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上海市浦东新区 学年第一学期初三五校联考英语试卷 上海市浦东新区 2010 学年第一学期初三五校联考英语试卷
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Part 2 Vocabulary and Grammar V. Choose the best answer.
  31. Students usually have one-daytrip in the suburbs in spring. A) a B) an C) the D) /

  32. Your composition is very good a few spelling mistakes. A) except B) except for C) except that D) besides

  33. After hearing all the songs on the list, the fans asked the singer to sing one. A) other B)the other C) another D) others

  34. The fish has gone . Throw it away! A) nice B) nicely C) bad D) badly

  35. About students in our school have passed the P.E. test. A) three hundred C) several hundred B) hundreds of D) three hundred of

  36. My class teacher has given me lots of . They're very useful. A) information B) advice C) suggestions D) news

  37. --Would you like to swim or hike next Sunday? -- . I prefer to read at home, A) Either B) Both C) None D) Neither

  38. Let's do something for the old in our neighborhood, ? A) don't you B) shall we C) won't you D) will we

  39. We still have time. What about having a cup of coffee? A) few B) a few C) little D) a little

  40. Mr. Lin is a friend of Mike's. I'm not familiar, with A) he B) him C) his D) himself

  41. My ambition is a designer in 10 years' time. A) become B) to become C) becomes D) became

  42. Childhood should be full of Do you agree? A) happy B) happier. C) happily D) happiness

  43. Not only my sister but also I to Seven-Star Skiing Yard twice. A) has gone B) have gone C) has been D) have been

  44. Kitty's family into the new flat three years ago. A) moved" B) was moving C) will move D) moves
中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家

  45. Tom won't go to see the film . A) So do I. B) So will I. C) Neither do I. D) Neither will I.

  46. amazing Liu Qian’s magic was! Everyone was attracted. A) How B) What C) What a D) What an

  47. We any drink. You'd better buy some fruit and vegetables. A) needn't
  48. B) don't need to C) don't need D) not need
-- is it from your school to your new flat? -- It's about twenty minutes' ride. A) How long B) How soon C) How far D) How much

  49. Although Grandma is about seventy, she always does exercise to keep fit and happy. The underlined word means . A) fat B) suitable C) healthy D) active

  50. I remember the most important points of the Story, but I have forgotten the details. The underlined part means . A) necessary B) required C) responsible D) main

  51. Tom often goes to the English club and now he can speak English much than before. A) fluent B) fluently C) more fluently D) most fluently

  52. The old man his daughter since she left the town to go to college. A) didn't see B) won't see C) hasn't seen D) hadn't seen

  53. The airplane to Beijing from Pudong Airport on time this morning. A) took away
  54. I don't think . A) it won't rain this afternoon C) if it is going to rain this afternoon B) it is going to rain this afternoon D) when it is going to rain this afternoon B) took out C) took up D) took off

  55. -- I'm sure you'll do better next time. Cheer up! -- . A) I'll try. B) Cheer up! C) Cheers! -- . C) I’m afraid you have to. D) Not at all. D) Thank you.

  56. -- Do I have to finish the work today? A) No, you haven’t.
B. Yes, I have to
VI. Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms.
  57. What’s the of the new building in Lujianzui? (high) (height)
  58. As of Shanghai, we should welcome people from all over the world to the Expo 20
  10. (city) (citizens)
  59. The noise in the darkness made me so much. (frighten) (frightened)
  60. I'm afraid I'll be to attend the meeting tomorrow. (able) (enable)
  61. He worked so hard that he in that high-level competition. (success) (succeed)
  62. When you climb the wall; make sure the ropes are fastened. (secure) (secureful)
中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家

  63. Nowadays, fewer and fewer teenagers would like to learn skills. (tradition) (traditional)
  64. My sister is fond of Beijing Opera and she often goes to the theatre. (elderly) (elder) VII. Rewrite the sentences as required.
  65. Peter has lunch at school every day.(改为否定句) Peter lunch at school every day. (doesn’t have)
  66. The eighty-year-old mall looks happy and healthy.(对划线部分提问) the eighty-year-old man look? (What does)
  67. Take the underground, or you will be late for the lecture.(保持句意不变) You be late for tile lecture you take the underground. (don’t, until)
  68. I wonder how I can deal with the trouble.(改为简单句) I wonder deal with the trouble.(how to)
  69. Mum gave me a Haibao as a New Year present。 (改为被动语态) I a Haibao as a New Year present. (was given)
  70. It is fun to sari' on a windy day.(改为感叹句) it is to surf on a windy day! (How fun) Part 3 Reading and Writing VIII. Reading comprehension A. True or False You surely want to have good table manners. It's as simple as obeying a few rules! The 12 Do's
  1) As soon as you are seated, open your napkin (餐巾) and place it on your lap. The napkin keeps on your lap (except for use) until the end of the meal. If you need to leave the table for a while, you may leave the napkin on your chain When the meal is finished, place your napkin neatly at the left of your plate.
  2) Sit up straight, keep your elbows (手肘) off the table, and silence your cell phone.
  3) Remember the rule: drinks on the right, foods on the left. Your water glass is on the right of the plate and your bread plate is on the left.
  4) Hold.the knife and fork with the handles in the palm (手掌) of the hand, forefinger on top, and thumb underneath.
  8) Dishes are passed from left to right. Do try a little of everything on your plate. Bread should be broken off into small pieces and butter is spread on each bite as you eat it. You may leave some food to one side of your plate if you feel you have had enough. Don't leave your plate so clean that it looks as if you haven't eaten for days!
  9) If you are asked for the salt or pepper, pass both together.
中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家

Eat soup by skimming (掠过) your spoon along the surface of the soup. Then eat it without making any noise. If the soup is hot, don't blow on it; simply wait for it to cool off.

When a lady arrives or leaves the table, it's polite for all gentlemen at the table to stand up.

  12) Always say 'please' and 'thank you.' Thank the host and hostess before leaving.
  71. When you finish the meal, you may leave the napkin on your chair.
  72. It's impolite to place your elbows on the table while having dinner.
  73. People should pass dishes from right to left at table,
  74. Leaving your plate Very clean means you enjoy everything the hostess has prepared.
  75. If the soup you eat is hot, you may cool it by blowing on it.
  76. To show politeness, gentlemen usually stand up when a lady arrives or leaves.
  77. This passage tell us about rules for good table manners. B. Choose the best answer. The mystery(悬案) stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are famous all over the world. The detective in his stories is called Sherlock Holmes. He solves mysteries in a most surprising way. Through it all, his assistant, Dr Watson, watches with admiration (钦佩). Watson then writes up the story of the mystery afterwards. This is a useful story writing skill. Because Watson is not very clever, the story remains a mystery until the end. The readers can sometimes pick up some clues before he does! Then, to make Watson understand the mystery, Holmes has to explain it all, step by step. So we, the readers, get to see it step by step too. Watson is almost as good a character in the story as Sherlock Holmes! The very first time they meet, Holmes greatly surprises Watson. When they are first introduced, Holmes says to Watson, 'How do you do? I see you have been to Afghanistan.' Watson is too amazed by this to ask Holmes how he knows this. Watson has, indeed, been to Afghanistan. Later, he asks Holmes about it. Holmes explains that there is nothing magical about what he does. He gets to know it all by very, very careful observation(观察). Observation One Watson was introduced to Holmes as a doctor. Yet Holmes thought that the way he stood and walked made him seem like a soldier. So, this meant he was probably an army doctor. Observation Two Watson's face was quite dark skinned. But his wrists (手腕) were pale. So his dark face was probably sun burnt. This meant that he had been to a hot, sunny country. As he was a working doctor, this was not a holiday. He must have gone with the army. Observation Three At the time, the British army had soldiers at bases in many parts of the world. So there were still a lot of places to choose from. However, Holmes saw that Watson looked very tired and he was always holding his left arm, as if it was painful. So, he had probably been with the army to a place where they
中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家
were fighting. There was only one place where the British army was fighting at that time: Afghanistan.
  78. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle . A. is a detective in mystery stories C. is a soldier in the British army B. is Sherlock Holmes' assistant D. writes famous mystery stories

  79. Dr Watson watches Holmes with admiration because . A. Holmes solves mysteries in a most surprising way B. Watson is not very clever C. people always come to Holmes for help D. the story of the mystery is written up afterwards
  80. The writer most probably created the character, Dr Watson, to . A. give Holmes help when solving mysteries B. show Holmes' careful observation C. help readers pick up some clues about the mystery D. get readers to see the mystery step by step
  81. The first time they meet, . A. Holmes explains how he knows Watson has been to Afghanistan B. Holmes surprises Watson by telling that he has been to Afghanistan C. Watson tells Holmes he has been to Afghanistan D. Watson asks Holmes how he knows he has been to Afghanistan
  82. In 'Observation Two', the underlined word sun burnt probably means . A. caused by illness C. painted by make-up mother
  83. The passage tells us that Watson went to Afghanistan to . A. fight the enemy for the country C. work as an army doctor cold, rainy weather of London
  84. From the passage we know that the British army at that time. A. only had soldiers in Afghanistan B. had many army doctors at bases in many parts of the world C. was fighting with several countries D. was fighting with Afghanistan B. have a holiday with his friends D. stay away from the B. made brown by sun D. given by his
C. Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage. Here is a story about an eagle (鹰) named Ted. He had to make a choice, and he made the right one.
中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家
High up on a mountaintop was a nest full of an eagle's eggs. One day a strong wind shook the nest and one of the eggs dropped out! It 85 rolled (滚动) down the mountainside and at last came to rest in a farm where many chickens lived. The chickens there were very surprised to see this big egg. They decided to 86 it, so an old hen sat on it for a while. It was very uncomfortable for the hen it was a big egg 87 her care and the heat from her body worked. The egg finally hatched (孵化) and an eagle came out of it. They called him Ted. It was unfortunate for Ted because the chickens raised him the 88 way they knew as a chicken. He grew to be a funny-looking 'chicken'. And the saddest part of all was that he 89 he was only a chicken. However, sometimes Ted looked up to the sky and saw eagles flying high above. How he wished he could fly like them! One day, a big eagle flew 90 the farm and shouted to Ted, 'What are you doing down there in the farmyard? Why are you not flying up high with us?' 'I'm a chicken,' said Ted, 'I can't fly.' 'Of course you can fly. You are an eagle, not a chicken! Look at your wings. They are 91 mine!' 'But I can't fly,' said Ted. 'Yes, you can. Do as I do.' Ted hesitated (犹豫) , then spread his huge wings for the first time. To his surprise, he soon found himself flying high in the sky.
  85. A. heavily
  86. A. depend on
  87. A. so
  88. A. only
  89. A. understood
  90. A. over
  91. A. connected with B. gently B. live on B. but B. best B. didn't understand B. on B. familiar to C. carelessly C. take care of C. because C. first C. believed C. through C. different from D. politely D. get rid of D. although D. last D. didn't believe D. from D. the same as
D. Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words. We love to be fashionable. So we buy clothes from time to time to make us look p92 or cooler. But a problem appears: how to deal with those old clothes? Don't just throw them out.



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