Lesson 1
  1: Consultant: 咨询顾问 Tate associates Access:通道 Consult 用法: Tate associates is a consulting firm , he consults with clients in all areas ,he is a consultant M: Tate associates is a global consulting firm ,right? F: That’s right.few years ago ,we had just two offices, now, we are up to nighty. M: why so many so fast? F: we had to . To be a global player, we needed access to local markets, a local office gives us access to this market. M: So local companies come to you? F: They come to us and ask “what would I do now?” M: In what areas? F: You name it, accounting ,computers, all areas M: So You consult in all areas. F: We consult wherever there is a need. And if there isn’t a need , we create one. Q: What kind of firm is Tate associates? A:A consulting firm. Dialog 2: Network M: Specifically though, what are your strenths? F: The core of our business is Accounting, We provide accounting services for many of our clients. M: You are more than bookkeepers? F: Of course. We are planners, we help our clients keep pace with the global economy. M: Having office around the world helps? F: We can say to our clients we have access ,we know people, my friend in Tokyo,my friend in Washington, my friend in Beijing. M: So your network is another of your strengths. F:Our global network is a major strength. Q: What are the two strenghts of Tate Associates? A: Accounting and networking. Dialog 3: sensitive, sensitivity,objective(客观),objectivity ,competent(干练),in Sum, (口头用语), In summary, M: Global networking isn’t easy. F: For us , it’s easy. All of our employees speak several languages. M: So they are sensitive to local culture. F: They are Sensitive and Objective. M: Objectivity is ?
F: Objevtivity is a necessity for consultants,you have to be objective,or you can not do your job. M: So sensitivity and objectivty are the major strenths of your employees,correct? F:Correct,but let me add competent, my employees are very very good at their jobs. M: In sum then, your employees are sensitive ,objective and competent. F: that sums up nicely. Q: what are Tate Associates employees described? A: they are sensitive,objective and competent. Small Talk:(表示感谢) 从事贸易不仅仅是谈生意,但是聊天也是一种调节人际关系的方式 ――I want to thank you for coming/waiting… ――It was my pleasure/I enjoyed being here/I am glad to
Lesson 2
  1: New words:graphic Be laid off downsize F:How are things in the graphic design buisiness?Mr. Hyde(询问一般情况,非细节) M:Great, I really like being my own boss. F: You started your own buisiness last year, didn’t you? M: yes , right after I was laid off. F: weren’t you working for an advertising firm?(表示求证情况) M: Before they downsized. F: In the end,being downsized worked out(.fire ,lay off ,downsize 比较, 比较刺耳), fire your new business is a success, M: As I said,It’s good to be your own boss, no one can lay you off. Why did Mr. Hyde start his own buisiness? He was downsized. Dialog
  2: Logo(标志),letterhead(印有抬头的信纸),website F:Your graphic design business has worked out for you. M: It has , even Tade associates uses my design services F: That’s right, didn’t you design our logo? M: I designed your logo and your letterhead. F: you are going to do our website too, right?(get into 开始从事) M:If I get into website design. F: If? Web design is a logical next step for a graphic designer. M: Perhaps, but it’s a big step. What is Mr. Hyde’s business? Graphic business
Dialog3 New words: investment, expand(扩展业务) F: So you’ve come to us to…?(引导对方说明来意) M:I’ve come to you for advice,I need to expand, I need to grow. F: you want to expand into designing website. M: I want to design websites, no, I have to design websites, but… F: but with expansion comes investment.(with great power comes great responsibilty 蜘蛛侠) M: Yes. I need to invest in computers and personnel. F: You need powerful computers to do web designs. M: and skilled designer to use the computers. Q: What does Mr. Hyde want to design? A: He want to design websites. Small talk: --We have coffee and tea. Which would you perfer? --Tea please!
Lesson 3
Dialog1: Multi-line phone(多线路电话),beeper(传呼机),cellphone(手机) F: Mr. Hyde, You are worried about making more investment. M: Especially investing in computers,The technology changed so rapidly. F: and you have to change with it. M: When I started , I had one simple phone, one single line phone. F: Life was simpler then.( 玩笑用语) M: That was only last year. Now, I have a multi-line phone, a beeper and a cellphone. F:No E-mail? M: Of course E-mail, and voice mail and fax(fax=facsimile) F: You should be used to changing technology. M: I can’t keep up with the changes, they happened too fast Q: What did Mr.Hyde think about technology? A: They change too fast. Dialog
  2: Downtime(停工期,休息时间),get in touch with/reach /get hold of =contact F:Technology really changes the way we do buisiness. M : I know, with today’s technology, there’s no downtime. F: Do you stay in touch with the office all the time? M: My clients can reach me anywhere by cellphone. F: so if they can get in touch anytime, your office is always open. M: As I said , no downtime. F: You could turn off your cellphone.
M: What? How would my clients get hold of me. Q: How do Mr. Hyde stay in touch? A: With the cellphone. Dialog 3: New word: Internet,modem(调制解调器) ,savvy(精通):Adj:computer savvy, finacial savvy F:Your clients could always email you. M: They do,I have computer savvy clients. F: Email is very convenient. All you need is a computer and a modem. M: And a fast reliable connection to the internet. F: Is your modem fast enough? M: I had to get a faster modem to keep up. F: Why don’t you get a direct connection to the Internet?(以问句形式表建议) M: One more thing to spend money on. F: A direct internet connection is a necessity for you. M: A costly necessity. What is a necessity for Mr. Hyde? A direct internet connection is a necessity. Small talk: ( 招待饮料)诚意最重要,选择一种自己最顺口的方式即可。 ――Would you like something to drink?Coffee, tea ,water, soda? ――Coffee is great. How about something to drink? What would you rather have?
Lesson 4
Dialog 1: New words: file(资料),download(下载) F:Let me ask you this.Do you send files over the internet? M: A lot! We send graphic files back and forth all the time. F: so you download a lot of files too. M: That’s why we got the fast modem. Large files take forever (a long time)to download(对 进展缓慢表示不耐烦). F:Listen to what I am telling you.Get the direct Internet connection. M: Is that much faster?(表示程度相差很大) F: You can download those files in no time and get back to your design work. M: All right , Let put that on the list. Why is a direct internet connection useful? It’s fast
Dialog2: Newwords: peripheral(外围设备) F: Speaking of lists , that is what we should be working on. M: I started making a wish list, a list of computer equipment. F: let’s take a look. M: That is not complete. F: It looks like you listed every peripheral on the market. M: Looks that way, doesn’t it?(表示同意) F:You want all this stuff, do you need it? M: Yeah, sure.Don’t I? Q: What’s on the list? A: Computer equipment. Dialog 3: New word: hardware, software F: Before you purchase any hardware, you should do more research. M: where should I do this research? F: get on the net ,start surfing, check out what is hot. M: where on the net do I look? F: search for hardware and software reviews. M: Ok , I’ll read the hardware and software reviews, Then what? F: Email people who use the hardware, email designers who use the software. M: Ok ,I’ll start searching on the net. Q: Where should Mr.hyde do the research? A: On the internet. Small talk:(表同意帮助) ――Would you copy this for me?/Would you help me set up the conference room. That ’ s not in my job description( 开 玩 笑 用 语 ) , But Ok!/sure glad to/Certainly/Of course/What can I do ?/What do you need?(此用语给了自己考虑的余地)
Lesson 5
Dialog 1 New word:vendor website(销售网址),specification=Specs FAQ=frequently asked questions F: How did the web search go?(表示询问) M: Superb. I visited a lot of vendor websites. F: Did you check out their product pages? M: Sure ,that is why I found the technical specs. F: What about the FAQs?Did you read the vendors’ FAQs? M: The FAQs are really useful.(表强调), a lot of people had the same questions I had F: So these vendor sites answered all your questions. M:All my technical questions ,anyway(至少)
Q:Which site answered his questions? A: The vendor’s website. Dialog 2 Post(发表,公布),tip(指导) F:Where else did you search on the net? M: Some users had put up sites on specific products. F: That ‘s good products advertising. M: Well(表示意义的转折),when the comments are positive, it is. F: You mean users post negative comments too. What a surprise! M: Some, but the topic is more on how to use the product. F: and how to avoid bugs(故障)?(疑问词+动词, ) M: Lots of tips get posted on those users’ websites. Q: What website has a lot of tips? A: User’s webs. Dialog 3 F: Did you email any users? M: No ,not yet. I don’t think I need to. F: You got enough information just from the sites? M: Every website has links to other sites. F: So you just surf from site to site. M: I followed the links from site to site, reading about design software. F: And you know what you want now? M: I ‘ve got a good picture (understand)just by following the links. Q; How did he surf from site to site? A: by following the links. Small talks(Ask for help) --Could you help me out?( 较为委婉),would (will)you lend me a hand



   Lesson 1 Dialog 1: Consultant: 咨询顾问 Tate associates Access:通道 Consult 用法: Tate associates is a consulting firm , he consults with clients in all areas ,he is a consultant M: Tate associates is a global consulting firm ,right? F: That’s right.few ye ...


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   1. covert coverage 隐性采访;秘密采访 2. crop vt.剪辑(图片) 3. crusade n.宣传攻势 The college students are active to crusade against the nuclear weapons. 大学生们积极投入开展反对核武器的运 动。 4.cut n.插图 vt.删减(字数) Before this play is broadcast several cuts must be made. 这个剧目播出前必须经过数次 ...


   整理, 本材料由贸贸论坛 www.nbutrade.cn 整理,原材料来源于互联网 弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 新视野大学英语视听说教程第一册 听力录音文本和答案 UNIT 1 II. Listening Skills Listening for Names 1. Doris: Good morning. Can I help you? David: Yes. I need to change one of my courses. Doris: ...


   1.avoid vi.避免;消除;无效   【商务用语】avoid creditor 避债 【例句】It is hard to avoid mistakes.犯错误是难免的。 2.avoidance n.避免;无效 【商务用语】international tax avoidance 国际逃税 tax avoidance (合法)避税 avoidance of policy 保单失效 avoidance of the contract 合同废止 3 ...


   商务英语词汇 abandon a claim abandon 放弃索赔 委付;放弃 无法抢救而放弃 abandon as unsalvageable abandon option abandon property abandon rate abate a price abatement abdication 放弃期权 废弃财产 挂断率 降价 冲消;折扣 放弃权利 遵守合同 负税能力 纳税能力 abide by the contract ability of bearing taxation ...


   fabricated<willmigerl>c言 fabrication<willmigerl>建造 face<willmigerl>封面 apparent on the face of <willmigerl>从……表面上显而易见 bear on its face<willmigerl>表面……载有 face value<willmigerl>面值 on its face<willmigerl>表面 on ...


   TPRM (Trade Policy Review Mechanism) 贸 易审议机制 TRIPS (Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights) 与贸易有关的知识产权 TRIMS (Trade-Related Investment Measures) 与贸易有关的投资措施 TBT (Technical Barriers to Trade) 技术性 贸易壁垒 HS (Harmonized Commodity and Coding System) 商 ...


   黑龙江大学外语部大学外语应用提高管理中心 商务英语听力教学大纲 商务英语听力 【课程代码】 【课程中文名称】商务英语听力 【课程英文名称】Business English Listening 【学分】1 学分 【总学时】 26 学时 【讲授学时】 26 学时 一、 教学目标 本课程教学目标为:了解更多更高层次的商务活动;理解如会展、物流、金融、投资、 贸易、股票等商务活动基本程序;形成一定的商务活动中的语言交际能力;掌握获取商务信 息的基本途径和方法。 二、 课程描述 本课程的主要内容包括: ...


   BEC 中级听力 主讲:高媛媛 第一课时 开场白 考试简介: 三部分,30 题,30 分钟听题,10 分钟誊写。 Part One: 填空题:Words, Numbers Part Two: 搭配题:大意+推测 Part Three: 选择题:大意+细节+推测 B: Tom, the report is too good to you. T: Well, I think I had a good day. B: Tom, I wasn't born yesterday. A. 赞扬 B. 怀 ...



   1.最近,你对班里 60 名同学(男女各半)进行了关于上网目的的调查。 2. 上周,我们学校对所有学生进行了一次调查,了解他们对于开设英语角的看法。(set up…) Recently, I’ve conducted a survey among 30 boys and 30 girls in my class on their purposes of surfing the Internet. Last week, our school carried out a survey among ...


   2010 春开放英语(3)期末复习指导(央本) 开放英语( )期末复习指导(央本) 一、课程考核说明 二、期末复习重点范围 三、复习应考资料及其应用(重点掌握) 第一部分 课程考核说明 1.考核目的 通过英语 II(1)课程的考试,考核学生是否掌握了一定的英语语言基础知识和基本技 能,具有一定的读、听、写、说的能力,是否能借助词典阅读和翻译一般性业务资料,在涉 外交际的日常活动和业务活动中能进行一般性的书面交流和简单的口头交流。 2.考核方式 期末闭卷笔试,考试时间为 90 分钟。 适用范围 ...


   2009 年中考英语 100 个必考考点预测 一.单选 A.冠词: (1)a/an 的区分: 注意以“U”开头的单词。如果发字母 u 本身的音/ju:/,前面加 a:a useful book, a university, a usual chair;如果发以外的音,前面加 an:an unusual chair, an unimportant meeting, an unforgetable experience (2) 球类运动和三餐饭前不加 the play football , pl ...


   一.一般现在时练习 一.完成句子 1. 我每天六点钟起床。I six every morning. 2. 我在周末爬山。I weekends. 3. 小明经常去远足。Xiao Ming hiking. 4. 她总是在星期天看望爷爷奶奶。She her grandparents on Sundays. 5. 你几点上学?When you go to school? 6. 他什么时候去上班?When he go to ? 7. 李云喜欢秋天,不喜欢冬天。Li Yun autumn, bu ...


   对使用仁爱版英语教材的几点体会 仁爱版英语体现了新课程改革的重点, 就是要改变英语课程过分重视语法和 词汇知识的讲解与传授,重视对学生实际语言运用能力的培养。强调从学生的学 习兴趣、生活经验和谁知水平出发,倡导体验、实践、参与、合作交流的任务型 教学,主动思维和大胆实践,提高综合文化意识和形成自主学习的习惯。 仁爱教材较原教材,更好地体现人文化。更好地面向了全体学生,也尊重了 学生的个体差异。知识性、思想性都很强。教材形式设计新颖,图文并茂,生动 活泼,直观性强,可大大提高学生的学习效率,有 ...