2006 年山东省潍坊市初中学业水平考试英语试卷
(试卷满分 120 分,考试时间 120 分钟)
第Ⅰ卷(共 75 分)
一、听力测试(满分 20 分) 听力测试( (一)听句子,找出与句子内容相符的最佳选项,每个句子读两遍。 分) (5
  5.A.peace B.water B.Canada B.dear B.speak B.love C.jujce C.Australia C.cheap C.repeat C.building
(二)听对话和问题,选择符合每个问题答案的图画,每段对话和问题读两遍。 分) (5




(三)听对话,然后根据对话内容选择每个问题的正确答案,每段对话和问题读两遍。 (5 分)
  11.What time did the woman get to the airport to meet her father? A.1∶00 B.12∶00 C.2∶20

  12.What′s her father′s flight number? A.BA5
  06. B.VA4
  07. C.VA4

  13.What time will the flight arrive? A.3∶30 pm.
  14.Why is the flight late? A. Because the airport is too busy. B. Because the weather in New York is had. C. Because something is wrong with the plane.
  15.How long did the woman wait in the airport that day? A. One hour. B. Over three hours. C. Two hours and twenty minutes. B.2∶20 pm. C.2∶00 pm.
(四)请听一则寻人启示,听录音两遍后,根据内容完成登记卡。 分) (5
Registe Card Mrs Smith looks for a person at 10∶00am. Name:Betty Smith Hair: 4 , 5 Sex: 1 (male/female)Age: 2 Height: 3 blouse, 7 jeans m
Clothes:a 6
Room: 8
on the 9 floor
Telephone number: 10 Wal Mart S.C.
小题; 二、单项选择(共 16 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 16 分) 单项选择( 从每小题 A、B、C、D 中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。
  16. A.The,a history of this special Pacific island brought B.A,an C.The,an unusual feeling to me. D.A,a

  17.?Nice to meet you, Mile. ?Everything is OK. Thanks. A.What are you doing? C.How are you going? B.What is it doing? D.How is it going?

  18. Lucy Lily may go to the concert with you. Because they are not allowed to go out on school nights. A.either,or B.neither,nor C.both,and D.not only,but also

  19. ?What’s your father like? ? A.He if funny and smart. C.He is tall and strong.
  20.Ben’s composition is almost perfect A.except B.except for B.He is a skillful worker. D.He looks like a star. several spelling mistakes. C.besides D.beside .

  21.Our head teacher saw the empty seat next to me and asked A.where has Jeff gone C.where Jeff has been B.where did Jeff go D.where Jeff had gone

  22. ?How well Alan dances! I can’t believe my eyes! ? A.So he does. B.So does he. C.So do I. D.So I do. speak the

  23.Though he has studied language. A.hard,hard
at Russian for ten months, he can still

  24.People everywhere celebrate the New Year. think about new beginnings. A.That B.It C.This
is a time to say goodbye to the past and to
D.Such belong to David. He admires him a lot.

  25. ?That T-shirt with Yao Ming’s picture on it ?No, it A.can,can’t be his. He hates black color. B.may,needn’t C.must,mustn’t it used to be. C.what

  26.China today is no longer A.that B.which

  27. ?Please don’t forget to take part in our club party tomorrow. ? A.I don’t . B.I won’t C.I can’t D.I haven’t

  28.The meat has been kept in the bag for several day without being frozen.It smells now. A.worse B.worst C.bad D.badly

  29. ?Have you heard the song Super Star? ?Yes, I heard it A.sings B.sang by S. H. E. C.sing D.sung .

  30.If anyone comes to see me this aftenoon, please ask him or her to leave a A.letter
  31. A.Until B.message C.sentence D.notice
you told me, I heard nothing of what happened. B.After C.If D.Since
小题; 三、完形填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 完形填空( 阅读下面的短文,从 A、B、C、D 中选出能填入相应空白处的最佳答案。 For several years, Americans have enjoyed teleshopping-watching TV and buying things by phone. Now teleshopping is 32 in Europe. In a number of European countries, people 33 rurn on their TVs and shop for clothes,jewelry,food,and many other things. Teleshopping is becoming 34 in Europe. The biggest Swedish company sells different kinds of things on TV in European countries,and in one year it can 35 about $100 million. In France there are two teleshopping 36 ,and the French spend about $20 million a year buying things 37 these channels. In Germany,teleshopping was only
one channel for an hour every day last year. Now the government 38 opening other channels for teleshopping,including the largest American teleshopping company and a 24-hour teleshopping company. German businessmen hope this new teleshopping will help them sell 39 things. Some people like teleshopping 40 they can do some shopping without leaving their homes,espccially in the 41 with heavy traffic. 42 at the same time,other Europeans do not like this new way of shopping.They call teleshopping “Junk 43 ”.They usually 44 the quality of the things sold on TV. The 45 for high quality makes the European teleshopping companies have to be different from the American companies. 46 will have to be more careful about the quality of the things they sell if they want to make money.
  43.A.on the air
  44.A.look at
  46.A.You B.producing B.muat B.popular B.earn B.companies B.on B.agree B.most B.until B.cities B.But B.in the air B.laugh at B.decision B.We C.creating C.need C.pleasant C.spend C.business C.in C.allow C.less C.because C.roads C.Therefore C.by air C.worry about C.interest C.They D.starting D.should D.fair D.lose D.stations D.with D.accept D.more D.unless D.villages D.Or D.off the air D.talk about D.rule D.I
小题; 四、阅读理解(共 16 小题;每小题
  1.5 分,满分 24 分) 阅读理解( 阅读下列短文,从 A、B、C、D 中选出能回答问题或完成句子的最佳答案。 A If you stay in an Indian home,bring something from your home country as a gift.Although it is not expected,it would be much appreciated.But find out the social position and religion of your hosts before you choose the gift.A bottle of foreign whisky would be the perfect gift for some,and not at all suitable for others.If you know the people you are going to stay with,it is a good idea to
ask them what they would like.Some things are just not available in India. It is not necessary to bring a gift when you are invited to dinner.After all,you are the honored guest.Until recently,it would have been almost disgusting to bring sweets or a bottle of wine.But this is not true today.Nowadays it is a custom which is becoming popular with many Indians.Fruit,flowers of a box of sweets are perfect gifts on such occasions,and will offend no one. In all classes of sociely,both in the city and in the country,food is only taken to the mouth with the right hand.This is the most important part of the etiquette of eating in India.When you watch Indians eat you will see that they keep their left hand on their lap. If you are stuck for a conversation topic in India,talk about families.Another useful subject to start with is cricket(板球).But once you get to know a person better,any topic is acceptable.Indians love to talk about politics and religion.They enjoy heated discussions and not just polite conversations.Conversation is an art form and people take the time to really talk.
  47.If you are invited for a mcal at an Indian home, A. you should offer to pay for the food B. you will offend your hosts it you take anything C. it is fashionable to take flowers or sweets D. it is traditional to take whisky
  48.Indians love interesting discussions but they A. only talk about family matters B. get away from religion and politics C. don’t like talking about themselves D. don’t appreciate polite conversations
  49.The underlined part in the first paragraph means A. you can buy these things easily in India B. they don’t make these things in India C. they never avoid these things in India D. you can’t get these things in India
  50.According to the passage,all of the following are true except that A. yout choice of gift will depend on who your hosts are B. playing cricket with left hand is popular in India C. Indians normally use their right hand for food they eat D. Indians like to talk about serious things with guests . . . .
B On a hot summer day in south Florida,a little boy decided to go for a swim in the old swimming hole behind his house.In a hurry to dive into the cool water,he ran out of the back door,leaving behind shoes and shirt as he went. He flew into the water,not realizing that as he swam toward the middle of the lake,a crocodile was swimming toward him.His mother in the house was looking out of the window and saw the two.In great fear,she ran toward the water,shouting to her son as loudly as she could.Hearing her voice,the little boy became alarmed and made a U-turn to swim to his mother.It was too late.Just as he reached her,the crocodile reached him.From the shore,the mother caught her Iittle boy be the arms just as the crocodile snatched his legs.That began an incredible tug-of-war between the two.The crocodile was much stronger that the mother,but the mother was much too eager to let go.A farmer happened to drive by,heard their screams,raced from his truck,took aim and shot the cmcodile. After several weeks in hospital,the Iittle boy survived.His legs were extremely scarred by the attack of the animal.And,on his arms,were deep scratches where his mother’s fingernails dug into his flesh in her effort to hang on to the son she loved. A newspaper reporter,who interviewed the boy,asked if he would show him his scars(伤 疤).The boy Iifted his legs.And then,with obvious pride,he said to the reporter,“But look at my arms.I have great scars on my arms,too.I have them because my Mom wouldn’t let go.” Never judge another person’s scars,because you don’t know how they were made.
  51.What is probably the best title for the passage? A. Scars of love B. Women hold up half sky C. A terrible experience D. Don’t judge by appearances
  52.Hearing Mother’s shouts,the boy A. remained in the middle in great fear B. didn’t stop swimming forwards C. swam back towards the bank D. was ready to fight the crocodile
  53.Which of the following statements is true according to the text? A. A crocodile attacked him when the boy and his mother were bathing. B. The crocodile bit the ams of the boy when is reached him.
C. It was the farmer who shot the crocodile. D.There is always an interesting story behind every scar.
  54.By saying“But look at my arms.I have great scars on my arms,too.”in paragraph 4,the boy really wants to show . A. how deep the scars made by the crocodile were B. What a brave boy he was C. how many scars and scratches he had D. how great and beloved his mother was
C Information to help you enjoy your visit Welcome to Charlecote Park
Charlecote Park has been home to the Lucy family for over 800 years.Built in the 1550s with warm red bricks and decorated in Warwickshire stone,the house has a fascinating history.This history includes a royal visit from Queen Elizabeth I and the arrest and trial of a local young man called William Shakespeare.
What you will see today The house opens at 12∶00 noon and usually closes at 5∶00pm.Before you go around the house,we suggest that you listen to the introductory talk(held most days,every 30minutes)or watch the video in the Gatehouse.There are room attendants in most rooms who will be happy to answer any questions. The gardens are interesting all year round and include the parterres(gardens with psths between the beds)in the west front and beautifully cut lawns. The outbuildings are a must during your visit.Please take time to visit the Victorian kitchens,laundry,wine house and carriage collections all open at 10∶30 am and close at 5∶30 pm. Restoration and care So that we can continue to care for Charlecote Park,we ask visitors to the house: Please do not wear sharp heeled shoes. Photography,videotaping and mobile phones are not permitted inside the buildings. Please don’t bring pushchairs,large bags or umbrellas into the house.These items can be stored at the entrance to the house(and are left at the owner’s risk).
Smoking is not permitted in any building within the estate.

  55.If you happen to get to the Park at 11∶30 in the morning,you can visit A. the gardens,the house,carrisge collections B. the house,Warwickshire stone,the parterres C. the gardens,wine house,carriage collettions D. the house,Victorian kitchens,the gardens
  56. was the owner of Charlecote Park. A.The Lucy family C.Queen Elizabeth I B.William Shakespeare D.Victoria .

  57.Visitors are fascinated by the Park because A. the outbuildings and gardens were specially built B. it is a place of interest with a very long history
C. the house was made of warm red bricks seldom seen in Britain D. a 30-minute introductory talk is offered almost every day
  58.Who would pay for the loss if your bag stored at the entrance was stolen? A.Charlecote Park. C.The Police. B.The room attendant. D.Yourself.
D 阅读下面的短文,为文中空白处选择恰当的句子。 The 1990s saw great changes in the way people communicate.People could



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   Being Excellent Is What Never Dies Mike Mike 有兴趣的可以加我的QQ: 有兴趣的可以加我的QQ:290143015 我们可以一起交流英语,互相学习, 我们可以一起交流英语,互相学习, 交流好的英语课件, 交流好的英语课件,交流好的英语口 期待你的到来! 语!期待你的到来! 主讲: 主讲: Mike Mike 更多资料在地址: 更多资料在地址: http://passport.baidu.com/?busin ess&aid=6&un ...


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