Business English Certificate 剑桥商务英语
主讲教师: 主讲教师 Susan
Unit 1 World of Work
Lesson 2 What does your work involve?
By the end of this lesson, you will be able to know:
  1. some usual positions in a company
  2. how to describe the responsibilities of these usual positions
Five people from different companies are attending a workshop on public speaking. Task 1 Listen and Complete the badges with the correct job title for each person

  1. Chief financial officer (CFO)
  2. Management consultant
  3. Personal assistant
  4. Quality manager
  5. Sales representative
Katherine Alessi Marfil Solutions 2
Mark Jenkins Soap Heavens 5
Kostas Hadavas Athens Daily Menu 3
Suzanne Wilkes P&B Europe 1
Carmen Selles Carspek 4
Task 2
Match their job titles(1-
  5) with their responsibilities (A-E). Write the correct letter A-E for each job.
Responsibilities: A. Visits customers, leaves samples and supports the customer service department. B. Is responsible for testing new products and deals with customers’ complaints. C. Interviews clients and gives them advice. D. Is responsibilities for the company’s accounts, and controls money coming in and going out. E. Organizes meetings and deals with correspondence. Job titles:
  1. Chief financial officer (CFO) __D
  2. Management consultant C
  3. Personal assistant __E
  4. Quality manager __B
  5. Sales representative __A
Task 3 Can you describe your job?
Here are some examples: a. I’m a sales rep. I look for new customers, and I support my company’s customer service department. b. I’m the personal assistant to the managing director. I arrange his travel and accommodation for business trips. c. I’m the chief financial officer. I advise the managing director on financial matters.
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