Unit 5a
  5. 爱尔兰较低的劳动成本和低的电信费率使它享有很低的日常运营成本。 政府的大量资助,支持产业的环境和完善的基础设施使爱尔兰的新兴公司能顺利运行。 政府投资了大量资金来建立一个精密的电话网络和高效率的运输网络。 在爱尔兰,遍布全国的国际机场提供频繁的定点航班,能让人直达欧洲各国。 爱尔兰的居民能轻松享受到未被破坏的乡村景色和各种休闲活动。

  1. grant You may be eligible for a grant to help you study. Proposals have been made to grant each displaced family $40
  00. He was finally granted a visa.
  2. foster foster parents / foster children foster a feeling, an activity, an idea a policy of fostering music, drama and crafts.
  3. access The entrance door gives access to a living room I demand access to a telephone / the library Saddam had no access to newspaper in jail. The hidden room was accessible only through a secret back entrance. The site was picked because of its accessibility by rail. Computers might be cheap enough to be accessible to virtually everyone some day. Unit 5b 1 东湖高新科技开发区是武汉发展最快的公司业务区。 2 这栋写字楼位于繁华大街上,周边设施完善,公交方便,地铁站步行即到。 3 有着大型会议室,地面和地下停车场,这栋多层现代化的写字楼非常适合租户的需求。
  4.三面自然采光,享有声誉的前台接待,备用发电机 Lease/ leaser/ lessee Vend /vending machine / vender /vendee Train / trainer /trainee Employ / employer / employee P61
  4. 公司形象可由其图标,标识语,广告活动,公司位置,产品质量来显示出来。 为了赢得和保留顾客,许多公司选择明星来为其产品代言。 许多跨国公司开始进入中国,都是选择市中心的高级写字楼,来显示其经济实力和树立其公司 形象。而那些地位已巩固的大公司则选择迁址到新的开发区,来降低其运营成本。 武汉大学建筑的外观特征给人以传统典雅,历史悠久的氛围。

  1. air she has a graceful air. The fare by air Air a room He spoke on the radio, airing his opinions to the nation.
  2. premise In 1971, the firm moved to new premises in London.
  3. amenity the amenities of the town. First class hotels with every amenity
  4. modest
a modest house / flat a modest budget / a modest salary

  1. Match the words with the participles to form compound adjectives. Short conditioned Long sighted Mass running Air automated Fully lasting Long produced
  2. classification RELOCATION Infrastructure: ( motorways waterways road access public transport) Cost factors: ( running cost renovation costs rent Labour market: ( availability of workers local wage level
  3. match the words with their definitions Upgrade Machinery Leasehold Premises Contractor Automate Site Assembly Factory Investment plant
  4. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) Buildings owned by a company Building where goods are manufactured Firm that builds new buildings under contract What is needed to finance new buildings and equipment The right to use a building for a limited amount of time Putting pre-manufactured components together collective name for all the machinery in a factory Place where a building is located Collective noun for lots of machines Use machines to do work instead of people Improve facilities to a higher grade
airports grants) employment law
put the following stages of building new premises in the correct order. The blueprints are finalized and sent to potential contractors The company decides to invest in new premises and selects a site. Construction work begins on the site The contractors submit tenders for the contract The factory is officially handed over tot the company. The company allocates a budget and commissions an architect. A company finds it is running in excess of capacity and thinks about expansion. The company chooses a contractor and signs contracts. The new factory is completed and new machinery is fitted.

  5. report writing 关于新装配工厂选址问题 Introduction 本报告的目的是评价将新装配厂设在德国北部城市汉堡是否合适,并推荐合适的厂址。 Findings 汉堡有着极好的海陆空交通网。它是欧洲最繁忙的港口之一。德国的两大主要公路通过此城市,而且它还 有着发展快速的国际机场。它还是通往斯堪的纳维亚国家和中欧的关口,并有快速火车与柏林相通。 此地区有着受过教育的技术劳动力和强大的制造传统。许多零部件可以从本地获得。 Recommendation 此城市西北部正快速发展的商业园将是一块理想的建厂地址, 因为它旁边就是公路,离港口和铁路站都 只有十分钟的路程。我们建议应就厂址问题立即展开更具体的研究。


√商务英语口语900句 Unit One

   双击播放 商务英语口语 900 句 下载者的电脑中装有能 播放 mp3 的播放器就 可以播放本课文的录音 (英美原音录制) Unit One 希望与要求 1、We'd like to express our desire to establish business relations with you on the basis of equality,mutual benefit and the exchange of needed goods. 2、In order to extend o ...

《商务英语学习手册》第一章 (Unit1-5)

   《商务英语 1 》学习手册 第一章 面对面沟通 第一章 I. 词汇学习 Unit 1. 面对面沟通 Pleased to meet you! Meeting people for the first time Words and expressions: 1A a good impression 好的印象 appointment 约会、约定 fellow-delegate 同参加会议的代表 business card,业务名片 delay 延误 directions 指导 a bumpy f ...

2011年春季学期七年级英语Unit 5 目标测试卷

   2011 年春季学期七年级英语 Unit 5 目标测试卷 目标测试卷 Listening Test(25 分) I.听录音,选择正确的图片。读两遍。(5 分) 听录音, 听录音 选择正确的图片。读两遍。 ) ( 1. A B C ( )2. A B C ( )3. A B C ( )4. A B C ( )5. A B II.听录音,选择恰当的答语。读两遍。 5 分) 听录音, 听录音 选择恰当的答语。读两遍。 ( ( )6. A. The same as you B. The same t ...


   Unit 5 Can you come to my party? 一. 单词与词汇. A. 根据句子内容完成已给了首字母的单词. 1. Tom asked me what that day was and I told him it was M 2. Mary i . Tim to her birthday party but Tim couldn't, because he had lots of homework to do. 3. When I phoned Xiao Ming , h ...


   实用商务英语 Unit One " " " " " " Section A Listening and Speaking ★ Business Reception Section B Reading ★ Corporate Culture Section C Business Writing ★ Cover Letter and Résumé " Ⅰ. Remember the words, phrases and sentences related to business recept ...


   Module 1 Unit 1 School life Class Name 一、单词拼写: 1. E comes from practice. 2. No one can a anything without any effort. 3. He is just an a student. 4. You can get tickets for f this evening. 5. I don’t have any (额外的)money. 6. The teacher (赞同)of what ...

高二英语选修7 Unit5教案

   3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net 百万教学资源,完全免费,无须注册,天天更新! Unit 5 Travelling abroad I.单元教学目标 单元教学目标 技能目标 Goals Talk about travel or live in another country Practise expressing and supporting an opinion Revise the Attributive Clause (non-restrictive) Write ...


   Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball? 话题] 一. [话题 (Topic) spending time with friends 话题 重点词汇] 二. [重点词汇 (Key words) 重点词汇 day center difficult like tennis club relaxing racket class small bat volleyball good well many great have basketball interesting has ...


   Unit 5 What color is it? 教学目标与要求 一、学习目标 1.能按字母表顺序背诵 26 个字母,认读 W~Z 的印刷体和手写体的大小写形式, 能合乎规则地书写。注意 A,S,U,V,X,Z 读音。 2.掌握一些有关颜色的词汇。 3.日常用语中需重点掌握如何用英语谈论各种颜色。 二、能力目标 1.在所学词汇范围内用口头、笔头描述事物颜色和对颜色进行提问的运用能力。 2.有意识地注意培养阅读能力,不断掌握阅读技巧,形成较强的阅读能力。 课文重点与难点 一、单词导航台 1.b ...

PEP《小学英语》六(上) Unit 5A单词教学

   ~ G  构  (   上) 口 孙  马欢 5 A单词教学  【 学背 景 】 教   那是我第 一次上公 开课 ,   a doc or H e’   a g ea  doc or    t . S   r t t . 组 调 查 , 成 表 格 Wh taey u 完 a  r  o   g i g t  e I m   on  o b   / o n  o b ? ’ g i g t  e a  an … .   W h t s y u   t e ? h t sy u   a ’ ...



   八年级上英语单词测试卷 班级 姓名 座号 成绩 根据汉语意思写出英语单词: 1. 队, 小组 2. 赢得, 获胜 3. 加入 4.梦, 梦想 5. 成长 9. 流行的 13. 介意 6. 反对 10. 跑 14. 练习 7.离开 11.健康的 8. 相当 12. 放松 15.吸烟16. 粗心的 17.机会 18.打架 19. 生气的 20. 准备好的 21. 重要的 22. 发明 23. 得分 24.扔,掷 25.世纪 26.疲劳的 27.积极的 28. 新鲜的 29. 代替 30. 建筑 ...


   注意: 内部资料 注意保密 第一份资料完型填空技巧 第一份资料 做完形填空题应从哪些方面入手? 1.首先要以很快的速度浏览全文,掌握文章的主旨,不要急于看 选项。浏览全文时要重点了解文中所叙述的人物、时间、地点、 事件,即 who,when,where,what。 完形填空 命题的原则一般是第一句话不挖空,目的是使读者进入语境,因 此一定要认真阅读这句话。例如:Why is a space left between the rails of a railway line where one ...


   作文高分词汇(1)(2007-12-08 22:10:19)标签:学习公社 作文高分词汇 分类:写作篇 附录3 词汇替换1 普通词汇 高分词汇 According to me / I think I believe In my personal sense, for my part /to my mind/ to the best knowledge of me Affect / stop Hinder…from age era Aim objective And ...


   (旅游英语)环球之旅?印度 旅游英语)环球之旅? Welcome to Incredible India “印度”梵文的意思是月亮,中文名称是唐代高僧玄奘所著《大唐西域记》中的 译法,在这以前称天竺或身毒。印度位于南亚次大陆,与巴基斯坦、中国、尼泊尔、 不丹、缅甸和孟加拉国相邻,濒临孟加拉湾和阿拉伯海。海岸线长5560公里。 印度全境分为德干高原和中央高原、平原及喜马拉雅山区等三个自然地理区。 印度是世界四大文明古国之一, 公元前2000年前后创造了灿烂的印度河文 明。约在公元前14世纪,原 ...


   嘉兴英语教学网 www.jxenglish.com 收集整理 欢迎使用 山东省淄博市一中 2011 届第一学期高三 11 月调研 期中) (英 (期中) 考试 语)试题 2010.11 注意事项: 注意事项: 卷为非选择题, 1.本试题分第Ⅰ卷和第Ⅱ卷两部分。第Ⅰ卷为选择题,共 126 分;第Ⅱ卷为非选择题,共 174 分,满分 300 本试题分第Ⅰ卷和第Ⅱ卷两部分。 卷为选择题, 分钟。 分,考试时间为 150 分钟。 小题, 每小题只有一个正确答案,请将选出的答案标号( 2.第Ⅰ卷共 4 ...