一、 单项选择(25%)
  1.A knife is used for things. A. cutting B. cut C. cuts D. to cut
  2. All the books will to the children who live in the small village. A. be sent B. sent C. be send D. send
  3. When the car ? A. did, invent B. was, invented C. does, invent D. is, invented
  4. Sallydidn't knew it her sister told her. A. until B. since C. because D. if 5- Here’s coffee and tea. You may have . Thanks. A. either B. each C. one D. it
  6. Sorry, Jane. I took your school bag by . It doesn't matter. A. a mistake B. mistake C. the mistake D. mistakes
  7. The number of teachers in our school 60 and a number of them male teachers. A. is; are B. are; is C. am; are D. be; are
  8. Please take the medicine (药)three times a day, it won’t work well. A. and B. but C. or D. so
  9. let’s cheer up the child so that he can . A.stop to cry B.stopcrying C.cried no more D crying no more
  10. The boy was often seen on the sports ground. A. to play B. play C. played D. to playing
  11. -would you please help me fix up the bike ? A.That’s all right B.Itdoesn’t matter C.It’s very kind of you D.With pleasure
  12.My bike on my way to school. A.broke out B.broke in C broke down D.broke away
  13. ?Is your stomachache getting ? No, it’s worse. A. better B. bad C. less D. well
  14. She worked so quietly no one knew she was there. A. which B. after C. as D. that
  15. Another bridge over the river. A. should build B. should be built C. were built D. have built
  16.Many old inventions were invented years ago. A.hundreds of B.hundredof C.two hundreds D.twohundred of
  17. In his free time, he often teaches me how . A. swim B. swimming C. to swim D. swims
  18. They will get there the afternoon of October 2nd. A. at B. to C. on D. by
  19. He found very difficult the math problem. A. that; to solve B. this; solving C. himself; solve D. it; to solve
  20.Would you like to go fishing with us this Sunday? Yes, . A. I like to B. I’d love to C. I would like D. I would

  21. Lucy is so now that she isn’t going to do anything. A.fascinatingB.embarrassedC.exhausted D. confused
  22.Did you go to Jack’s birthday party ? No,I A.am not invited B.wasn't invited C.haven't invited D..didn't invited
  23. Sorry, Jane. I took your school bag by . It doesn't matter. A. a mistake B. mistake C. the mistake D. mistakes
  24. weather,isn't? A.pleased B.A pleasant C.Pleasant D.A pleasure
  25. Could you tell me ? I want to post a letter. A. where is the post office B. where the post office is C. how can I get to the cinema D. how I can get to the cinema 首字母填空(
  1.About 5000 cars were p in the factory last month.
  2. A to the story,potato chips were invented by George Crum.
  3.She was wearing a new dress, but he didn’t even n it.
  4.After reading the letter, he t it in the waste-paper basket. 5 She didn’t s up at his party.
  6. Xi’an is the city where many a emperors(皇帝) made the capital.(首都)
  7. Today is so cold. The temperature is b zero.
  8.She didn’t s up at his party.
  9.He gave me a r when he saw me walking alone.
  10. Lucy is so e now that she isn’t going to do anything. 根据所给的单词,填上适当的形式(
  1. She invited us (take ) part in her birthday party.
  2. By the time I got to school,the teacher (start) his class.
  3. Children should speak to the old people (polite)
  4. Some (foreign) came to our school last week .
  5. Personal computers (invent) in 1976
  6. I (give ) away some money to charity yesterday .
  7. Light bulb are used for (see) things in the dark.
  8. The earthquake (地震)made a few people(home)
  9. Many important things were invented in tne (twenty)century.
  10. I spend one hour (play) the piano every day . 阅读理解(
  10) Once a rich woman invited Martin Brown, a famous singer, to sing for her friends. But she 1 him to have dinner with them. She told him to eat 2 the servants.(仆人) After the meal Martin stood up and said to the servant, “Now, my good friends, I 3 for you”. He sang several songs and the servants were quite 4 . Then the rich woman asked5 to come to the sitting-room. “we are waiting for your songs. 6 you ready?” the woman asked. “I am 7 ” Martin said. “I have sung already. I usually 8 once in one evening, and I can’t sing 9 .” And with a polite“ 10 ”, he left the rich woman’s house. ( )
  1. A. doesn’t invite B. don’t invite C. didn’t invite D. haven’t invite
B. for C. at D. in B. will sing C. sing D. was singing B. bored C. exciting D. happy B. the friend C. the woman D. the singer B. Is C. Are D. Be B. sad C. sorry D. fine B. will sing C. sing D. sang B. two C. once D. twice B. Good morning C. Good afternoon D. Good day Dreams(
  10) "Dreams (梦 ) may be more important than sleep. We all need to dream," some scientists say. Dreams take up(占据) about one quarter of our sleeping time. People have several dreams each night. Dreams are like short films. They are usually in colour. Some dreams are like old films. They come to us over and over again. That may be because the dreamer is worrying about something. Dreaming may be a way of trying to find an answer. Some people get new ideas about their work from dreams. They may(可能) have been thinking about their work all day. These thoughts can carry over(携入) into dreams. Sometimes we wake up with a good feeling from a dream. But often we can't remember the dream. Dreams can disappear (消失) quickly from memory (记忆). Too much dreaming can be harmful (有害的). The more we sleep, the longer we dream. The mind is hard at work when we dream. That is why we may have a long sleep and still wake up tired.
  1. It may be less important to sleep than to__. A. think B. dream C. work D. study
  2. Dreams and films are usually . A. very long B. in colour C. about work D. very sad
  3. Why do some people often dream about their work? A. Because they are tired in the daytime. B. Because they are not interested in their work. C. Because they may be thinking about their work all day. D. Because they have too much work to do.
  4. The main idea of the story is that . A. what dream is B. people like to sleep C. dreams are like films D. we always remember dreams 完成对话(
  10) A: Excuse me, mike. What are you going to do this afternoon? ( )B: 1 , what about you? ( )A: I’m going to play soccer on the playground. ( )B: Good idea! 2 . ( )A: of course. 3 . ( )B: 4 . A: Let’s make it half. Past two, OK?
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  2. A. with )
  3. A. sang )
  4. A. sad )
  5. A. the servant )
  6. A. Were )
  7. A. happy )
  8. A. sings )
  9. A. one )
  10. Good night
)B: 5 , where shall we meet? A: Let’s meet at the school gate. B: Ok, see you then. A: see you. A. No problemB. You’re welcomeC. I like playing soccer, too.D. Well. I have no idea. E. what time shall we meet?F. No, thanks.G. Can I come, too. 补全对话 2 (10 分) A. Where would you like to go on vacation? B. A That sounds interesting.What are you doing there? B A How is the weather there? B.It is fine .And it is always sunny . A.Can you swim ? B.No .But my father is teaching.me. A.That is great .B.Maybe two weeks . A. B :Tank you
  1.I hope you have a good time
  2.It is good for swimming 3I'd like to visit Hawaii with my parents 4 How long are you staying there 5Yes,I'd like to 6Oh,I'm going to beaches for swimming ,relaxing.
写作: A pleasant day (字数不少于


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