年初中毕业班质量检查英语 英语参考答案 厦门市思明区 2010 年初中毕业班质量检查英语参考答案
1-5 ACCBC 26-30 CBCAA 51-55 BCBCA
  76. Brown
  81. Thursday
  86. sale
  90. money 6-10 BCBBA 11-15 ABCAA 31-35 CABBC 36-40 ABBAC 56-60 BBBCA 61-65 CAACB
  77. September
  78. kitchen
  82. cooking
  83. Air
  87. Sure/OK/Certainly/Yes
  91. decide 16-20 CAABC 41-45 ACCBA 66-70 BAACA
  84. Hundreds
  88. For 21-25 BACBA 46-50 ACBCB 71-75 BCBAA
  80. 8825063
  85. collections
  89. cost
单词填空题注意可能存在多种答案 同时尽量放宽对非关键性错误的扣分 如大小写错误等。 注意可能存在多种答案, 尽量放宽对非关键性错误的扣分, 注:76-91 单词填空题注意可能存在多种答案,同时尽量放宽对非关键性错误的扣分,如大小写错误等。

  92. doesn’t matter
  93. How often do you go to
  94. Would you mind turning down / Could you please turn down?
  95. is a good place to go sightseeing
  96. different customs / culture
  97. the same
  98. instead of
注:92-98 题允许多种答案,对不影响交际功能的应尽量减少对非关键性错误的扣分。 题允许多种答案,对不影响交际功能的应尽量减少对非关键性错误的扣分。 应尽量减少对非关键性错误的扣分

  99. Don’t listen to music in class. / You are not allowed to listen to music in class. 1
  00. She used to have curly hair when she was sixteen (years old) / at the age of sixteen. 1
  01. She will be / wants to be a nurse when she grows up. 1
  02. It’s bad for your health if you eat /have lots of junk food.
题除了次要单词的拼写及大小写等非关键性错误外,应从写的层次进行较高要求的评阅。 注:99-102 题除了次要单词的拼写及大小写等非关键性错误外,应从写的层次进行较高要求的评阅。
One possible version The gift I want most is my father’s time. My father is a businessman, so he is very busy. When he gets home in the evening, I have fallen asleep. When I get up in the morning, he is still sleeping. I love my father and I believe he loves me, too. I don’t need more money, I just need my father. I want to spend more time with him so that we can enjoy the family happiness. Father’s day is coming, I want to write my father a letter. I’ll tell my father how much I love him and ask him to give me the special gift. It will be the best and the most important gift for me. 短文写作评分参考标准
第一档(10-12 分):能够清楚地表述自己的观点和想法;语言准确、丰富、流畅,富有个性和说服力;基 本无语法错误; 第二档(7-9 分):能够清楚地表述自己的观点和想法;行文比较自然,但语言表达较平淡,个性化和说服力 较一般,且存在少量语法错误; 第三档(4-6 分):观点表述不够鲜明,比较缺乏说服力;同时各种语言用法错误较多; 第四档(1-3 分):内容比较空洞或不切题,词汇和句式用法错误很多。
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厦门市思明区 2010 年初中毕业班质量检查英语听力试题录音稿
I. Listen and choose the right pictures. (听音,选择符合内容情景的图片。听两遍 听音, 听音 选择符合内容情景的图片。听两遍)
  1. The children had a good time in the park yesterday.
  2. Alice isn’t feeling well. She has a terrible headache.
  3. Tom likes playing football with his classmates after school.
  4. You may use a computer to send an e-mail to your pen pal.
  5. He had to take a bus to work today because something was wrong with his car. II. Listen to some short dialogues and choose the right answers to the questions you hear. (听简短对话,然后挑选最佳答案回答所听到的问题。听两遍 听简短对话, 听简短对话 然后挑选最佳答案回答所听到的问题。听两遍)
  6. M: Hi, Betty. Do you have an English-Chinese dictionary? W: Sorry, Jack! I don’t have one. But Lily has. M: Where is Lily? W: She is in the teachers’ office. Q: Who has a dictionary?
  7. M: Good morning, Mrs Black! Do you want to buy meat or fish today? W: I like fish. But my daughter loves beef. Give me some beef, please. M: OK. Q: What does Mrs Black want to buy?
  8. W: Excuse me, are you from France? M: No, I’m not. I’m from Australia. What about you? W: I’m English. Q: Where is the woman from?
  9. M: What was the weather like in Xiamen last week? W: Bad weather! It was cloudy and rainy every day until Friday. M: Really? What was the weather like on Friday? W: Well. It was fine all day. Q: How was the weather on Friday?
  10. W: Can I see you at 9:00, Uncle John? M: I am sorry, Susan, but I am having a meeting then. Why not come an hour later? Q: When should Susan meet Uncle John?
  11. M: Hello! Maria. What do you think of these TV shows? W: Well. Sports shows and Animal World are exciting and interesting. But I can’t stand sitcoms and soap operas, they are so long and boring. Q: What does Maria think of soap operas?
  12. W: How nice the day! Let’s go fishing! M: No, this is not the best day for fishing. W: So, you mean we have to stay at home? M: How about playing tennis instead? W: Yeah! Q: What are they going to do?
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  13. M: Hi, Lucy! Where is Nick? W: He is upstairs. He is having a bath. M: How about Tim then? I need someone to help me with these heavy boxes. W: He doesn’t have to go to school today. So he has gone to the cinema. Q: What is Tim doing?
  14. M: Mom, may I take this T-shirt? W: Let me see. Try it on, Sam. Emm…. It’s too large. What size is it? M: Look! There is an “M” here. It’s “medium”. Q: What size does Sam need?
  15. M: Look, the car is making noise and smoke. It pollutes the air. W: Yes. If more people drive cars, there will be more pollution. M: I agree with you. Q: What are they talking about? III. Listen to a long dialogue and a passage, then choose the right answers to questions 16-
  20. (听一篇较长对话和一篇短文,然后选择正确答案作答 16 ? 20 听一篇较长对话和一篇短文, 听一篇较长对话和一篇短文 小题。听两遍) 小题。听两遍 Text A W: Ted, can you go out to buy some tomatoes for me now? We don’t have any. M: All right. How much is it? W: Four and a half yuan a kilo. M: How many do you want? W: 2 kilos, please. M: OK. Mom. Text B Today, SMS?Short Message Service is popular, and China Mobile says that every second, there are 410 messages being sent. Look around you! People are watching their mobiles, smiling or laughing. Fingers are moving quickly on mobiles, bringing happiness to their friends. Through SMS, we know the weather report, share jokes and news, show love and friendship. SMS is becoming more and more popular. It is reported that most of young people like to send short messages to greet each other. Internet SMS will be more helpful to people. I am thankful for SMS because it saves me much money. Just on the top end of a finger, so much joy can be found! IV. Listen to a dialogue and a passage, then fill in the blanks with the right words. (听一篇对话和一篇短文,用恰当的单词填空完成 76?85 小题,每空一词。听三遍 听一篇对话和一篇短文 小题,每空一词。听三遍) 听一篇对话和一篇短文, Text A W: Xiamen Lujiang Hotel. Can I help you? M: Yes, I’d like to book two rooms for three nights. W: When will you arrive? M: We will get to Xiamen just the day before the China International Fair for
英语参考答案及听力录音稿(第 3 页,共 4 页)
Investment and Trade. W: Yes, sir. Single or double? M: Two double. Two double rooms with a kitchen. W: All right. Two double rooms with a kitchen until September
  9. M: How much will that be? W: 400 yuan for one double room a night. M: That will be fine. W: May I have your name, please? M: Bruce Brown. B-R-U-C-E B-R-O-W-N. W: What’s your phone number? M: 88250
  63. W: OK! Got it. Thank you, Mr Brown. Bye. M: Bye. Text B There are many kinds of museums everywhere. Museums are not just for visiting, there are also all kinds of activities for you. The Museum of Science is open on Thursday. It is open to the public from eight in the morning to five in the afternoon. This museum is very different from others. You may do everything with your own hands, such as cooking rice using the sun’s energy. The Air and Space Museum opens on Monday from nine in the morning to four in the afternoon. There are hundreds of famous spaceships, rockets, satellites in the museum. It would be a good experience for you. If you are interested in the art, you can visit the Art Museum. It’s free there every Saturday. There are famous personal or online collections.
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