US Economists Oppose Imposing Punitive Measures against China
? Nobel Laureate economists on Wednesday urged American politicians to restrain from imposing punitive measures against imports of Chinese goods, calling it both unwise and useless. ? "This is crude populism and represents the attempt of the two parties to win voters," said James Heckman, professor of economics at the University of Chicago, in an exclusive interview with Xinhua.
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laureate ['l?:ri?t] 基本翻译 n. 桂冠诗人;得奖者 adj. 戴桂冠的;荣誉的 vt. 使戴桂冠 Why can't a Nobel laureate find more significance in the cosmos than that? 为甚麽一个诺贝尔奖得主不能在宇宙中有更多重 要的发现 cosmos ['k?zm?s] 基本翻译 n. 宇宙;和谐;秩序;[植]大波斯菊
? Populism ['p?pjuliz?m] Populism ['p?pjuliz?m] ? n. [美]民粹主义,平民主义 ? n. ? the political doctrine that supports the rights and powers of the common people in their struggle with the privileged elite
? an exclusive interview:独家专访 ? an exclusive design:高档设计
? "What I do worry about is that there has been a lot of talking about taxing the Chinese and punishing them," said Heckman on the sidelines of a forum celebrating the opening of University of Chicago Center in Beijing ? The statement comes two days after 93 U.S. lawmakers signed a letter urging Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives to schedule a vote on a bill to get tougher with China. ? The bill would allow the U.S. Commerce Department to slap countervailing and anti-dumping duties on "injurious imports from any country that persistently undervalues its currency."
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the US House of Representatives::美国众议院 member of the US House of Representatives:众议员 congressman ['k???resm?n] 基本翻译 n. 国会议员;众议院议员 key congressman:具影响力的国会议员 senate ['senit] n. 参议院,上院;(古罗马的)元老院 senator [‘sen?t?] n. 参议员;(古罗马的)元老院议员; 评议员,理事 ? parliament ['p?:l?m?nt] a legislative assembly in certain countries ? n. 议会,国会 ? Parliament House:国会大厦|议会大厦|国会大楼
? on the sideline ? 袖手旁观;置身局外;不参与 ? We should give him a hand , we can't just stand on the sideline. ? 我们应该帮他一把,不能袖手旁观。 ? As a journalist, I am on the sideline during the political crisis. ? 我是记者,在这一政治危机时期我是目睹一切 的局外人。 ? on the sidelines of在期间: ? on the sidelines of a meeting:在会议的休息时 间(间歇)
bill [bil] 基本翻译 n. 法案;广告;帐单;票据;钞票;清单 vt. 宣布;开帐单;用海报宣传 网络释义 bill:账单|帐单|比尔 Government bill:政府议案|政府短期债券|政府支 付证券 ? Commercial Bill:商业汇票|商业 票据|商业票据, 商 业汇票
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countervailing [,kaunt?'veili?] 基本翻译 adj. 抵消的;对抗性的 v. 补偿;抵消(countervail的ing形式); 对抗 ? countervailing tax:反补贴税
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injurious [in'd?u?ri?s] 基本翻译 adj. 有害的;诽谤的 网络释义 injurious factor:有害因子 injurious insect:害虫 injury ['ind??ri] n. 伤害,损害;受伤处
? The Chinese currency has seen increased volatility in the trading days since the People's Bank of China (PBOC), the central bank, announced on June 19 that it would increase the currency's exchange rate flexibility. ? The yuan‘s central parity against the U.S. dollar has risen by
  1.5 percent from the rate of
  6.8275 per U.S. dollar dollar。 ? A more expensive Chinese currency would help, in some sense, but the key problem was in the U.S. economic policies which had proven to be ineffective, said Heckman, who won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2000
? Heckman and Becker called for caution, as some economists suggest China sell down its vast holdings of U.S. Treasuries, which makes up some two-thirds of its
  2.45 trillion U.S. dollars in international reserves. ? "If China dumps a lot of U.S. dollars, that would be unwise, because that would create a currency crisis in the currency market," he said
China Likely to Fulfill Full-Year Inflation Target: NDRC
? China is still likely to meet its full-year inflation target this year despite the August inflation rate quickening to a 22-month high of
  3.5 percent year on year, officials from the country' s top economic planer said Wednesday. ? In August, the consumer price index (CPI) rose mainly by increased prices of food products like pork and eggs, as the coming Mid-Autumn festival in China had boosted the consumption of food items, according to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).
? Further, the price rise of vegetables due to seasonal reasons contributed to the August CPI increase, said the NDRC authorities. ? The upcoming autumn harvest, which accounts for about 70 percent of China's annual grain output, is expected to stabilize food prices, which have a one-third weighting in the calculation of the CPI, said the NDRC.
? The NDRC also revealed that China would place central pork reserves on the market, which means pork prices cannot rise higher. ? Further, the industrial consumer prices are remaining stable with a slight decline, and this is not conducive to inflation, according to the NDRC.
? be conducive to:有助于(增进,导致)|有利于|有助 于 ? conducive [k?n'dju:siv] ? adj. 有益的;有助于…的 ? Plenty of exercise is conducive to good health. ? 多进行体育锻炼,对健康大有好处。 ? What we really need now is to accept any suggestion conducive to the solution of the problem. ? 我们现在真正需要的是接受任何有利于解决此问 题的一切建议。
? These elements are assisting in the drop of the CPI through the rest of the year, and is helpful for China to attain its full year inflation target, it added. ? China has targeted a 3 percent rise in consumer prices this year.



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