厦门高三英语试卷 4 英语知识运用(共两节, 第二部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 单项填空(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分)
  21.Many of friends British people make at school remain friends for life, so it is true that schooldays are “the best of life”. A.the;不填 B.the; the C.不填; the D.不填;不填
  22.When it air pollution, Beijing faces the three “C” s,cars,coal and construction,which lead to Beijing's thick air pollution. A.refers to B.comes to C.happens to D.speaks to
  23.Not until quite recently that language is closely related to culture. A.he realized B.did he realize C.had he realized D.he did realize
  24.一 Is there any possible way to help them get rid of such a bad habit? 一 To tell the truth, it’s very hard.But we on this problem. A.worked B.had worked C.are working D.had been working
  25.When I lived with my roommates in the university, we often talk into the night A.might B.could C.should D.would
  26.Mr. and Mrs. Scott prefer a trip in a small town to in so large a city as New York. A.this B.one C.it D.that
  27.I go to the stadium when there’s a game.But usually I watch it on TV. A.typically B.anxiously C.frequently D.occasionally
  28. the world economy is in difficulty, we can see, the people of China are full of hope. A.As;不填 B.Because;which C.Though;as D.With;不填
  29. for more than three months, but he did his best to catch up with his classmates. A. Being ill B. Having been ill C. Though he was ill D. He was ill
  30.Once education is made free,many children who have dropped out of school . A.will come back B.came back C.have come back D.had come back
  31.Faced with trouble or difficulty,a person takes help that is available. A.whatever B.whenever C.wherever D.however
  32. Much to his surprise,he invited only twenty friends to the dinner,but came. A.twice as many as B.as many as twice C.twice as many D.twice more than
  33.A study shows that students living in non-smoking dorms are less likely to the habit of smoking. A. make up B. pick up C. draw up D. turn up
  34.一 My cousin would like to risk the weight-loss pills rather than in a gym. ?Really? She must be mad. A.to take;work out B.to take;working out C.taking;working out D.taking;work out
  35.一 How do you find the new book by JK Rowling? ? . I guess she is out of her talent. A.With the help of my mother B.By accident C.Very boring D.In the library 完形填空( 小题: 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题:每小题
  1. 5 分,满分 30 分) My parents were in a huge argument, and I was really upset about it. I didn’t know who I should talk with about how I was 36 . So I asked Mom to allow me to stay the night at my best friend’s house. 37 I knew I wouldn’t tell her about my parents’ situation, I was looking forward to 38 my house. I was in the 39 of packing up my things when suddenly the power in the neighborhood 40 . Mom came to tell me that I should stay with my
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grandpa until the power came back on. I was really 41 because I felt that we did not have much to talk about, but I knew he would be frightened alone in the 42 . I went to his room and told him that I’d stay with him until the power was 43 . He was quite happy and said, “Great 44 ”. “What opportunity?” I asked. “To talk, you and I,” he said. “To hold a 45 little meeting about your mom and dad, and what we’re going to do with ourselves 46 we’re in the situation we are in.” “But we can’t do anything about it, Grandpa ,”I said, surprised that here was someone with whom I could 47 my feelings and someone who was in the same “ 48 ” as I was. And that’s how the most 49 friendship between my grandfather and me started. 50 there in the dark, we talked about our feelings and fears of life?from how fast things change, to how they 51 don’t change fast enough. That night, because the power went out, I 52 a new friend, with whom I could safely 53 all my fears and pains, whatever they may be. Suddenly, the lights all came back on. “Well,” he said, “I guess that 54 you’ll go now. I really like our talk, and I hope the 55 will go out every few nights! ”
  36. A. feeling B. astonishing C. confusing D. disturbing
  37. A. Because B. Though C. Unless D. If
  38. A. rushing around B. breaking into C. getting out of D. staying in
  39. A. charge B. trouble C. purpose D. middle
  40. A. went out B. died down C. broke out D. shut out
  41. A. pleased B. disappointed C. excited D. satisfied
  42. A. street B. argument C. neighborhood D. dark
  43. A. conducted B. broken C. restored D. brought
  44. A. evening B. opportunity C. meeting D. talk
  45. A. private B. public C .proud D. perfect
  46. A. even when B. so that C. now that D. on condition that
  47. A. respond B. share C. treat D. do
  48. A. bus B. boat C. train D. plane
  49. A. unbelievable B. unreasonable C. unhappy D. untruthful
  50. A. Sitting B. Laying C. Seating D. Lying
  51. A. always B. sometimes C. almost D. usually
  52. A. lost B. found C. saw D. challenged
  53. A. bring out B. set about C. talk about D. wander about
  54. A. reminds B. demands C. allows D. means
  55. A. power B. quarrel C. loneliness D. happiness 阅读理解( 小题; 第三部分 阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) A Student Puts School President On eBay An Ohio State University student has put their school president on the online auction(拍卖)site eBay. Bidding started at a penny and the seven-day auction had 64 bids from
  19. bidders topping out at almost $ 100 million. Skydiver, 96, Hurt In Attempt To Set Record In Washington, a 96-year-old man aiming to become the oldest person to make a solo skydiver had a rough landing and suffered a dislocated shoulder, but otherwise safe. Pets Fight In Car, Cause Wreck An American Lovell man was moving to his new home with all his belongings packed into his car when his
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pet cat got loose, found his pet snake and started fighting inside the car, causing him to lose control and crash into a narrow ditch(沟). Thieves Steal Built-In Swimming Pool When a Norwegian family visited their mountain cabin over the weekend, they discovered a big hole in the yard in place of the built-in swimming pool that had been installed 20 years ago. Man Burns Down Home Over No Gifts In Southampton, Long Island, Wednesday. A man, angry that he got no presents for Christmas, burned down his parents' home early Christmas morning.
  56.According to this passage, which of the events happened at the weekend? A.A man’s pets fought in the car and caused a car crash. B.An old man aiming to set a record got hurt. C.A man burned down his parents' home over no gifts. D.A family found their swimming pool stolen.
  57.Which of the following events happened to the Lovell man? A.He was put on the online auction site eBay. B.His car crashed into a narrow ditch. C.His built-in swimming pool was stolen. D.He burnt down his parents' home.
  58.The passage is most probably taken from . A.a science magazine B.a research paper C.a personal diary D.a newspaper B Targeting teens Using the web makes teens a target. Posting too much personal information for those millions of cyber eyes to see can cause some big problems and can even invite a thread to your life. As Mary learned, not everyone on the Internet is who he or she says they are. Adults will sometimes pose as other teens, posting fake photos and nice messages to gain trust. They use their fake identity to access the personal information of others, such as home address, phone number, or school name. “That’s not the most common scenario(一系列可能发生事件),” says David Finkelhor , a sociology professor at the University of New Hampshire. “Only 3 percent of teens aged 10 to 18 who use the Internet report being asked to meet offline. But the danger is real.” Safety measures Mary’s Myspace profile is set to “private”, which means that only the people she adds under the “friend” category can access her page. She also doesn’t have any pictures of herself on her site. The only self-identifying material she has posted is her name, grade, and a list of hobbies. Stay safe and have fun online Experts say almost 90 percent of U.S. teens online. But not everyone knows how to surf the web in a smart way. With these tips, you can have fun, stay safe, and avoid embarrassment! ●Pick a safe password. Make sure your password is something that other people won’t be able to guess. ●Pick a safe username. Make sure yours doesn’t say too much about you, “Happy girl 13” is better than “Alice Waters 13”. Don’t include your name, age, or where you are from. Never tell a stranger your name, school, address, age, birthday, phone number, or friends’ name.
  59. The underlined word “invite” in the first paragraph has the same meaning as. A.demand politely B.require C.cause D.wish
  60. In Mary’s opinion, . A. one shouldn’t trust everyone online B. one shouldn’t trust anyone online C. there are many liars online D. all people online pretend to be others
  61.One of the safety measures mentioned in the passage is that . A. one should not chat with strangers B. one should not post his or her photos online C .one should tell his parents about strange information D. one should keep his information as a secret.
  62. Why are numbers in letters used when we pick a safe password? A. Numbers are easy to write B. Using numbers are cool online
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C. The safe password is more unlikely to be guessed D. Numbers are popular online C Some people can stay up all night and still get work done the next day. I’m not one of them. After a night without enough sleep, I feel bad-tempered. I have trouble remembering things. And all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep. How do you feel after you’ve stayed up late to finish schoolwork? Or the day after an overnight party? Scientists now say that your answers to these questions may depend on your genes. New research suggests that a gene called “period 3” affects how well you function without sleep. The “period 3” gene comes in two forms: short and long. Everyone has two copies of the gene. So, you may have two longs, two shorts, or one of each. Your particular combination depends on what your parents passed on to you. Scientists from the University of Surrey in England studied 24 people who had either two short or two long copies of “period 3”. Study participants had to stay awake for 40 hours straight. Then, they took tests that measured how quickly they pushed a button when numbers flashed on a screen and how well they could remember lists of numbers. Results showed that the people with the short form of “period 3” performed much better on these tests than the people with the long form did. In both groups, people performed worst in the early morning After the first round of experiments, participants were finally allowed to sleep. People in the group that performed well on the tests (those with the short form of “period 3”) took about 18 minutes to nod off. People with the long “period 3” gene, by contrast fell asleep in just 8 minutes. They also spent more time on deep sleep. That suggests that people with the long form of the gene need more and deeper sleep to keep their brains working in top form. I think I must have the long form of “period 3”. What about you? ? 63 .The purpose of this passage might be A. to tell us the importance of plenty of sleep B. to tell the result of a research on sleepy gene C .to inform the harm of lacking sleep D. to announce the sleeping rules of humans
  64. What kind of people need less sleep according to the research? A. Those with two short copies of the gene B.Those with two long copies of the gene C.Those with one short and one long copy of the gene DThose with three short copies of the gene
  65. If one lacks enough sleep, one should avoid doing important or dangerous things . A.at noon B.at night C.in the afternoon D.at dawn
  66. Why did the writer suppose he or she had the long form of “ period 3”? A. Because the writer could remain energetic without enough sleep B.Because the writer could do things correctly at dawn C.Because the writer needed more sleep to keep energetic D.Because the writer recovered quickly after sleep D Sir Henry Stewart was certainly successful. I asked one day, soon after he’d retired to attend his garden, what it was like to have achieved all of one’s ambitions. He looked down at his roses, and went on watering them. Then he said, “The only value in achieving one’s ambitions is that you then realize that they are not worth achieving.” Within a moment we were back to a safe discussion on the weather. That was two years ago. I recall this incident, for yesterday, I was passing his house, and had drawn up my cart just outside his garden wall. I had pulled in from the road for no other reason than to let a bus pass me. As I set there filling my pipe, I suddenly heard a shout of sheer joy come from the other side of the wall. I looked over. There stood Sir Henry doing nothing less than a d



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   Unit 1 胡须,络鳃胡 长度,长 申请,请求 突然而猛烈地发出或产生出某事物 因素,要素 登记,注册,记录 结束,相信,达成 检查,视察,查看 在……下面画线,强调 把某人(或某事)当作中心或重点 峡谷 首先,第一,原先 蹦紧的绳索或钢丝 叙述,帐目,帐户 斜坡,弯道 熟悉的,常见的 版本,版次 尝试,努力,试图,企图 地球,地球仪,球体 非常高兴的,愉快的 雇佣,租用 适合的,恰当的 灌木,荒野 外向的,爽直的 公顷 (外)祖父母 猎豹 证实,确认 玩滑板的人 青少年的 紧的,难解开的 ...


   高三英语单词(上) UNIT1 beard n.(下巴上的)胡须;络腮胡子 cheetah n.猎豹 sailfish n.旗鱼;姥鲛 voyager n.航行者;航海者;航天者 tight adj.紧的;难解开的;紧密的 tightrope n.绷紧的绳索或钢丝 gorge n.峡谷 edition n.版本;版次 moustache n.髭;八字须;小胡子 Urumqi n.乌鲁本齐 brewery n.啤酒厂 conclude vt.结束时说;(经推理)相信;达成 ...


   UNIT1 beard n.(下巴上的)胡须;络腮胡子 cheetah n.猎豹 sailfish n.旗鱼;姥鲛 voyager n.航行者;航海者;航天者 tight adj.紧的;难解开的;紧密的 tightrope n.绷紧的绳索或钢丝 gorge n.峡谷 edition n.版本;版次 moustache n.髭;八字须;小胡子 Urumqi n.乌鲁本齐 brewery n.啤酒厂 conclude vt.结束时说;(经推理)相信;达成 vi 结束 hire vt.雇佣;租用 ...


   高三英语单词 Unit1 beard n.(下巴上的)胡须;络腮胡子 cheetah n.猎豹 sailfish n.旗鱼;姥鲛 voyager n.航行者;航海者;航天者 tight adj.紧的;难解开的;紧密的 tightrope n.绷紧的绳索或钢丝 gorge n.峡谷 edition n.版本;版次 moustache n.髭;八字须;小胡子 Urumqi n.乌鲁本齐 brewery n.啤酒厂 conclude vt.结束时说;(经推理)相信;达成 vi ...


   浅谈高三英语复习方法 一、单词复习 1.词不离句,句个离丈,困扰高三学生学习的首要问题是单词不过关。许多学生盲目孤立地去死记 单词,十遍、二十遍地去写、去背,但效果并不好。应指导学生结合课文去记单词。短语和句型,并通过 阅读,在理解的基础上记亿,在记忆的基础上应用。 2.归纳总结,举一反三。英语单词的拼写是有规律的。复习中帮助学生总结归纳这些规律,规则, 就可达到举一反三、事半功倍的效果。如英语单词中有许多前缀和后缀,它们与一些词根搭配,构成了与 词根意思相关的另一词。 二、语法复习 语法项 ...


   新赢教育网 www.yingedu.com 新的方法, 新的方法,赢得漂亮 高考英语作文各档次的给分范围和要求: 第五档(很好);(21-25 分) 1. 完全完成了试题规定的任务。 2. 覆盖所有内容要点。 3. 应用了较多的语法结构和词汇。 4. 语法结构或词汇方面有些许错误,但为尽力使用较复杂结构或较高级词汇所致;具备较 强的语言运用能力。 5. 有效地使用了语句间的连接成分,使全文结构紧凑。 6. 完全达到了预期的写作目的。 第四档(好):(16-20 分) 1. 完全完成了试题规定 ...



   1.I’m an office worker. 我是上班族。 2.I work for the government. 我在政府机关做事。 3.I’m happy to meet you.  很高兴见到你。 4.I like your sense of humor. 我喜欢你的幽默感。 5. I’m glad to see you again. 很高兴再次见到你。 6. I’ll call you. 我会打电话给你。 7. I feel like sleeping/ taking ...


   2010高考英语《语法》 专题复习系列课件 09《时态与语态》 1.一般现在时 一般现在时 2.一般过去时 一般过去时 3.一般将来时 一般将来时 4. 现在进行时 5. 过去进行时 6. 现在完成时 7. 过去完成时 8. 现在完成进行时 一般将来时考点分析与练习 " 1.结构一:will/shall+动词(常与next week, in two days .结构一 等连用; 或表示说话时的临时决定) " 结构二:be going to do…(强调计划性或客观性) " 结构三:be t ...


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   1. According to a recent survey, four million people die each year from diseases linked to smoking. 依照最近的一项调查,每年有 4,000,000 人死于与吸烟有关的疾病。 2. The latest surveys show that quite a few children have unpleasant associations with homework. 最近的调查显示相当多的孩子对 ...


   计算机网络介绍 独立技术已经支配了过去3个世纪中的每一个。18世纪是 伴随工业革命的大机械系统的时间。19世纪是蒸气机的时代。 在20世纪,关键技术是信息的收集,处理,以及分配(分类) 。 在其他发展中,我们已经看见全世界电话网络的安装,收音机 和电视的发明,计算机工业的诞生和空前的发展,以及通信卫 星的发射。 由于技术的快速进步, 这些领域正在快速融合。 信息的收 集、传送、存储和处理之间的区别正在迅速消失。拥有数百遍 布世界各地的办公室的组织,通常期望只按一下按钮,即使他 们在最遥远的村 ...