Chapter Four
(Practical Business English Translation)
第一节 商务信函的构成要素 P 61
(Practical Business English Translation)
1 . Universal Trading Company
  2. China National Light Industrial Products Import & Export Corporation, Ltd. China National Electronics Import & Export Corporation, Ltd.
  3. 我方认为我们的报价是合 情合理的。
1 . 环球贸易公司

  2. 中国轻工业品进出口公 司 中国电子进出口公司

  3. We are of the opinion that our offer (quotation) is reasonable.

  4. D/P terms = document against payment
  5. Payment by L/C is our usual practice.

  4. D/P terms = document against payment 付款交单

  5. 使用信用证付款 是我们的惯例。

  6. a specimen letter (sample letter)
  7. household appliances
  8. credit rating
  9. arts & crafts
  10. chemicals and biochemicals

  6. 样信
  7. 家用电器
  8. 信用评级
  9. 手工艺品
  10. 化工与生化产品

  11. consumer goods
  12. In order to popularize these products, all the prices in the catalogue are subject to a special discount (offer).
  13. textiles trading company
  14. chamber of commerce

  11. 消费品
  12. 为了推广这些产品, 本目录中的所有价格都 可以打折。

  13. 纺织品贸易公司

  14. 商会

  15. Based in Nairobi, we are one of the largest chain stores in East Africa.
  16. Please state your term of payment and any volume trade discount you could offer.
  17. 请提供相应的目录手册及 说明书。
  18. canvas wooden folding chairs

  15. 我公司总部位于内罗毕, 是东非的最大的连锁店。

  16. 请告知你方的付款条件及 批量采购折扣。

  17. Please provide the relevant brochures and instruction books.
  18. 帆布木制的折叠椅

  19. In compliance with your request, we are making you the following offer subject to our final confirmation.
  20. Shipment: To be made within 3 weeks of receipt of your firm order by a steamer to Buenaventura. 布韦那文图拉 (哥伦比亚 西部港市)
  21. flame cigarette lighters
  22. EMS = Express Mail Service

  19. 根据贵方要求,我方特提 供以下报价,需我方最后确 认。

  20. 出运:收到贵司实盘后三 周内用船运往布韦那文图拉 (哥伦比亚西部港市)

  21. 火焰打火机
  22. 特快邮政专递

  23.To accept the prices you have quoted would leave us little margin, or even no margin at all.
  24. Please forward the following merchandise to us:
  25. As the goods are urgently needed, we hope the shipment can be made before the 9th of November.
  26. For your reference, we prefer to effect payment by D/P 60 days at sight.

  23. 如接受贵方报价,我方则 几乎无利润或根本没有利润。

  24. 请将以下商品转运给我司。

  25. 由于我方急需该批货,恳 请贵司在十一月九日前出运。
  26. 我方愿以即期60天内付款 交单方式付款,供贵司参考。

  27. We wish to acknowledge receipt of L/C No. 86 issued by Bank of China for the amount of RMB 600,0

  27. 兹确认收到贵司中国银行开具的 总额为60万人民币第86号信用证。

  28. It appears that the amount in your L/C is insufficient. Please amend it in order to make the difference.
  29. We are sorry that you have not issued (opened) the relevant L/C covering 2 metric tons of Longjing Tea.

  28. 贵司信用证额度似乎不足,请给 予修正以便能补足差额。

  29. 很抱歉,贵司至今还未开具相应 的2公吨龙井茶的信用证。

  30. 很抱歉,贵司至今还未开具按合
  30. We are sorry that you have not 同要求的2公吨龙井茶的信用证。 issued (opened) the L/C covering 2 metric tons of Longjing Tea as contracted.

  31. 我司客户急需该批货,如能尽快 装运,我司不胜感谢。

  31. Our clients are in urgent need of the goods. We shall be very mcuh obliged if you will effect shipment as soon as possible.
  32. 我司希望贵司在规定的时间内出 运。

  32. We hope that you will effect the shipment within the stipulated time.

  33. Please be advised that we will have a consignment of 5,000 Roewe cars shipped from Shanghai by a steamer of COSCO at the end of this month.
  34. Please inform whether you would like to cover the consignment against ALL Risks from Shanghai factory warehouse to Port of Vancouver, Canada.

  33. 兹通知我方将通过中远从上海运 送5000辆荣威轿车。

  34. 请告知贵司是否想给该批货投保 从上海工厂仓库至加拿大温哥华 港的一切险。

  35. Please quote the rate of coverage.
  36. 由于事急,请立即赐复为 盼。
  37. This is to inform that you have short-delivered 20 sets of stainless steel kitchen utensils.
  38. Please arrange an immediate dispatch of the short-delivered goods.

  35. 有关投保费率,请报价。

  36. As the matter is urgent, we would appreciate a prompt reply.
  37. 兹通知贵司20套不锈钢厨 房用具短运。

  38. 请立刻安排发运所短缺的 货物。

  39. Or you can also credit our account with US$ 1000 per set, the invoice cost of each.
  40. We have decided to settle your claim promptly, including survey fees and other charges in addition.
  41. We are now enclosing herewith blank receipts in duplicate. Please sign and return to us as soon as possible.
  42. We will effect payment in due course upon receipt of your shipping documents.

  39. 贵司也可按发票价每套1000美元 将款项汇入我司帐户。

  40.我司将决定立刻支付贵司的索赔, 包括检验费和其它附加费用。

  41. 兹附上空白收据一式二份,请签 署并尽快回寄我司。

  42. 一俟收到贵司船务单证,我方将 按时付款。

  43. We assure you hereby that we will take all the necessary steps to prevent recurrence of similar incidents.
  44. Our quotation is that the polished rice is at B (Thai Baht 铢) 28,000 per metric ton CIF Singapore.

  43. 我方保证将采取一切必要的措施,防 止将来再次发生此类事情。

  44. 我方报价精白米新加坡港每公吨
  2.8 万泰国铢。

  45. Your quotation is too high. Our counter offer is at Thai Baht 26,500 per metric ton.

  45. 你方报价太高,我方还盘(还价)为 每公吨

  46. As we celebrate our 60th anniversary, we want to take this time to thank all of our customers whose loyal patronage had allowed us to be so successful over the past 60 years.

  46. 值此60周年大庆,我方特借此机会 感谢所有新老客户,我方六十年的成 功得益于您的忠实惠顾。

  47. To show our appreciation, we now enclose a special coupon worth 20% discount off in your next purchase.

  47. 为表示谢意,特提供八折 优惠券一张,供下次购买使 用。

  48. The goods we purchased last time was paid by confirmed, irrevocable letter of credit.

  48. 我方向贵方订购的上批货 物采用保兑的、不可撤销信 用证付款。

  49. Please send us your fullset (full-range) catalogue with price list for our consideration (reference).

  49. 请将全套产品目录邮寄我 方,包括价格单,以供参考。

  50. We regret to inform that we can
  50. 非常遗憾,由于 not effect shipment as per the 原料短缺,我方无 stipulated date ( in compliance 法按贵方规定的日 with the stipulated date of 期发运。 shipping ) due to shortage of raw materials.
  51. The China Import and Export Commodity Fair (Canton Fair )
  51. 中国进出口商品 is held in Guangzhou twice a 交易会(广交会) year.
每年在广州举办二 次。
(Practical Business English Translation)
第二节 商务信函的分类与功能

  1. Please translate the following into Chinese We should be appreciated if you send us your lowest quotation (offer ) for the following products. 译文:若能对下列产品报最低价,我们将不胜 感激。
  2. We should esteem it a high favor if you could kindly advise us the price for this model. 译文:如蒙告知此种型号的价格,我们万分感 激。

  3. Regarding your letter of Aug. 9th, we are sending you herewith several samples of leather shoes. 译文:根据贵方8月9日的来函,现寄上几款皮 鞋的样品。
  4. We are in receipt with thanks of your L/C opened through Bank of China for 300 air conditioners. 译文:贵方通过中国银行开具的购买300台空调 的信用证收悉,不胜感谢。

  5. We learned your name and address through the Commercial Counselor’s Office of the Embassy of the United States. 译文:我们从英国大使馆商务参赞处得知了贵 公司的名称和地址。
  6. Your company has kindly been recommended to us by Shanghai Chamber of Commerce. 译文:天津商会友好地向我方推荐了贵公司。

  7. By courtesy of Mr. Wang Binlin, we have learned that you are the leading importer of fruits and vegetables in your country. 译文:承蒙王彬灵先生的好意,我们得知贵方 是贵国主要的水果蔬菜进口商。
  8. Enclosed please find the catalogue and price list you asked for. 译文:随函寄上的是你方所需的目录和价格表。

  9. We regret very much to find that , upon examination, 60 of the cases of your shipment arrived in a badly damaged conditions. 译文:检验时,我们非常遗憾地发现,贵方所 装运的货物抵达时,其中的60箱破损严重。
  10. In support of our claim, we are sending you a survey report issued by China Commodity Inspection Bureau. (CCIB). 译文:兹寄去中国商品检验局检验报告一份作 为我方索赔的依据。

  11. We’d like to cover the consignment against ALL RISKS from our warehouse to the port of Rotterdam. 译文:我方愿为该批货物投保从我方仓库至鹿 特丹的一切险(全险)。
  12. In view of the amount of this transaction being small, we are prepared to accept payment by D/P at sight (or at 60 days’ sight ) for the value of the goods shipped. 译文: 鉴于此笔交易金额很小,我们准备同意 以即期(或见票60天后)付款交单方式支付 货款。

  13.The duplicate shipping documents including bill of lading, invoice, packing list and inspection certificate will be sent to you today. 译文:货运单据副本,包括提货单、发票、装 箱单和检验证书,今日将寄给贵方。
  14. We are sure the goods will reach you in good order and give you full satisfaction. 译文:我们确信货物将安然抵达,令贵方完全 满意。

  15.我方准备向贵方订货。 译文: We are ready to place an order with you.
  16.We are very pleased to make you an offer / a quotation for our IPHONE. 译文:我方很高兴就我们的产品向贵方报盘/报 价。

  17. The articles should conform to those described in your brochure and to the sample sent to us. If this first order is satisfactorily executed, regular orders will follow. 译文:商品的质量须同贵方商品简介手册所描 述的以及寄给我方的样品相符。此第一笔订 单的执行情况如能令人满意,我方将会经常 订购。
  18. As we have made a great concession in price, I would ask for a discount for this lot. 译文:我方在价格上作出了很大让步,所以要 求这批货能打些折扣。

  19. We regret to say that there is no possibility of our cutting the price to the extent you required, i.e. 8%. 译文:非常抱歉,很难按贵方要求的减价幅度 减价8%。
Thank you! Any Questions ?

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