In this experiment, you should pick up the string when. A. you put the string across the ice B. the ice begins to melt C. the salty water freeze again
  74. Besides a glass of water. we need at least



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