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导游试题: 导游试题:旅游英语专业大学英语试卷 I. 在 B 栏中找出 A 栏斜体单词的正确释义. (10%) A B. ( )
  1. mysterious a. hide ( )
  2. hazard b . arrive as expected ( )
  3. mask c. move ( )
  4. pollute d. shock ( )
  5. proceed e. come near or nearer ( )
  6. come through f. continue, esp. after an interruption ( )
  7. exclaim g. danger ( )
  8. approach h. cry loudly ( )
  9. stun i. make dirty or unfit for use ( )
  10. make one’s way j. hard to explain or understand AB ( )
  1. immediately a. in the beginning ( )
  2. implication b. rise ( )
  3. indicate c. say directly ( )
  4. awkward d. a meeting for discussion ( )
  5. come right out and say e. not knowing what to do ( )
  6. originally f. right away ( )
  7. interrupt g. control one’s feelings ( )
  8. hold oneself in h. show ( )
  9. conference i. sth. suggested but not expressed ( )
  10. get to one’s feet j. break the flow of speech or action II. 选择正确答案填空. (5%)
  1. The movie star with your sister , didn’t he? A. was used to dance B. used to dancing C. used to dance D. was used to dancing
  2. The girl in the snapshot was smiling sweetly, . A. her long hair flowed in the breeze. B. her long hair was flowing in the breeze. C. her long hair flow in the breeze. D. her long hair flowing in the breeze.
  3. Mother insisted that . A. they are to be back before nine in the evening. B. they ought to be back before nine in the evening. C. they be back before nine in the evening. D. they had to be back before nine in the evening.
  4. The professor paused as if his students to ask questions on the point he had just made.
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中华导游资格考试网 www.100daoyou.com
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A. expecting B. to expect C. expected D. to have expected
  5. I couldn’t understand why he pretended in the bookstore. A. to see me not B. not to see me C. not see me D. to see not me
  6. The classr oom was almost empty a desk or two. A. besides B. except for C. except D. In addition to
  7. It was in that small room they worked hard and dreamed of better days to come. A. what B. in which C. which D. that
  8. , you must show your ticket to go into the cinema. A. No matter whoever you are B. Whoever you are C. Whomever you are D. No matter who are you
  9. that the left side of the human brain is responsible for logic. A. It generally is believed B. It is believed generally C. It is generally believed D. Generally it is believed
  10. Scientists didn’t know much about lung cancer . A. before long B. until recently C. long before D. in the past few years III. 选择与划线单词意义相近的词。 (5%)
  11." You are a liar. " she exclaimed. A. wept B. cried out C. sighed D. insisted
  12. Are you positive that the boy you saw in the corridor was Peter ? A. right B. wrong C. sure D. doubtful
  13. They occasionally stop by to see us. A. often B. seldom C. usually D. once in a while
  14. All her doubts vanished after she read the letter from Jimmy. A. broke B. disappeared C. decreased D. grew
  15. The judge suspected the truth of the evidence provided by witness. A. doubted B. believed C. guessed D. realized
  16. I answered the letter immediately. A. at once B. briefly C. quickly D. swiftly
  17. Betty was nervous whenever she saw her history teacher. A. delighted B. relaxed C. disappointed D. tense
  18. We waited more than half an hour for Beth but eventually we had to leave without her. A. actually B. in the end C. afterwards D. reluctantly
  19. The police are looking into the mysterious disappearance of a two中华导游资格考试网 www.100daoyou.com 官方网站:圣才学习网 www.100xuexi.com
中华导游资格考试网 www.100daoyou.com
官方网站:圣才学习网 www.100xuexi.com
year-old girl from her home in Florida. A. finding out B. handling C. studying D. investigating
  20. As long as you keep trying, you’ll certainly succeed. A. As B. Because C. No matter how D. If IV. 将括号内的中文译成英文。(6%)
  1. They didn’t invite me, (也没有邀请我父母).
  2. (尽管大卫很爱他的女儿), he is strict with her.
  3(就这个方法本身而言), it is worth trying. The trouble is we don’t have enough hands. 4 They hurried me, (结果我在离开前忘了关电视机) 。 5 I am sure we are safe (只要在你的关心下).
  6.(就结构而言), The house isn’t worth the price they’re asking. V. 用所给单词的正确形式填空。(16%)
  1. imply, implication, implied
  1). She did not actually say that our plan was utopian(空想的),but that was the .
  2). Are you that I am a liar?
  3). Can you figure out the meaning of his statement?
  4). The teacher smiled, with the that he didn’t believe me.
  2. surprise ( v.) surprise (n.) surprising, surprised, surprisingly
  1). I was to hear that Tom had failed his exam.
  2). Aunt Sophia paid us a visit last Sunday.
  3). , our team lost for the first time in ten years.
  4). The news all of us.
  5). It is not that Jack got fired because he was always daydreaming at work.
  6). A look of came into his eyes as he read the telegram.
  3. respond, response, responsibility, responsible, irresponsible
  1). The suggestions we put forward at the meeting met with little .
  2). Mary to the news by weeping all day.
  3). It is of her to leave the children alone in the house.
  4). Who is for the accident?
  5). Mr.Black was fully aware that his new post as general manager was a position of great .
  6). Every adult ( except a mad person) is for his actions.
  4. correct (v.) correct (a.) incorrect correctness correctly
  1). translation of a single word could lead to misunderstanding
  2). The teacher was busy our exercises books when we
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中华导游资格考试网 www.100daoyou.com
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called at his house.
  3). You are in thinking that my brother is a little bossy.
  4). Facts have proved the of his theory.
  5). I kept practicing until I was able to pronounce these words .
  6). He spent a lot of time my pronunciation.
  5. smooth (v.) smoothness smooth (a.) smoothly
  1). The plane landed .
  2). Mother is the sheets so that the bed may be more comfortable.
  3). His path in life had been q uite until he lost his job this spring.
  4). Many Western visitors are impressed by the of Chinese silk and satin.(缎子)
  5). Before you paint the board, you have to it with sandpaper.
  6. die, death, dead, deadly (a.), deadly (ad.)
  1). One winter morning the beggar was found lying in the snow.
  2). Peace-loving people all over the world want these weapon(武器)done away with(废除).
  3). He is serious about the matter.
  4). She died for the people. Her is weightier than MountTai.(泰山).
  5). When the ambulance (救护车) reach the hospital, the wounded solider was already . VI. 根据所给单词填空,注意时态的正确应用。(14%) potential differ over and over again be responsible for compared to vanish caught up in dream of equipment amount put…..to good use recall universe physical
  1.I have pointed out those grammatical mistakes to him , but he still keeps making them.
  2. If you don’t know how to your books , give them to others.
  3. If we compare our earth with the moon, we will find that the former from the latter in many ways.
  4. Who do you think the failure of the experiment.
  5. We were so the TV program that we forget about the time.
  6. When he was young he traveling round the world.
  7. The farmer had looked all over for his pick(镐), but in vain(白费力). It seemed to ..
  8. These young people have a for learning which has been
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中华导游资格考试网 www.100daoyou.com
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  9. most women of her time, she was indeed very fortunate.
  10. Americans who were old enough can clearly what they were doing on November 22, 1963, the day President Kennedy was assassinated(暗杀) in Dallas.
  11. His new theory might hold the key to understanding how the Came into being.
  12. A examination is required for a marriage license(证书).
  13. Knowledge of the use of specialized is important in any technical field.
  14. Students often, but not always, find it necessary to of their professors’ lectures. hazard as to based on conclusion type proceed widen ougrow stick up crash into give off indicate threaten known as originally
  1. The man’s eyes with fear when he saw the robber’s gun.
  2. The doctor’s report that her death was due to heart disease.
  3. Medical researchers reached the long ago that smoking is a serious to health.
  4. George Washington , the first President of the United States , is the Father of His Country.
  5. The fire that broke out in the plant during the night was still seen a lot of smoke the next morning.
  6. They have invented a new of washing machine.
  7. The movie we are going to see is said to be _the life story of an American general.
  8. The fence along the middle of the road is intended to protect vehicles from each other.
  9. The coat fits the boy perfectly now, but he will it in a year’s time.
  10. My native town, which was rather small, has now been built into one of the biggest cities in the province.
  11. The twin(成双的) towers of the World Trade Center over Manhattan Island in New York.
  12. The speaker said something about the actors first and then to talk about the film.
  13. We had a long debate whether we should spend so much money on space technology.
  14.The flood are most of the villages in the area. VII. 阅读理解。(30%) Passage 1 Michael Jackson has been singing popular music since he was five years old. He is now
  29. Five years ago, he recorded the most successful
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record album(唱片集) of all time. It was called Thriller. That album won eight Grammy awards (葛莱美奖) from America’s recording industry. It sold more than 38,000,000 copies. And one of the biggest hits on that album was this song called Beat It. Michael Jackson was born in the middle western city of Gary,Indiana, in 19
  58. He began singing with his four brothers . They called the group "The Jackson Five". The group became very popular after appearing on a television Program. One of their hit records was Never Say Goodbye. Michael Jackson now lives in California over the years , he has several operations(手术) to change th e appearance(外形) of his face. Michael no longer sings with his brothers. He is now working alone. He has just released (发行) a new record album. It is called Bad. ( )
  1. What does Michael Jackson do? A. He is a worker from America’s recording industry. B. He is an American singer. C. He is a teacher in a middle school. D. He is a famous player. ( )
  2. In the last sentence of the first paragraph, the word "hit" means--A. giving a blow(击) B. album C. copy D. successful performance(表现) ( )
  3. From this passage we know A. Michael Jackson sings popular music everywhere in the world B. Michael Jackson was born and lived in the United Stated. C. Michael Jackson was born and lived in California. D. Michael Jackson was born in India. ( )
  4. Michael Jackson A. doesn’t look the same as before. B. looked the same as before. C. looks more beautiful now than before D. does not look as beautiful as before. ( )
  5. The writer tells us here that A. his brothers like Michael Jackson very much B. " The Jackson Five’’ only appear on TV. C. Michael Jackson’s singing is very popular. D. Jackson’s new record album is the most popular. Passage
  2. One of the favorite foods in the United States is the hamburger, a kind of flat round bread with fine-cut beef in between. The favorite place to buy a hamburger is a fast food restaurant . At fast food restaurant, people order their food, wait a few minutes to get it over the corner, and carry it to their tables
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