上海市中考英语试题 中考英语试题及答案 2002 年上海市中考英语试题及答案
(第一部分听力) Part 1 Listening I. Listen and match the picture to the sentence you hear 根据你听到的句子,选出内容相符的图片,用 A、B、 C 等表示,填入空格内)2(共 6 分)
II. Listen and choose the best response to the sentence you hear 根据你听到的句子,选出最恰当的应答, 用 A、B、C 或 D 表示,填入空格内):(共 6 分)
  1. A) Much better.
  2. A)Don't worry.
  5. A) Are you kidding? A)All right A)It's yours. B)It's nothing. B)Yes, please. B)No, of course not C)I'd love to. D)The same to you.
C)That's right D)No, you won't C)Thank you. C) Never mind D)Congratulations! D)Not at all
B) You're welcome. B)Here you are. B)Once a week.
C)Here we are. D)Help yourself. C)In two weeks. D)On Friday afternoon.

  6. A) For two weeks.
III. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear 根据你听到的对话和问题,选出最恰 当的答案,用 A、B、C 或 D 表示,填入空格):(共 6 分)
  1. A)Sad. B)Happy. B) In a hospital B)200 yuan. B) Animal World B)Writing. B) A book. C)Tired C)At a bus stop. C)80 yuan. D)Hungry. D)In a supermarket D)360 yuan.

  2. A) At the office.
  3. A) 280 yuan.

  4. A) Music.
  6. A)Dancing. A) A card
C) Sports news. D) English news. C) Eating. C)A model plane. D) Sleeping. D)A model ship.
IV. Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false 判断下列句子是否符合你听到 的短文内容,符合的用“T”表示,不符合的用“F”表示,填入空格内):(共 6 分)
  2. Lucky lived with the old lady in England The following weekend Peter' s father took him to his grandmother's by car.

  3. It didn't take long for Peter to finish the work
  4. When Peter looked at the yellow wall, he felt proud of his work.
  5. Grandmother got angry with Peter when she saw the paint on the floor.
  6. Grandmother gave Lucky nothing to eat for 3 days because it had done something wrong. 版权所有@中国教育考试资源网
Subject Result Time Fee Physics (
  1) Tuesday $25
V. Listen to the passage and complete the table 听短文,完成下列表格,每空格限填一词):(共 6 分) (
  2) C Monday $30
English passed
Chinese D
Geography C (
  3) $25
Wednesday Thursday $20 $(
Period : July5 --(
Alfred's feeling(心情);(
Part 2 Phonetics, Vocabulary and Grammar (第二部分 语音、词汇和语法)
1 . Fill In the blanks with the proper words according to the phonetic transcriptions 根据所给音标,写出适 当的单词,填入空格内):(共 4 分) 1 . It's too
  2. /dB:k/here. We can't take photos. /sauth/of China.
Guangzhou is located in the

  3. In the
/'sente/of Shanghai stands the History Museum /'liter/after the picnic, please.

  4. Boys and girls, pick up the
II. Fill in the blanks with the words in the box in their proper forms 从方框内选出单词,用其适当形式填空。每空 格限填一词,每词限用一次):(共 5 分) 选择最恰当的答案,用 A、B、C 或 D 表示,填入空格内):(共 15 分) fun
  1. begin freeze engine clearly when he grows.
Patrick is going to be a(n)

  2. On a
  4. Lucy looks In
night, you can see thousands of stars in the sky. in Mum's shoes.
weather, the old had better stay at home. of this century, the APEC conferences were held successfully in Shanghai

  5. At the
III. Choose the best answer(选择最恰当的答案,用 A、B、C 或 D 表示,填入空格内):(共 15 分)
  1. Miss Brown will teach A us
  2. The scientists from A. the ; the English next term. B. we C our C. / ; / foreigners. D. to phone. D. ours , Ninth Street D. the; /
United States live in . B. /, the

  3. Wushu is becoming more and more popular A. among B. for C. in

  4. If you are able to get the tickets tomorrow, please tell me A. at B. by C on D. through.

  5. Cars, buses and bikes A. can B. may
stop when the traffic lights change to red. C must D. need side of Huanni Road. What a magnificent view! D. all 版权所有@中国教育考试资源网

  6. There are many new highrises on A. either B. neither C both

  7. The manager A. talked
  8. We'll have a A. two days B. two-day B. told C said D. spoke,
that the business would be worse after the stock(股票)went down.
holiday. What about going to the West Lake? C two-days D. two-days' in Shanghai.

  9. Mr Smith thought the Century Park was the second A large B. larger C largest D. very large he is not rich. ! D. because

  10. Bob spends a lot of money on books A. if
  11. if B. though C. when
the launch(发射 )in 2005 is successful, its astronauts into space after Russia and the US. C. sending D. to send
China will be the third country A. send B. sends

  12. Yesterday morning I got up early A. in order to B. in order to not
be late for the exam. C so as not to D. so as to in your address book for me?. D. look at it ?

  13. I don't know Sam's telephone number. Will you please A. look up it B. look it up C look for it

  14. The town government set up a new modern hospital for the farmers, A. does it B. doesn't it . C did it D. didn't it

  15. I'd like to know
宾 语 从 句
A. when will he give back the tape B. whether has he received higher education C that he has been busy D. whether she will join in our English Evening IV. Fill In the blanks with the verbs in their proper forms(用所给动词的适当形式填空,每空格词数不限):(共 6 分)
  1. A : Where B: They A: When they B: In a month.
  2. Last Saturday, we (climb)Mount Tai to watch the sunrise, When we got to the top, the sun (tell) to be earlier the next time. (be)the Browns? (go)to Canada for holidays. (come) back?
(rise). What a shame! There we
V. Rewrite the sentences as required(按要求改写句子,每空格限填一词).(共 10 分)
  1. At the age of five, Martin weighed 25 kilos. (对画线部分提问) did Martin weigh at the age of five?
  2. The recitation was kind of boring and I liked the cross talk better. (保持原句意思) The recitation was boring and I preferred the cross talk.

  3. Sam's grandfather died 10 years ago. (保持原句意思) Sam's grandfather has been 10 years. 版权所有@中国教育考试资源网

  4. Your dormitory is very bright (改成感叹句) your dormitory is!
  5. We must keep the noise under 50 dbs(分贝)here. ( 改成被动语态) The noise must Part 3 Reading and Writing 第三部分 阅读和写话 under 50 dbs here,
I. Reading Comprehension(阅读理解) : ( 共 18 分) (A) These two letters appeared in a newspaper. Both writers have their own ideas on zoos. Zoos Do a Good Job It is good to keep animals in zoos. I know a lot of people think it is wrong to keep animals in zoos. However, I believe that zoos have many good points. Firstly, zoos are places for people to see many different kinds of animals from all over the world. Without zoos, most people would never see a real bear or tiger. Secondly, zoos look after the animals very well. The animals are always given food and cleaned regularly (定
期 ). In the wild, it is not always possible for an animal to find food, so sometimes it goes hungry.But animals kept in
zoos never go hungry. Thirdly, zoos protect the animals they look after. They offer them safe places to live in. In the wild, some kinds of animals are in danger of becoming extinct(灭绝). But zoos give these animals a chance(机会)to live.Without zoos, there would be fewer kinds of animals in the world Maria Smith Zoos Are Unnatural In Maria's letter, she says that zoos are good for animals. I am afraid that zoos are not good for animals, they are only good for people. It is unnatural to keep wild animals in cages(笼子). Most animals are kept in cages that are too small for them. In the wild, these animals would travel freely. In zoos, they can't do this. This is why the bears and tigers always look so sad. Most cages are not very clean either. It is true that zoos give the animals food regularly, but this is not natural. Wild animals are used to looking for their own food. We should treat(对待)animals in the same way that we treat other people?with respect Would anyone be happy if you don't let him go outside his home? Would Maria like to have lots of people standing outside her flat looking at her? No, she wouldn't And animals don't like it either. Philip Black False(判断下列句子是否符合短文内容,符合的用“T”表示,不符合的用“F”表示 True or False
  1. Maria and Philip have quite different ideas on keeping animals in zoos.
  2. In Maria's opinion(观点) , a real bear or tiger can only be seen in zoos.
  3. Maria thinks that animals live better in zoos than in the wild. 版权所有@中国教育考试资源网

  5. Maria and Philip both agree that zoos are good for people.
  6. In the two letters, they are discussing how to make animals in zoos happy. (B)

  4. According to Philip, if cages are big and clean enough, tigers and bears will look happy.
John Brown, an office worker, lives in Washington, He inherited(继承) $ 1,000, 000 when he was
  23. He didn't feel happy at all His college friends were looking for their first jobs, but he didn’t have to. John decided to keep living a simple life like everyone else. He didn’t tell any of his friends and gave $ 100, 000 of his money to a charity(慈善团体)that helped poor children to live better lives. Today he is 36, the still wears cheap shoes and clothes and owns a small car only, but he is much happier. Up to now John has helped 15 children from poor countries all over the world, $ 200 a month for each. The child does not receive the money in cash(现金 ). The money pays for the child's school expenses, food, medical care and clothing. John receives a report each year on the child's progress. They can write to each other, but usually the children do not speak English. When John first heard about these children, he wanted to help them. "It was not anything special, "he said. "Until I had the chance to go to these countries and meet the children I was helping, I did not know anything about the type of life th ey h ad " Once John went to meet a little girl in Africa. He said that the meeting was very exciting. "When I met her, I felt very very happy, " he said, "I saw that the money was used for a very good plan. It brought me closer to the child in a way that giving money alone cannot " "I want to do everything I can. I will go on helping those children in need, " he added. Questions(根据短文内容回答下列问题,不超过五个单词:
  1. What land of life is John living? He is living a


  2. Did John want to look for a job or stay at home after he got the money?

  3. Does John only help the poor children in Africa?

The child receives the money in cash, doesn't he?

Why did John say that the meeting with the little girl was very exciting? .
Because he saw his money was well used and this made him
  6. . How do you like John Brown? He is (C)
More than 50, 000, 000 people live in the rainforests of the world and most of them do not hurt the forest they live in They eat the fruits that grow on the forest trees, but they do not cut them down. They kill some animals to eat, but they do not destroy them. 版权所有@中国教育考试资源网
people in the Amazon forest In 1980, there were only 200, 0
When we cut down the rainforests, we destroy these forest people, too. In 1900, there were 1, 000, 000 forest The Yanomami live along the rivers of the rainforest in the north of Brazil(巴西). They have lived in the rainforest for about 10, 000 years and they use more than 2, 000 different plants for food and for medicine. But in 1988, someone found gold in their forest, and suddenly 45, 000 people came to the forest and began looking for gold They cut down the forest to make roads. They made more than a hundred airports. The Yanomami people lost land and food Many died because new diseases came to the forest with the strangers. The Yanomami people tried to save their forest, because it was their home. But the people who wanted gold were stronger. Many forest people try to save their forests. Chico Mendes was famous in Brazil because he wanted to keep the forest for his people. "I want the Amazon forest to help all of us?forest people, Brazil, and all the Earth, "he said A few months later, in December 1988, people who wanted to cut down the forest killed Chico Mendes. In Borneo, people were cutting down the forest of the Penan people to sell the wood The Penan people tried to save their rainforest They made blodtades(障碍 ) across the roads into the forest In 1987, they dosed fifteen roads for eight months. No one cut down any trees during that time. In Panama, the Kuna people saved their forest They made a forest park which tourists pay to visit. The Gavioes people of Brazil use the forest, but they protect it as well They find and sell the Btttfl nuts(坚果) which grow on the forest trees, Choose the best answer 根据短文内容,选择最恰当的答案,用 A、B、C 或 D 表示
  1. The number of the people living in the Amazon forest in 1980 was A.



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