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厦门大学 2010 年考博英语试题 Part I. Vocabulary and Structure (15%)
Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A. B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
  1. The discussion was so prolonged and exhausting that the speakers stopped for deferments. A. at large B. at intervals C. at ease D. at random
  2. When traveling, you are advised to take travelers' checks, which provide a secure to carrying your money in cash. A. substitute B. selection C. inference D. alternative
  3. I never trusted him because I always thought of him as such a character. A. gracious B. suspicious C unique D. particular
  4. Changing from solid to liquid, water takes in heat from all substances near it, and this produces artificial cold surrounding it. A. absorption B. transition C. consumption D. interaction
  5. Language, culture, and personality may be considered of each other in thought, but they are inseparable in fact. A. Indistinctly B. separately C. irrelevantly D. independently
  6. Christmas is a Christian holy day usually celebrated on December 25th the birth of Jesus Christ. A. in accordance with B. in terms of C. in favor of D. in honor of
  7. To survive in the intense trade competition between countries, we must the qualities and varieties of products we make to the world market demand. A. improve B. enhance C. guarantee D. gear
  8. To give you a general idea of our products, we enclose the catalogues showing various products and means of packing. handled by us with detailed A. specimens B. inspections C. samples D. specifications
  9. Many of the conditions that population pressures?overcrowding, unemployment, poverty, hunger and illness?lead to dissatisfaction. A. bring forward B. give rise to C feed up with D. result from
  10. Arriving anywhere with these possessions, he might just as easily for a month or a year as for a single day.
博 w 宸 w 考 w 博 .a 英 im 语 ed 辅 u. 导 co m
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A. put up B. stay up C. speed up D. make up
  11. The fact that the earth's surface heats provides a convenient way to divide it into temperature region. A. infrequently B. irregularly C. unsteadily D. unevenly
  12. If a cat comes too close to its nest, the mockingbird a set of actions to protect its offspring. A. hastens B. releases C. devises D. initiates
  13. How large a proportion of the sales of stores in or near resort areas can be to tourist spending? A. attributed B. applied C. contributed D. attached
  14. Knowledge is a comfortable and necessary retreat and for us in an advanced age; and if we do not plant it while young, it will give us no shade when we grow old. A. ingredient B. reliance C. shelter D. inclination
  15. Some people would like to do shopping on Sundays since they expect to wonderful bargains in the market. A. pick up B. bump into C. pile up D. bring back
  16. Scientists are searching for the oldest tree because it can teach them a great deal about many issues related with climate change. A. lively B. alive C. living D. live
  17. The destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City shock and anger throughout the world. A. tempted B. provoked C. summoned D. enveloped
  18. A 1994 World Bank report concluded that girls in school was probably the single most effective anti-poverty policy in the developing world today. A. enrolling B. assigning C. involving D. consenting
  19. The UN official said aid programs will be until there is adequate protection for relief personnel. A. multiplied B. arrested C. spanned D. suspended
  20. Despite almost universal of the vital importance of women's literacy, education remains a dream for far many women in far too many countries of the world. A. confession B. identification C. acknowledgement D. compliment
  21. Since the island soil has been barren for so many years, the natives must now much of their food.
博 w 宸 w 考 w 博 .a 英 im 语 ed 辅 u. 导 co m
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A. deliver B. import C. produce D. develop
  22. Because Jenkins neither nor defends either management or the striking workers, . both sides admire his journalistic A. criticizes...acumen B. attacks…neutrality C. confronts...aptitude D. dismisses...flair
  23. Some anthropologists claim that a few apes have been taught a rudimentary sign languages, their trainers. but skeptics argue that the apes are only A. imitating B. condoning C. instructing D. acknowledging
  24. It is ironic that the insights of the great thinkers are voiced so often that they have . become mere A. original... clichés B. banal...beliefs C. dubious...habits D. philosophical-questions
  25. The most frustrating periods of any diet are the inevitable , when weight loss if not stops. A. moods...accelerates B. feasts...halts C. holidays…contracts D. plateaus...slows
  26. Since the author's unflattering references to her friends were so , she was were recognized. surprised that her A. laudatory...styles B. obvious…anecdotes C. oblique... allusions D. critical....eulogies
  27. If it is true that morality cannot exist without religion, then does not the erosion of religion of morality? herald the A. regulation B. basis C. belief D. collapse
  28. Certain animal behaviors, such as mating rituals, seem to be , and therefore external factors such as climate changes, food supply, or the presence of other animals of the same species. A. learned...immune to B. innate...unaffected by C. intricate...belong to D. specific...confused with
  29. Shaken by two decades of virtual anarchy, the majority of people were ready to buy at any price. A. order B. emancipation C. hope D. liberty
  30. As a person who combines care with , Marisa completed her duties with as well as zeal. A. levity...resignation B. enthusiasm...meticulousness C. vitality... willingness D. empathy...rigor
Part II. Reading Comprehension (40%)
Section A (30 points) Directions: There are 3 passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should
博 w 宸 w 考 w 博 .a 英 im 语 ed 辅 u. 导 co m
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decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following passage: Going Green After Gray Visanto Melina, R.D., got the surprise of her career last year, when the Seattle-based vegetarian nutritionist was asked to give a seminar on vegetarianism at a senior citizen center. "I thought there'd be four or five people," she says. Instead, the room was packed with seniors who had paid a $5 fee to hear her advice. And their interest in better health wasn’t only keen; it was informed. "They've obviously been paying attention to new research," she says. ★本资料由博宸 考博英语辅导整理编辑,更多系统化资料下载及考博英语针对性辅导请登录官方网站 http://www.aimedu.com★ If Melina studied demographic trends for a living, she probably wouldn't have been so surprised. Trend watchers have verified an intriguing new phenomenon. Older people are turning to a vegetarian diet in ever-increasing numbers. Not surprisingly, demographics are driving the drift. By the year 20
  05,people born between 1949 and 1963 the Baby Boom Generation, will make up 38 percent of the American population. Furthermore, statistics suggest this educated, health-conscious, rebellious and relatively affluent contingent fits the traditional vegetarian profile. Add to the fact that older people seek natural, pleasant ways to combat problems associated with aging?weight gain, higher cholesterol and blood pressure, increased cancer risk and impaired digestion?and you have real motivation to go meatless, says Suzanne Havala, R.D., author of the American Dietetic Association's position paper on vegetarianism. Quantifying this new trend isn’t easy, but a 1994 study by Health Focus Inc., an independent research organization based in Des Moines, Iowa, found that shoppers over age 50 are cutting down on their consumption of red meat or eliminating it from their diets entirely. More compelling evidence for the senior surge toward vegetarianism comes from vegetarian groups nationwide, which report a swell in the ranks of older vegetarians. For example, one out of five members of the new Syracuse (N.Y.) Area Vegetarian Education Society is over 50; unusually high for a fledgling organization. And two-thirds of the 850-member Vegetarian Society of Honolulu are also members of the American Association of Retired Persons, society executives say. An informal poll of older people suggests better health is often the main incentive and objective for turning veg. Three years ago Nancy Roberts, a 53-year-old magazine editor, found herself doing what many people do over the holidays: overindulging in rich treats. However, this time it made her in. "The crash felt like the flu," she says. By chance, Roberts was asked to edit some vegetarian recipes during that same period. She made a few at home, and her "flu" disappeared. ★本资料由博宸考博英语辅导整理编辑,更多系统化资料下载及考博英语针对 性辅导请登录官方网站 http://www.aimedu.com★ More dramatically, Ruth Heidrich believes vegetarianism saved her life. The 61-year-old marathoner and triathlete was diagnosed with breast cancer 14 years ago, at age
  47. When an initial biopsy indicated far more cancer than her doctors had thought, she was ready to take desperate measures. On the day of the diagnosis, she spotted a newspaper ad looking for volunteers to enroll in a study of breast cancer and diet, conducted by John McDougall, M.D., a leading advocate of the use of diet to fight disease. After meeting McDougall and reviewing what she says was an eight-inch thick file of statistics linking a high-fat diet with breast cancer, Heidrich converted from a traditional American diet to an extremely low-fat regimen with no
博 w 宸 w 考 w 博 .a 英 im 语 ed 辅 u. 导 co m
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animal products. "I didn't even have skim milk on my cereal," she says. After a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, she is cancer-free. She never had to undergo radiation treatment or chemotherapy and believes her strict vegetarian diet helped speed her recovery from surgery.
  1. What does Visanto Melino mean when she says the elderly citizens who attended her seminar were "informed" on the subject of better health? A. They had a clear understanding of the subject. B. They wanted more information on the subject. C. They were informed of the latest research on the subject. D. They were extremely knowledgeable about the latest developments on the subject.
  2. What does the author mean by saying "... demographics are driving the drift"? A. The huge Baby Boom Generation have decided to become vegetarians. B. The growing trend toward vegetarianism is due to an increase in the number of older people. C. Senior citizens believe that going meatless is a natural and pleasant way to combat problems of aging. D. More and more people of all ages are going on a vegetarian diet to stay healthy.
  3. Why did Nancy Roberts fall ill? A. Because she caught the flu. B. Because she overexerted herself during the holidays. C. Because she was on a high-fat diet. D. Because she ate too much rich food.
  4. How did Nancy Roberts recover from her illness? A. By going on an extremely low-fat regimen. B. By eating some vegetarian dishes at home. C. By not even having skim milk with her cereal. D. By following a strict vegetarian diet.
  5. Why is the passage titled "Going Green After Gray"? A. People who have gray hair like to eat vegetables. B. A vegetarian diet is good for elderly people. C. Older people tend to become vegetarians. D. Seniors like to attend seminars on vegetarianism. Questions 6 to 10 are based on the following passage: In most people's mind, growth is associated with prosperity. We judge how well the economy is doing b



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