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Request for quotating mass-produce Note of Confirmation Customer Acceptance Spec
Transmissive Micro-Reflective Liquid Crystal Module 组
Thin film transisitor Liquid Crystal Display
?è????”L 显 器 管
   缩  写    缩  写 TM TMO TNC TOD TQC Tr. TST TT, T/T UGT, ugt YLD AC A/C A/CS PAY A/CS REC AP Amt b.l,b/l DEP D.D.D
        全      称        中         全      称        中 文 意 思 trademark 商标 telegraph money order 电汇单 transnational/multinational company 跨国公司 time of delivery 发货时间 total quality control 全面质量控制 transfer 过户,转让 test 检查,检测 telegraphic transfer 电汇 urgent (电报用语)急电,加急 yield 收益 account 帐目 account current 往来帐户,活期存款帐户 account payable 应付帐目 account recievable 应收帐目 account paid 已付帐目 amount 金额 bill of lading 提货单 breakeven point 保本点,亏盈临介点 deadline delivery date 最后交货期限
quote : quotation: cost of production: reasonable : competitive : contract value: trail order: profit: induce: regular: bargain:
报价 价格 生产费用 合理的 有竞争性的 合同金额 试单 利润 吸引,引诱 有规律的,(也有常客的意思) 成交(strike a bargain:达成协议,买卖成交)
COVERSATION: A:Hello,what's your best price for SUMSUNG LCD monitor? B:It costs RMB 1200/pc,30% contract value as down payment by T/T; balance 70% T/T before shipment.FOB either SHENZHEN or HK A: It's much too high. We have another offer for a similar one at a much lower price. B: I can assure you that our price is most favourable. A trial sale will convince you of my words. A: If you can go a little lower, I'd be able to give you an order on the spot. B: This price of yours is out of the question. You must be aware that the cost of production has risen a great deal in recent years. A: But RMB 1100/PC is their final bid and I can't help it. That's the actual position. I hope you'll give a second thought to the bid. B: O.K. Since it is a big order, I think I'll accept your price of RMB1100/pc. It's quite a bargain. I hope you will appreciate it.
A: Thank you for your cooperation. B: It will leave us very little profit. But I trust our first supply will induce your customers to place regular orders with us in future.
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Think it twice. 三思啊! You drive me nuts!你把我逼疯了! Seize the day!珍惜时光! Why so touchy!--干嘛这么大火! 吃火药了,今天! Im all thumbs!笨手笨脚的! That's more like it--这才象话.(一般是对事情变好后的总结) The picture flatters you.--你很上相。 I got goose bumps。(起鸡皮疙瘩) We are even. 我们扯平了 Im dead for sth. 我急需…… Its going nowhere! 根本没有结果!徒劳无功 Easy going 好相处! You have a good taste.有品味的. It works!-真管用! the silver lining 祸中有福

  16. I cant thank you enough!-感激不尽、万分感谢!

  17. Im on the budget!算着花!



   abtement n.减(免)税,打折扣;冲销 absorb vt.吸收;吸引…的注意;吞并;兼并 accept vt.接受;认可;承认;承兑 acceptance n.接受,接纳;承认;(票据等的)承兑 accommodation n.住宿,膳宿;通融;贷款 account n.叙述,说明;帐目,帐户 vi.说明,解释(原因等) accounting n.会计,会计学;借贷对照表 acquire v. 兼并, 并进 actuals ...


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