上海市控江中学 200 届高三第一学期期中测试 测试英语试卷 上海市控江中学 2009 届高三第一学期期中测试英语试卷
Ⅰ.Listening Comprehension: (30%) Ⅱ.Part A Short Conversations Directions: Directions In part A, you will hear ten short conversations between two speakers.At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said.The conversations and the questions will be spoken only once . After you hear a conversation and the question about it, read the four possible answers on your paper, and decide which one is the best answer to the question you have heard.
  1. A.He doesn’t like the song. C.He is in no mood for singing.
  2. A.Peter has been fired. C.Peter is still working in the company. company.
  3. A.Stay in the office. C.Buy some birthday presents.
  4. A.The man doesn’t like her any more. B.The man never noticed her hairstyle before. C.The man is telling a lie.
  5. A.
  12. B.
  6. C.
  24. D.The man never praises her. D.
  18. B.Have her hair arranged. D.Go to Miss White’s home. B.He doesn’t speak French. D.He can’t sing today. B.Peter has changed his job. D.Peter wants to leave the

  6. A.Someone may enter the house through the open windows. B.There may be a strong wind and heavy rain tonight. C.The man may catch cold if he leaves the windows open. D.The windows may be broken during the night.
  7. A.She found it interesting. C.She found it boring.
  8. A.To buy a piano. C.To listen to her song.
  9. A.On a fishing boat. C.In a gift shop.
  10.A.In a hotel. B.In a school. B.She found it enjoyable. D.She found it informative. B.To play the music. D.To sing together with her. B.In an ocean park. D.In a restaurant. C.In a hospital.
D.In a police station.
Part Part B: Passages Directions: In part B, you will hear two short passages, and you will be asked three Directions questions on each of the passages.The passages will be read twice, but the questions will be spoken only once.When you hear a question, read the four possible answers on your paper and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard. passage. Questions 11 through 13 are based on the following passage.
  11. A.Boston. B.Vancouver. C.Canada D.Teheran.

  12.A.Because he couldn’t refuse his friend. evening. C.Because Mike’s line was busy. letter.
  13.A.Some tapes. D.Nothing.
B.Because he was busy all
D.Because he preferred writing a
B.Some presents. C.His overseas friend.
passage. Questions 14 through 16 are based on the following passage.
  14.A.A fashion model. C.Social activist.
  15.A.In 19
  58. D.in 19
  16.A.Don’t They? D.Coming Home Part C Longer conversations Directions: In part C, you will hear two longer conversations.The conversations will be read twice.After you hear each conversation, you are required to fill in the numbered blanks with the information you have heard.Write your answers on your answer sheet. conversation versation. Blanks 17 through 20 are based on the following conversation. B.Klute C.Julia B.Film actress. D.Cinema manager. B.In 19
  60. C.In 19
CLINICAL NOTES Name: John Cooper Patient’s Description ago. Initial Examination Initial Treatment Further Examination __18__ wound, 3 cm cut on the skin. __19__ and sew up the wound. __20__. Age: 29
Hit on the head by a china __17__, 30 minutes
Complete the form.Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD for each answer.
conversation. Blanks 21 through 24 are based on the following conversation.
Where is Jack meeting Jane on Saturday? What is the primary objective of touch football? Why will a player on the team miss the
At __21__. To get the football into the __22__ zone. To attend a __23__.
match? Where does Jane like going? Restaurants, __24__.
Complete the form.Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.
II. Vocabulary II.Grammar and Vocabulary (35%) Directions: Directions Beneath each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D.Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence.
  25.? Thank goodness, you’re here! What you? - Traffic. A.keeps B.is keeping C.had kept D.kept

  26.My all hard for the people. A.family; work C.families; work B.family; works D.families; works

  27.Lizzie was to see her friend off at the airport. A.a little more than sad B.more than a little sad
C.sad more than a little
D.a little more sad than

  28.Bob ran the 100 meters in
  9.91 seconds, and I have not seen this year. A.the best B.better C.the most D.more

  29.I can hardly stand his rude manners.I object like a child. A.to be treated D.to treat
  30.After buying the suitcase, I had two yuan left. A.no more than B.not more than C.as many as D. much as as B.being treated C.to being treated

  31.Helen go on the trip with us, but she isn’t quite sure yet. A.shall B.must C.may D.can

  32.I bought a pair of shoes yesterday afternoon.The salesman says that they for at least two years. A.will be lasted me D.will last me
  33.I seated myself in the front row so as to make myself the speaker. A.understand understand
  34.Her pale face suggested that she ill, so I insisted that she to see a doctor. A.were, go B.be, went C.was, go D.be, went B.understood C.understanding D . to B.will be lasted for me C.will last for me
35 . The company had about 20 notebook computers but only one-third used regularly.Now we have 60 working all day long. A.is B.are C.was D.were

  36.When different cultures, we often pay attention only to the differences without noticing the many similarities. A.compared D.having compared
  37. from school for almost two weeks, so she is working harder to make up for the lost time. A.Being absent C.Because she has been absent B.Having been absent D.She has been absent B.being compared C.comparing

  38.He explained to the class what he suggested his idea . A.to make, accepted B.making, agreed to D.make, passed C.should make, receive

  39.I was for the beach, forgetting my appointment with the dentist, when my mother reminded me. A.to leave D.to have left
  40.- Guess what! I have got A for my term paper. - Great! You read widely and put a lot of work into it. A.must have
  41.She has bought herself dress. A.a cotton purple expensive C.a purple expensive cotton B.an expensive purple cotton D.a cotton expensive purple B.should C.must have D . should B.about to leave C.to be leaving

  42. of them do not smoke.A packet of cigarettes will be enough. A.None B.No C.All D.Every one

  43.This is .It’s difficult to take a good picture of him. A.a picture of Mr.Tony Blair C.Mr.Tony Blair’s a picture B.a picture of Mr.Tony Blair’s D.a Mr.Tony Blair’s picture

  44.Many a man and many a woman that he or she had better education. A.wish wished
  45.Living in the foreign country for so long, my cousin has already gone and not been used to at home. A.natives; living D.to native; live
  46.He hasn’t enough money to buy a car, so he’ll just have to do without . B.native; living C.natively; live B.has wished C.do wishes D . have
A.the one

  47.The young pigeons which I bought yesterday are able to fly in the sky. A.cheaply, highly D.cheaply, high
  48.It is nice to see millions who had nothing but a record of misery and hungry to improve their life and living conditions. A.having the chances the chance B.have the chance C.to have the chance D . had B.cheap, highly C.cheap, high

  49.Sometimes the boy is a bad-tempered child, but he be quite lovely when he wishes. A.may B.can C.shall D.must

  50.Most people a television set as an essential piece of furniture. A.look at B.look for C.look down D.look upon

  51.I sat near the entrance for a long time him, but he didn’t come. A.expecting D.excepting
  52.It is believed that standard English brings to the high tech world. A.way B.road C.access D.passage B.attending C.waiting

  53.What shall we use for power when all the oil in the world has ? A.given out B.put out C.held up D.used up

  54.Finding information in today’s world is easy.The is how you can tell if the information you get is useful or not. A.ability B.competition C.challenge D. knowledge

  55.The family in Europe throws as much as £20 worth of reusable materials into its dustbin each year. A.ordinary B.usual C.middle D.average

  56.During the process, great care has to be taken to protect the silk from damage. A.sensitive B.tender C.delicate D. delicious

  57.We still felt a bit nervous though the airhostess us of the safety of the flight again and again. A.comforted B.calmed C.ensured D.assured

  58.They were of a normal childhood by the war. A.disposed D.accused
  59.Girls who have always been at a mixed school know how to themselves when they are teased by boys. A.stand up for B.put up with B.resist the temptation of D.look back at B.deprived C.reminded
III. III.Cloze (20%)
Directions: Directions For each black in the following passages there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D.Fill in each blank with the world or phrase that best fits the context. (A) Wise buying is a __60__ way in which you can make your money go further.The way to go about purchasing an article or a service can actually save you money or can add __61__ the cost. Take the simple example of a hairdryer.If you are buying a hairdryer, you __62__ you are making the best buy if you choose one __63__ look you like and which is also the cheapest in price.But when you get it home you may find that it __64__ twice as long as a more expensive one to dry your hair.The cost of the electricity plus the cost of your time could well __65__ your hairdryer the most expensive one of all. So what principles should you __66__ when you go out shopping? If you __67__ your home, your car or any valuable possession in excellent condition, you’ll be saving money in the long __68__.Before you buy a new appliance, talk to someone who owns one.If you can, use it or borrow it to check it suits your particular __69__.
  62.A.may convince
  69.A.goal B.positive B.on B.must examine B.whose B.lasts B.cause B.stick B.store B.period B.task C.negative C.up C.can accept C.its C.consumes C.leave C.adopt C.reserve C.run C.function D.fashion D.in D.may think D.what D.takes D. prove D. adapt D.decorate D.time D.purpose
(B) I take the firm position that parents do not owe their children college education . If they can __70__ it, they can certainly send them to the best
universities.But they must not feel guilty if they can’t.If the children really want to go, they’ll find a __71__.There are plenty of loans and scholarships for the bright and eager ones who can’t afford to pay. When children grow up and want to __72__, their parents do not owe them a down payment on a house.They do not have the duty to baby-sit their grandchildren.If they want to do it, it must be considered a __73__ not an obligation. Do parents owe their children anything? Yes, they owe them a great deal. One of their obligations is to give their children a personal __74__.A child who is constantly made to feel stupid and unworthy, constantly compared to brighter brothers, sisters, or cousins will become so __75__, so afraid of failing that he (or she) won’t try at all.Of course they should be __76__ corrected when they do wrong, but it’s often better to let children learn their mistakes by themselves __77__.All our parents should do is to trust them, respect them, tolerate them and give them chances to try and fail.They must learn to stand __78__.When criticisms are really needed, they should be __79__ with praises, with a smile and a kiss.That is the way children learn.
  72.A.get married alone
  73.A.pleasure D.service
  74.A.worth D.respect
  77.A.now and then
  79.A.mixed B.unusual B.gently B.in time B.honor B.satisfied C.unsure C.nearly C.at once C.progress C.shared D.unfair D.possibly D.right now D.test D.balanced B.affair C.belief B.favor C.habit B.get B.help B.get a job C.afford C.hand C.go abroad D.receive D.way D.live
IV. IV.Reading Comprehension: (45%)
Directions: Read the following passages . Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements.For each of them ther



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