2008 年初中毕业及高中阶段各类学校招生考试英语 英语参考答案 厦门市 2008 年初中毕业及高中阶段各类学校招生考试英语参考答案
1-5 ABCAB 26-30 AACAC 51-55 ACABC
  76. air/plane
  81. club
  86. bought 6 -10 CCBBA 31-35 CACAB 56-60 CBAAC
  77. interview
  82. skills
  87. dirty 11-15 BACAA 36-40 BCACB 61-65 CBCAB
  78. theatre
  83. old
  88. before/when 16-20 BBABC 41-45 BACAB 66-70 BACBB
  79. Practice
  84. Family
  89. like 21-25 BABCB 46-50 CABAC 71-75 BAACB
  80. Dress
  85. life
  90. kind
  91. clean
单词填空题注意可能存在多种答案 同时尽量放宽对非关键性错误的扣分 如大小写错误等。 注意可能存在多种答案, 尽量放宽对非关键性错误的扣分, 注:76-91 单词填空题注意可能存在多种答案,同时尽量放宽对非关键性错误的扣分,如大小写错误等。

  92. I’m from Xiamen
  93. how I can get to the bank
  94. How was your weekend
  95. I work harder this year
  96. have a picnic
  97. food and drink
  98. take the school bus
题允许多种答案,对不影响交际功能的应尽量减少对非关键性错误的扣分 应尽量减少对非关键性错误的扣分。 注:92-98 题允许多种答案,对不影响交际功能的应尽量减少对非关键性错误的扣分。

  99. There is a pen on the book. 1
  00. John likes playing basketball. 1
  01. Mrs. Smith is dancing to the music now. 1
  02. Mike went to see a doctor because he had a cough yesterday.
题除了次要单词的拼写及大小写等非关键性错误外,应从写的层次进行较高要求的评阅。 注:99-102 题除了次要单词的拼写及大小写等非关键性错误外,应从写的层次进行较高要求的评阅。
One possible version This summer I’ll graduate from the junior middle school and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games are coming. I’m sure it must be very exciting. I like playing football best, so I’ll spend lots of time watching Olympic football matches on TV. I like a lot of famous football players, but Ronaldo from Brazil is my favorite. He is very powerful, and he helps his team win so many matches, such as the 2002 World Cup. I plan to play football in my school sports field every afternoon although it’ll be very hot in summer. I’ll also go swimming with my parents once a week. Doing more sports will help me keep fit and be in good health. Then I’ll have a better condition before I enter the senior middle school. I’m looking forward to my summer vacation. 短文写作评分参考标准
第一档(10-12 分):能够清楚地表述自己的观点和想法;语言准确、丰富、流畅,富有个性和说服力;基 本无语法错误; 第二档(7-9 分):能够清楚地表述自己的观点和想法;行文比较自然,但语言表达较平淡,个性化和说服力 较一般,且存在少量语法错误; 第三档(4-6 分):观点表述不够鲜明,比较缺乏说服力;同时各种语言用法错误较多; 第四档(1-3 分):内容比较空洞或不切题,词汇和句式用法错误很多。
英语参考答案及听力录音稿(第 1 页,共 3 页)
2008 厦门市 2008 年初中毕业及高中阶段各类学校招生考试英语听力试题录音稿
I. Listen and choose the right pictures. (听音,选择符合内容情景的图片。听两遍 听音, 听音 选择符合内容情景的图片。听两遍)
  1. She is Kate. She can play the guitar very well.
  2. Tony wants to be a policeman because it’s an exciting job.
  3. My birthday is April
  12. Can you come to my birthday party?
  4. What a windy day! Would you mind closing the window?
  5. The post office is just across from the restaurant. You can’t miss it. II. Listen to some short dialogues and choose the right answers to the questions you hear. (听简短对话,然后挑选最佳答案回答所听到的问题。听两遍 听简短对话, 听简短对话 然后挑选最佳答案回答所听到的问题。听两遍)
  6. M: Would you like some milk? W: No, thanks. But… I’d like some orange juice. I like it best. Q: What’s the woman’s favorite drink?
  7. M: What are you doing here? W: I’m waiting for my classmates. We’ll take the subway to Disneyland this morning. Q: How will the girl go to Disneyland?
  8. M: Hi, Sarah, do you know the girl over there? W: The one with curly hair? Oh, that’s our new art teacher. She is so nice that we all like her. Q: Who is the girl with curly hair?
  9. M: You look so cool in this yellow sweater. W: Thank you. I’m glad to hear that. In fact, green is my favorite, but the salesgirl said the green ones had been sold out. Q: Which color does the girl like best?
  10. W: Tom, you are so athletic. Do you often do sports? M: Yes. I play basketball every day. And I go swimming twice a week. Q: How often does Tom play basketball?
  11. W: What time do you usually go to school? M: At 6:
  45. And it’s about twenty minutes’ walk for me to get to school. Q: When does the boy usually go to school?
  12. M: What can I do for you, madam? W: I want a camera. You know, tomorrow is Father’s Day. M: How about this one? You can take very nice pictures with it. Q: What is the woman doing?
  13. M: Shall we go to the concert at the weekend? W: That sounds great. But I’m afraid I can’t. I want to help do some chores at home. Q: What’s the girl going to do at the weekend?
  14. W: Why are you still staying here? Are you going on reading that book till the library closes? M: I know it’s late. But… such bad weather makes me stay. W: Look, I have a big umbrella. You can go with me. Q: Why does the boy stay in the library for a long time?
  15. W: What’s the matter, young man? M: I have a terrible toothache. And… I couldn’t fall asleep last night. W: Please lie down and open your mouth. Q: What does the woman do?
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III. Listen to a long dialogue and a passage, then choose the right answers to questions 16-
  20. (听一篇较长对话和一篇短文,然后选择正确答案作答 16 ? 20 小题。听两遍 听一篇较长对话和一篇短文, 小题。听两遍) 听一篇较长对话和一篇短文 Text A W: Good morning. SRC International. How may I help you? M: Good morning. I’d like to speak to Peter Chan please. W: Certainly. Who should I say is calling? M: This is Tim Hunter, from Hunter Computer Company. W: May I know what this is about? M: We have an appointment for this afternoon. Mr. Chan will know what I’m calling to. W: OK. Please hold on a moment, Mr. Hunter. Text B The vegetable salad is nice and it’s also good for your health. Today I’d like to tell you how to make it. You’d better buy three or four kinds of fresh vegetables like lettuce, carrots, onions, broccoli and so on, anything you like. Remember! Fresh vegetables. Clean these in the water carefully and cut them up. And then put the vegetables in a bowl. Put in a box of yogurt. You can also put in one teaspoon of honey if you love sweet food. Finally, mix them all up. That’s vegetable salad. IV. Listen to a dialogue and a passage, then fill in the blanks with the right words. (听一篇对话和一篇短文,用恰当的单词填空完成 76?85 小题,每空一词。听三遍 听一篇对话和一篇短文, 小题,每空一词。听三遍) 听一篇对话和一篇短文 Text A W: Well, let me know the plan for tomorrow, Mike. M: OK. We need to get up early and get to the airport before 7:
  30. Our plane will take off at 8:
  30. W: What time will we arrive in Xiamen? M: At about 10:
  00. Then you’ll give a short interview at the airport to the reporter from Xiamen TV Station. After that, we’ll go to Xianglu Hotel to have lunch. W: How about the afternoon? M: You’ll be very busy in the afternoon. Having a short rest after lunch, you must go to the theatre to check lighting and all the equipments, and make sure everything is OK. Also you need to practice with your band for one or two hours. W: Where will we have dinner? M: We’ll have dinner near the theatre, so that you have enough time to dress up. You know, the performance will start at 8:
  00. W: Thank you so much. M: My pleasure. Text B This is Radio On Line. Here are some good suggestions for free time activities. First of all, you can choose to join a club. We have a music club, a sports club and an art club. It’s good for you to improve your skills and make new friends. Then we also offer a volunteer program for you. You may find that teens can work for the people, too. You can help do some housework or do some shopping for those old people who live alone. Finally we have a very special program called “Meeting a New Family”. That means two families exchange their children for some weeks. You may experience quite a new and different kind of life. Isn’t that exciting? Come and join us right now.
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