高二英语必修 5 月考题 三
考试时间:120 分钟 总分:150 分 考试时间: 总分: 命题人: 命题人:程海潮
Ⅰ完形填空(每个 2 分,共 40 分)_ 完形填空( 完形填空 In the United States there was an unusual tale telling of the daughter of a mechanic (技 工). One day while walking along the bank of a lake, the girl 1 to see 20 eggs laid by a wild goose. After some time the girl 2 the mother would not return to her eggs and she 3 to take them home. There she carefully 4 the eggs in the heat of a lamp. Several days 5 the eggs broke and the baby geese came into the 6 . Geese are known to take the first living thing they see as their mother. 7 , to these young geese, the girl was their mother. As they 8 , the girl was able to 9 her birds to run across the grass, but she could not teach them to 10 . The girl became increasingly worried about this, both when 11 and in her dreams. Later, she had an 12 : She would pilot a plane to guide them in 13 . She asked her father for a plane and he assembled(组装)a small aircraft for her. Caring about 14 safety, the father decided to pilot the plane himself. However, the birds did not 15 or follow him, and 16 slept in the grass. One day, the girl 17 into the plane, started it and soon left the 18 . Seeing their mother take to the air, the birds 19 f lapped(拍打)their wings and 20 . She flew the plane freely in the sky, her young birds following.
  1. A. managed B. attempted C. happened D. supposed
  2. A. realized B. expected C. imagined D. admitted
  3. A. helped B. decided C. afforded D. meant
  4. A. placed B. protected C. treated D. examined
  5. A. ago B. out C. later D. long
  6. A. family B. lake C. home D. world
  7. A. But B. Also C. Thus D. Still
  8. A. increased B. improved C. rose D. grew
  9. A. ask B. lead C. want D. allow
  10. A. fly B. race C. swim D. sing
  11. A. asleep B. away C. around D. awake
  12. A. idea B. opinion C. explanation D. excuse
  13. A. sky B. heaven C. flight D. plane
  14. A. his B. her C. their D. its 15 A. respect B. remember C. recognize D. receive
  16. A. so B. instead C. hardly D. too
  17. A. climbed B. looked C. reached D. fell
  18. A. house B. floor C. water D. ground
  19. A. secretly B. disappointedly C. patiently D. eagerly
  20. A. looked away B. set out C. went by D. turned back Ⅱ.单选 每题 1 分, 共 25 分): 单选(每题 单选 :

  21.Excuse me, sir. This is a non-smoking school Oh. Sorry . I that. I won’t again. A.don’t know B. didn’t know C. won’t know D. haven’t known
  22. One way to understand thousands of new words is to have good knowledge of basic word formation. A. / B. the C. a D. one
  23.Mark Twain,, was Samuel Clemens, wrote many famous novels. A. the real name B. what his real name C. his real name D. whose real name
  24. Parents are taught to understand important education is to their children's future. A. that B. how C. such D. so.
  25.?Is your father still smoking? ?. It’s three years since he smoked. A. Yes B. No C. Certainly D. Instead
  26.Mary took little notice the honors that were given to her in her later years. A. of B. on C. about D. from
  27. Did Peter repair the car himself? He , because he doesn’t know much about cars. A. has it repaired B. had repaired it C. had it repaired D. repaired it.
  28. We can’t go ., it’s too cold. Besides ,we have no money. A. In the end B. To begin with . After all D. Secondly
  29. David and Vicky married? A. How long were; being B. How long have; got C. How long have; been D: How long did; get
  30. They have us £150,000 for the house. Shall we take it? D. offered A. provided B. supplied C. shown
  31.Rita for Beijing last week A. set on B. set aside C. set about D. set off
  32.By the time Jane gets home, her aunt for London to attend a meeting. A. will leave B. leaves C. will have left D. left
  33.?Peter, you the window quickly, will you? ?Ok!Oh! The window broken. A.shut; is B. will shut; has been C. are shutting; was D. have shut; has
  34.?Have you ever been to France? ?Yes. I there last August. A. had been B. went C. have been D. had gone
  35.Close attention is present movements in the international money market. A.being paid to B. paying to C. being paid for D. paying for
  36.“You can’t catch me!” Tom shouted, away. A. run B. running C. to run D. ran
  37. He is very popular among his students as he always tries to make them in his lessons. A. interested B. interesting C. interest D. to interest
  38.In our class, when the bell rang and the teacher closed his book, it was a for everyone to stand up.
A. signal B. chance C. mark
  39. She looks very happy. She have passed the exam. I guess so. It’s not difficult at all. A. should B. could C. must
  40.Cleaning women in big cities usually get by the hour. A. pay B. paying C. paid
  41. There are plenty of jobs in the western part of the country. A. present B. available C. precious 42 After studying in a medical college for five years, Jane her countryside. A. set out B. took over C. took up
  43. The weather was cold that I didn’t like to leave m y room. A. really B. such C. too
  44. ?Can I smoke here? ?Sorry. We don’t allow here. A. people smoking B. people smoke C. to smoke
D. measure
D. might D. to pay. D. convenient job as a doctor in the D. set up D.so
D. smoking

  45.“Things never come again!” I couldn’t help talking to myself.
A. lost
B. losing
C. to lose
D. have lost
Ⅲ 阅读理解(每题 3 分,共 60 分) 阅读理解(
It was a winter morning, just a couple of weeks before Christmas 20
  05. While most people were warming up their cars, Trevor, my husband, had to get up early to ride his bike four kilometers away from home to work. On arrival, he parked his bike outside the back door as he usually does. After putting in 10 hours of labor, he returned to find his bike gone. The bike, a black Kona 18 speed, was our only transport. Trevor used it to get o work, putting in 60-hour weeks to support his young family. And the bike was also used to get groceries(食品杂货),saving us from having to walk long distances from where we live. I was so sad that someone would steal our bike that I wrote to the newspaper and told them our story. Shortly after that, several people in our area offered to help. One wonderful stranger even bought a bike, then called my husband to pick it up. Once again my husband had a way to get to and from his job. It really is an honor that a complete stranger would go out of their way for someone they have never met before. People say that a smile can be passed from one person to another, but acts of kindness from strangers are even more so. This experience has had a spreading effect in our lives because it strengthened our faith in humanity(人性)as a whole. And it has influenced(影 响)us to be more mindful of ways we, too, can share with others. No matter how big or how small, an act of kindness shows that someone cares. And the results can be everlasting.
  46. Why was the bike so important to the couple? A. The man’s job was bike racing. B. It was their only possession. C. It was a nice Kona 18 speed. D. They used it for work and daily life.
  47. We can infer from the text that . A. the couple worked 60 hours a week. B. people were busy before Christmas C. the stranger brought over the bike D. life was hard for the young family.

  48. How did people get to know the couple’s problem? A. From radio broadcasts. B. From a newspaper. C. From TV news. D. From a stranger.
  49. What do the couple learn from their experience? A. Strangers are usually of little help. B. One should take care of their bike. C. News reports make people famous. D. An act of kindness can mean a lot.
The following notice is posted in the bus station. Time Table: ●Buses leave the Railway Station, New York City, from 7:00 am and every half-hour thereafter, until 11:30 pm(7 days a week) ●Buses leave Brennan Station 20 minutes before and after every hour from 6:20 am to 11:40 pm(7 days a week) ●Evening rush hours (5:00 pm to 7:00 pm): Buses leave the Railway Station, New York City every 15 minutes. (Monday-Friday) ●Holidays Buses leave every hour on the hour, each direction. (Trip time:30 minutes each way) ●All tickets must be bought at Window 12, the Railway Station, New York City, or at the Brennan Station Window BEFORE boarding buses.
  50. If you want to take a bus in the evening rush hour, you should take the in the Railway Station, New York City on Monday. A. 6:20 pm B. 5:45 pm C. 8:00 pm D. 7:15 pm
  51. If you get to the Railway Station New York 11:35 am on Saturday, how long will you have to wait before you take a bus? A.5 minutes B.15 minutes C.25 minutes D. No bus can be taken
  52. You’ll go back home from work in Brennan. Which of the following bus will you take? A.7:30 pm B.6:00 pm C.5:45 pm D.6:20 pm
  53. Where should passengers buy their tickets? A. From the bus driver B. On the bus after getting on it C. From the conductor D. At the station before boarding
Have you ever seen people dance? Some dances are fast and others are slow. People’s feet always move when they dance. They keep on moving until the music stops. People have enjoyed dancing for a very long time. This story is of a different kind of dance. It is a dance without people or music. Yet this dance is o ne of the oldest in the world. It is the dance of bees. If you have ever watched bees, you know that they are very clever. They also work hard looking for food and bringing it hack to their home. The home of the bees is called a bee hive(巢). Here hundreds even thousands of bees live. They work day and night building small walls of wax(蜡). Then they make their honey. This is the same honey that we eat.
Where does the honey come from? Bees live on food from flowers. Have you seen bees flying around a flower garden? When a bee rests on a flower, it tries to go to the center of it. There it takes the food back to the hive. At the hive, bees change this flower food into honey. Then they fly away for more food. How do the bees know where to find the best food in the sweetest flowers? One bee acts as a guide. When it discovers good flowers, it flies back to the hive and tells the others. It does this by dancing for them. The bee dances on the side. This tells the other bees which way to go to find the flowers. But that is not all. The bee dances for some time. And the length of its dance tells the other bees how far they must fly to reach the flowers. When the bees see the dance, they know where the flowers are. They fly away and return with more food for the hive. Sometimes we hear the music of the bees as they fly around. But few people have ever seen them dance. Yet without that dance we might never have sweet honey to eat.
  54. The writer believes that. A. people dance better than bees B. people learned dance from bees C. bees dance more often than people D. bees don’t like music
  55. From this passage we kn ow that the dance of bees means A. they are good at dance B. they want to show their beauty C. they communicate with each other D. they have nothing to do
  56. Which of the following is TURE? A. People get honey from flowers directly B. People draw honey from bees’ bodies C. People produce honey in a secret place D. People get honey from bees indirectly
  57. If a bee wants to get some information about the distance of food, he may watch closely at of the other bees’ dance. A. the side B. the length C. the place D. the time
Many families in the United States have a larger income now than ever before, but people are finding it difficult to make ends meet anyway. Almost everyone is wondering,“What happens to all my money?”I never seem to have anything left to put away. Why isn’t a dollar worth as much as it used to be? One dollar is always worth the same am ount, that is, 100 cents. But the value of a dollar is how much it can buy. The value of money depends on the cost of living. Economists (经济学家)say that the cost of living is the money that a family must pay for the necessities of life (生活必需品) such as food, housing or rent, clothes, and medical expenses. For many years now, the cost of living has increased greatly, so the value of the dollar has decreased. When a doll ar has a low value, you cannot buy as many things with it. No one fully understands why the cost of living keeps increasing, but e conomists believe that workers and producers can make prices go up. As workers earn more money, they have more money to spend, so many demand more goods. If there is a great demand for certain goods, the prices of these goods go up. At the same time, if there’s a shortage(短缺) of goods, the prices also go up. For example, if everyone wants to buy more and more gas, the price of gas goes up. When companies withhold gas from buyers, they can also make the
price of gas go up. Families need to know what happens to their money. They need to make their income meet the cost of living, so many people plan a family budget. A budget(预算) is a list of monthly. If your expenses add up to more than your income, you must find ways to save money. Maybe you’re spending too much on en



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