College English II Unit 4 A Virtual Life

  1.Virtual Created and existing only in a computer a. The virtual world is the one the computer users can find on their computer screens. In fact a. He is headmaster of the school in name. His wife is the virtual headmistress. b. A man under house arrest is a virtual prisoner.
  2.Interpret Translate one language into another a. The interpreter was at a loss when asked to interpret that silk shrinks easily. Explain a. "how would you interpret your absence from class this time, Li Ming." asked the teacher.
A interpret B as C A understand B as C a. Different historians have different interpretations of history. Some of them interpreted a peasant's uprising as a rebellion. b. Tom's two children interpreted his smile as his consent to take them to the zoo.
  3.Tone A particular intonation a. The doctor's tone was serious. He ordered that I stay in bed for a week. b. The employees asked the boss in an angry tone when they could have a pay-rise.

  4.Stretch Cause to become longer, wider etc. without breaking a. The cotton fields stretched as far as the eye could see. b. Sometimes, during the break time some ladies are seen stretching their arms and legs to stay in shape.
  5.A submit B to C A offer B to C for consideration or judgment a. It is said that the architects have submitted the blue print of Shanghai World Exhibition to the municipal government of Shanghai. b. They have submitted the case to the supreme court. c. The dean of the chemistry department has submitted his resignation to the uni authorities.

  6.Edit Prepare sth for printing a. The retired doctor is editing a book on how to deal with high blood pressure. Revise a. They are editing the first edition of the dictionary.
  7.A communicate with B A exchange ideas or information with B a. We want to learn English well so that we'll be able to communicate with English speaking people. b. Bush, the American president has communicated with various other government leaders about the Iraqi affairs.

  8.Relation Contact a. I have business relation with him. Relationship The state of being connected a. Pollution is the twin sister of modernization. Where there is modernization, there is pollution and that's the relationship between them. b. The relationship between their family members is very harmonious.
  9.Take in Absorb sth by breathing or swallowing a. We take in oxygen and take out carbon dioxide. b. Human beings need to take in various vitamins a day.
Accept a. The school takes in only girls. Take jobs from outside and finish them at home a. She helps her husband to support the family by taking in washing and sewing. Cheat a. I was taken in.
  10.datum, data Data Information usually in the form of facts or statistics a. With the Internet, more and more data seem to have been made easily available to the computer users. b. As data are insufficient, they have come to no conclusion yet.

  11.Spit (spat or spit) Send liquid, food out from the mouth a. No spitting! b. Smoking caught up with him at long last so that he found he had spit blood one morning. c. He spat the milk out the moment he drank it for it had turned sour.
  12.On line Connected to or controlled by a computer network a. Their heating system is on line to the central computer in the heating center. b. Investigation has shown that the overwhelming majority of the American people are on line.

  13.Symptom Signs of the existence of sth bad a. Riots are symptoms of the unstability of the society. b. Low purchasing power and high unemployment rate are symptoms of a recession. Signs of s disease a. People suffering from lung trouble cough a lot first, followed by other symptoms such as spitting blood.
  14.Nightmare A terrifying dream a. He had a nightmare about being threatened for money at knife point. A fearful experience a. The American ex-serviceman never forgot about his nightmares in Viet Nam.

  15.A replace B with C (by C) A change B for C, instead a. We have replaced hard labor with/by machinery. b. They have replaced their black and white TV with/by a color one. c. Someday all the people in the Chinese countryside will replace coal with/by gas as fuel.
  16.Conversely In a way that is opposite to sth, on the other way round a. We can easily change water into ice or conversely ice into water. b. People are afraid of wolves and conversely they are afraid of people.

  17.A confront B A face B a. Everyone has to confront competition. b. A soldier has to confront hunger and death. A is confronted/faced with B A is caused to be face to face with B a. When dawn broke, the soldier found themselves confronted with a big river. b. The arduous task the Chinese people are confronted/faced with is how to modernize their country within the shortest possible time.
  18.But then Yet at the same time a. We found the magazine vulgar but then some people may like it.
b. The method is good but then it will be more expensive.
  19.Sth jar sth else Sth jar on sb Causing conflict a. The lonely high-rise jars the landscape. Having a harsh or unpleasant effect on a. The children's scream jarred my nerves/on me. ' b. The peddling of the peddlers passing through his lane jarred his nerves/on him.
  20.Suck Draw liquid into the mouth Suck soda water through a straw
Suck in Absorb a. He sucks in knowledge into his mind as a sponge absorbs water. Get sucked in Get involved against will a. He didn't want to get sucked in the quarrel between his Mom and wife but finally he did. b. To Tom's horror, his son is getting sucked in ' gambling.
  21.Keep up with Move at the same rate as a. You walk so fast. I can't keep up with you. b. She is good at English but in mathematics she can't keep up with the rest in her class.
Know about and be aware of a. A manager needs to keep up with the sales. b. We must keep up with the latest achievements in our fields so as to keep ourselves well-informed about them.
  22.In sight In view, visible a. We waited and waited but no bus was in sight. (came into sight) b. We thought we had lost our way when suddenly the oriental pearl TV tower was in sight. Likely to come soon, near a. Peace was as last in sight after the war had been going on for three years.
b. A peaceful settlement of the dispute seems in sight.
  23.Emotional Related to emotion a. People have emotional difficulties when they have lost a dear one. Having emotions that are easily excited a. It is universally acknowledged that women are more emotional than men. b. She is an emotional lady. Sad stories always make her cry.
  24.Cue Anything that serves as a signal for the next person to say or act
a. People dance to the music. The beat is their cue. b. "When I say warmly welcome you, our distinguished guests, it is the cue for you to clap your hands," said the headmaster to the students.
  25.Abuse The wrong use of sth a. The high-ranking official is accused of (charged with) having abused his privileges (authority). b. Drug abuse and alcohol abuse are commonly found in America. ill-treat a. Westerners consider it a sin to abuse an animal.

  26.Restore sth/sb to sth Bring back to a former condition a. The doctor didn't restore his health but took this money all the same. b. Acupuncture restore the old man to good health. c. In some areas the traditional Chinese ancient architecture is being restored. d. The broken original painting drawn by the worldfamous painter has been restored.
  27.Arrange Put in order a. The librarian is busy today because he has got several stacks of books to arrange. b. Japanese ladies are good at arranging flowers.
Prepare or plan Arrange sth, arrange to do sth, arrange for sb/sth to do sth a. Our monitor is arranging an English evening. b. Dad is arranging to move out this Sunday. c. Mr. Wang is arranging for his son to live with his uncle. d. They are arranging for the new park to be built.
  28.Interview (n) A meeting at which sb applying for a job is asked questions as a way to judge his competence a. After a brief interview she was taken on by the company because of her excellent English. A meeting at which a journalist asks sb questions to find out news
a. After an interview with the famous singing star, the journalist wrote an article entitled "the making of a singing star". A meeting at which sb occupying an important position receives sb else a. The president refused to give any interview to any journalists. Interview (v) a. The manager found none of the five applicants he had interviewed qualified for the job he or she was applying for. b. The newspaper reporter complained that interviewing famous people to write about them took up too much of his time.
c. Bush interviewed the Chinese minister of education and expressed his wish to establish closer cultural ties with China.
A Brief Summary The text describes a lady's virtual life as a writer, who works at home, communicating with the workplace by using a computer terminal. After contrasting her virtual life with her real one, the writer finds the former convenient in sense that she doesn't have to go out. She can manage not only work and food but also sociality and love affairs entirely by being on line. However as time goes by, she finds such a life tends to disrupt her normal daily routines, leading her to an
ill-balanced, irregular one. Besides a life without much association with the outside world makes her feel extremely lonely and brings a change in her personality as well so that she grows impatient and easily gets annoyed. Yet, despite many negative effects of virtual life, the lady likes it all the same. Highly appreciating the charm of the electric dimension, she prefers it to the real one, in fact.
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