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初赛试卷 (B 卷)
时间: 分钟) (总分:100 分;时间:45 分钟) 总分: 学校 Part I 姓名 年级 分数
Vocabulary (词汇) :40 分 词汇) :

  1. Choose correct words from Word Bank to fill in the blanks.(选择正确的词填 空。) :10 分
Word Bank
III. Match the words(将下列同义词和反义词连线配对) 20% left friendly counted feed gather : worth
  1)Dolphins act in a way.
  2)Hummingbirds pollen from flowers.
  3)There are very few Siberian tigers in the wild.
  4)Mother elephant shows her baby where to and drink.
  5)Ivory tusks are a lot of money.
  2. Write correct words according to the first letter.(根据首字母填空。):10 分
  1)Dolphins l their mouth out of the water at the same time.
  2)Tigers move slowly and q to their prey.
  3)Astronauts don’t f their weight.
  4)Elephants use their trunks to b and smell.
  5)On h ground, elephants don’t leave any footprints.
  3. Crossword about animals.(有关动物的字谜) :20 分(每个单词 2 分) Write the animal’s name in the numbered grid spaces according to the numbered pictures.(根据图片,在空格内填写相应的单词。)
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① ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ② ⑥ ⑦ ⑧ ⑨

The letters in the dark squares make up a word to describe(描写 a habit 描写) 描写 common to bears. What is it? (2 分)
Part II Knowledge Quiz (知识小测验) 知识小测验) :25 : 分
  1.Choose the correct answer. 20 分 . ( )
  1)An object is times heavier on the earth than on the moon. A. six B. five C. eight
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  2) Gases ,such as , are given out and increase the greenhouse effect.
A. O2 B. CO C. CO2
( )
  3)Tigers sense things with their .
A. whiskers B. tongue C. teeth
( )
  4)Don’t count your chikens before they’re hatched.What does this saying
mean? A. You should protect chikens as they haven’t grown up. B. Don’t be so excited before you finally succeed. C. You will be disappointed when you count your chikens.
( )
  5)Elephants live .
A. alone B. in a cave C. in a group ( )
  6)At about 240,000 miles away and 2,160 miles in diameter, the Moon is Earth’s only. A. star B. planet C. satellite )
  7)What do you mean by the term renewable energy? A. Buying new energy. B. Energy that never runs out. C. Making new energy. ( )
  8)Which is renewable resources? A. Gasoline B. Fossil fuels C. Wind power
( )
  9)People do not use more natural resources at a faster rate than the Earth makes available(可用的). It is a sustainable(可持续的) life style. Which of the following choices are more sustainable?
上海市青少年科技教育中心 www.sycste.org
Riding the bus home
Riding in a car
( )
  10)According to the sustainable life style, which of the following choices are more sustainable? A. B.
  2. Test yourself. 5 分
Organic Veggie Salad
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Part III
Cloze Test (完型填空) 完型填空) :20 : 分

  1. Choose the correct word. 10 分 There are two reasons why the sea is blue. Firstly because the
  1) is blue. It reflects on the sea and makes the sea
  2) blue. When the sky is grey, the sea looks grey too. The sun also makes the sea look blue. Sunlight is a mixture of all the
  3) of the rainbow, although we can’t see them. Water separates the different rays of light. It
  4) green, red and yellow rays, but
  5) rays are reflected upwards and make the sea look blue.
( ( ( ( (
  1) A. water )
  2) A. look )
  3) A. rays )
  4) A. takes )
  5) A. other
B. see itself B. seem B. colours B. absorbs B. white
C. sky C. into C. bands C. changes C. blue

  2. Choose the correct word. 10 分 More and more of the forests are being cut down
  6) wood. This means that tigers are bing pushed off their home and the number of their prey is
  7) smaller and smaller. Tiger skins and teeth are still sold
  8) so illegal hunters are still laying
  9) for them. Tigers are
  10) serious danger.
( ( ( ( (
  6) A. to )
  7) A. reducing )
  8) A. highly )
  9) A. traps )
  10) A. away
B. from B. getting B. illegally B. caves B. off
C. for C. cutting C. crazily C. holes C. in
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Part IV Reading (阅读理解) :15 分 阅读理解) : Passage 1 (10 分,每题 2 分。) Dogs don’t live as long as people. Few of them reach the age of
  15. Dogs’ life expectancy(预期寿命)depends on good food, physical exercise and whether its parents are healthy. Dogs age faster than humans. But they don’t age at a regular speed. When young dogs are 3 months old, they are like 3-year-old children. At 6 months they are like 10-year-old children. Dogs’ life expectancy also depends on its size. Usually, small dogs live longer than big dogs. A small dog that weighs less than 15kg is old by the time it is 10 years old. A middle-sized dog is old when it is
  8. A big dog that weighs more than 40kg is old when it is 6 years old. TRUE OR FALSE? ( ( ( ( ( )
  1)A dog’s age is counted like our human’s. )
  2)Healthy dogs can reach the age of 15 easily. )
  3)Dogs’ life expectancy depends mostly on nutrition. )
  4)Dogs age at an irregular speed,faster than human. )
  5)Big dogs usually live shorter than small ones.
  2(5 分,每空 1 分。 ( ) The following pictures show 24 hours in the life of an owl as it leaves the nest, hunts at night, eats and returns to its shelter to sleep. They are all mixed up. Can you put them in the right order? Write your answer here: 、、、、 、 、 、 、
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