1.应征面谈 Introducing Yourself at an Interview 应征面谈
Good morning. It's a pleasure for me to be here in front of you to present myself. My name is Jennifer Wong, and I am a candidate for the position of Overseas Sales Representative. My background and work experience are tailor-made for this position. I studied marketing as an undergrad here in Taiwan, and in 1985, I received my MBA from the University of Texas School of Business. For five years now, I have utilized my skills and knowledge as the Assistant Director of Exports for Magic Kitchen Supplies. Action Appliances is a forward-looking company. I am aware that you are expanding into new markets, particularly in the U.S. Thus you are going to need aggressive, take-charge sales representatives. At Magic Kitchen, during my five years there, we expanded our U.S. market share by 25%. This is just one example of my ability to go out there and sell products. A position with your company would be both a learning experience and a great opportunity. I look forward to becoming part of the Action team. Thank you. tailor-made 最适合,最完美的 最适合, "tailor"是‘裁缝师’;裁缝师以手工制作的西装,总是最合身。因此这个词组是形容某人或是 某物的条件好,对于某种情况来说,是最完美、最合适的。 With her background and education, she is tailor-made to run this company. 以她的背景和教育程度,她来经营这个公司是最适当了! MBA 企管硕士 这是"Master of Business Administration"(企管硕士)的缩写。"Master"是指‘硕士(学位)’; "Administration"是‘行政管理、经营’的意思。 If you want an MBA, it's important to get accepted to a good school. 你若有心攻得企管硕士的学位,最好先申请到一所好学校。 forward-looking 高瞻远瞩的 这个口语用法源自动词词组"look forward",‘往前看、眼光向前’之意。所以"forward looking" 这个形容词引申有‘高瞻远瞩的、考虑未来’的意思。 Only the most forward-looking companies will adapt and profit in the 1990's. 在九O年代,只有把眼光放远的公司才能生存获利。
take-charge 负责的 这是由动词词组"take charge of"演变出来的形容词,意思就是指‘能控制事情,负起责任’的 人或组织。 We're looking for a take-charge company to distribute our new product in a competitive market. 我们在找一个肯负责的公司,将我们的产品在竞争激烈的市场中分销出去。 market share 市场占有率 特指某种产品,因有固定的消费者购买,故而控制了市场的一部份;"market share"即指在同 类产品的市场中所占有的销售比例。"share"在此当名词用,有‘份儿;分担’的意思。 After all of our TV sets were found to be defective, our market share dropped by 75%. 我们的电视机被发现有瑕疵之后,市场占有率下跌了百分之七十五。 ● 开场白

  1. It's a pleasure for me to be here in front of you to present myself.
  2. I'm happy to be here today to introduce myself.
  3. I welcome the opportunity to introduce myself to you. 开场白中不但应表示你乐于参加此次的面谈, 而且也该说明自己接下来要谈的主题, 让别人 有些心理准备。"It's a pleasure..."这句型适用于正式场合,语气十分客气。 ● 介绍学经历

  1. My background and work experience are tailor-made for this position.
  2. With my background and work experience, I feel perfectly suited for this position.
  3. My education and work experience have prepared me well for this position. 自我介绍时不应该过分谦虚,对于自己适合,并且喜欢做的工作就要强调、努力争取,表示 自己是最佳人选。关键词是:"tailor made"、"feel perfectly suited for"与"have prepared me well for"。 ● 证明能胜任

  1. This is just one example of my ability to go out there and sell products.
  2. This just proves that I can go out there and sell products.

  3. This gives you an idea of how I can go out there and sell products. 不能过于谦虚,但也不可空口说白话。通常要用实例说明自己在前职上的工作表现,以证明 自己对未来的新职也能胜任愉快。 ● 加入之意愿

  1. I look forward to becoming part of the Action team.
  2. I welcome the opportunity to become part of the Action team.
  3. It would be a great opportunity to work for Action Appliances. 总结你的演说时,最好以信心和热诚重申自己看重这个机会。"look forward to+ n. (V.ing)" 是表示热切期望之实用句型,另外也可使用"welcome"。

  2.就任新职 就任新职
Introducing Yourself to Other Employees
Thank you, Mr. Gibson, for that kind introduction. You've given me a reputation I might not be able to live up to. Just to let you know a little about myself. I'm the new Overseas Sales Representative. I came over from Magic Kitchen Supplies, a company you might be familiar with. There, I was responsible for exporting supplies to restaurants in the United States. I got my MBA in the States, so I feel quite at home with that territory. Not surprisingly, I'll be heading up the U.S. and Canadian division of Action's sales force. We'll be concentrating our efforts in the West and Midwest, with an eye toward opening new markets in major metropolitan areas. Action has just started out in overseas markets, and I look forward to hearing each of your views on our present and future projects. I may also need your advice, as I'm learning the ropes around here. live up to 达到(期望,配合) 达到(期望,配合) 这个词组常用在谈论有关预期效果;表示能符合别人对自己的看法,或是能达到某种要求。 In college, his parents pressured him to live up to all of their expectations. 在大学时,他的父母亲要求他一定要达到他们的期望。
feel (quite) at home 非常在行 这词组以有如在家("at home")般地轻松自在,比喻对某事应付自如,也就是说对这件事很 熟悉、很有研究,即很‘在行’。在商场上,常用来形容某人对某种商品,公司或是行销市场 很清楚。 I feel at home with numbers, so I want to study accounting. 我对数字很在行,所以我要念会计。
head up 主持,领导 主持, 这个口语表示要做某事或某部门中‘带头的’("head of something"),即‘领导’的意思。 When I was asked to head up the store's promotional contest, I said "Yes" right away. 有人请我负责店里促销竞赛时,我马上就答应了。
sales force 销售业务主力军 "force"原意是指‘武力’, 在此"sales force"是指销售业务的负责团体, 也可指公司里的业务员、 推销员。 The company's sales force is divided into smaller divisions which are responsible for a particular region. 公司的业务部门是以小组方式,分别负责各区域的销售。
with an eye toward 未来计划于 这也是句口语, 字面意思是‘眼睛注视着某处’, 比喻‘将来想朝某处下手; 专指将来想要从事、 执行的事。 We'll open stores in Taichung and Kaohsiung next month, with an eye toward eventually controlling the market in those cities. 我们下个月将在台中和高雄开分店,计划将来完全控制这两处的市场。 learn the ropes 学习做某事 "ropes"常用来表示‘某事的细节、线索’,在此是指新工作中需要学习的各项重点等。 It didn't take her long to learn the ropes around here. Now she's the CEO. 当时她很快就熟悉了这里的工作,如今已经升任本公司总裁了。
● 谢谢介绍者
  1. Thank you, Mr. Gibson, for that kind introduction.
  2. I appreciate the introduction, Mr. Gibson.
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome, Mr. Gibson.
先表示你很感激介绍人,最好把他的名字也说出来。致谢意的字有"thank" 和 "appreciate", 后者较为正式一些。
● 简介自己
  1. Just to let you know a little about myself.
  2. I won't take up much of your time, but I just want to introduce myself.
  3. Let me just briefly tell you a little about myself. 接下来的表达重点是要让人知道你的演讲主题--自我介绍,同时表明这段话不长,不会占用 大家太多的时间。 "let you know"等于 "tell you" ; "a little"和 "briefly"都是用来形容‘简短’的 字汇。
● 未来的职责
  1. I'll be heading up the U.S. and Canadian division of Action's sales force.
  2. I'll be in charge of managing the American and Canadian accounts.
  3. My main responsibilities will include directing our operations in the States and Canada. 介绍的重点之一是解说自已未来工作的主要内容, 或是说明自已将在那个部门工作。 关键词 为"head up","division"。
● 邀同事合作
  1. I look forward to hearing each of your views on our present and future prospects.
  2. I'm anxious to hear your feelings about our future plans.
  3. My door is always open to your suggestions and ideas. 在结尾时, 应表示自已很诚心地邀请同事们与你合作, 欢迎同仁前来赐教。 "look forward to+n. (V.-ing)",为‘期待、盼望’的意思。

  3.呈报提案 呈报提案
A Proposal to Your Superiors
Now that each of you has looked over my proposal, perhaps we could briefly go over it. One of Action's top-selling lines in Taiwan is its compact washer and dryer units, models TD369 and TW2
  46. It's no secret that they sell well at home due to their compact size and high efficiency. My idea is to market these best-selling products in the States. You may think most Americans prefer large washers and dryers, the main products of our competitors. By selling our combination units in the States, we can tap into markets with specialized needs, such as college students with small apartments, and single and elderly people who don't do a lot of laundry.
My primary data suggests that the market is nowhere near its saturation point. This leads me to believe that there is a need which can be filled by our products. Of course, more research needs to be conducted before we give this project the green light, but I think it's worth considering. Now I'd like to hear your views on the subject. It's no secret that … 大家都知道 大家都知道… "secret"原意是‘秘密’;这个句型是口语的说法,用在句首,表示要说明一项大家都熟悉的事 实。 It's no secret that Formosa Chemicals wants to take over the American company. 大家都知道宝岛化学药品要接管这家美国公司。
tap into 打入 市场),开拓生意 打入(市场 , 市场 "tap"这动词原意有‘开辟土地;开发生意’的解释;"tap into"在此是个商业用语,指进入一尚 未开拓的新市场。 If we can tap into the children's market before our competitors, we can make a lot of money. 如果我们能比竞争者先打进儿童市场,我们就能赚大钱。
specialized needs 特别的需求 这种‘特别’需求,是指一般大众商品所不能满足者。在市场行销上,是指某类型的消费者因 有特定的消费习性及生活方式,故需要特别的商品;像本文中所指之学生和老年人,会偏向 选择小型而非大型的洗衣机,即是一例。 As the population diversifies, the number of consumers with specialized needs grows. 由于人口多样化,需要特定商品的消费者也愈来愈多了。
primary data 初级资料 这也是商业专有名词,指市场行销中,为某个特定的研究计划所搜集的第一手资料。另一种 "secondary data":次级资料,则是指他人已搜集整理之资料。 Your primary data looks good, but we'd like to see a more thorough analysis. 你的初级资料看来不错,但我们想看看更彻底的分析报告。
saturation point 饱和点 "saturation": 饱合, "saturation point"一词是指市场中的商品数量已经足够供应消费者的需求。 When one market reaches its saturation point, we must find new markets. 当一个市场到达饱和点,我们就得找新的市场。
the green light 赞同,同意 赞同, 这是俚语用法,‘绿灯亮’,表示可通行,因此引申为‘同意某事之进行’。 As soon as you receive the green light, you can begin planning your sales trip. 一旦你的计划通过,你就可以开始安排商务出差了。
● 开场白
  1. Perhaps we could briefly go over it.
  2. Let's have a look at the proposal.
  3. Why don't we first go over the proposal? 说话者应采建议的语气,请大家来参与某事,而非强制进行。说话者通常还以书面资料作为 谈话的开场白。
● 表达构想
  1. My idea is to market these best-selling products in the States.
  2. What I'd like to do is to market these best-selling products in the States.
  3. My plan is to sell our top products to a new market in the States. 谈到自己的构想时,要用最直接的方式说出来;重点是要清楚明确。句子以"My idea (plan) is…"开头,清楚地表示自己的构想为何。
● 以实例佐证
  1. This leads me to believe that there is a need which can be filled by our products.
  2. The research points to the fact that our products will sell in this new market.
  3. I can surmise, from the data that there is a definite new market for our products. 以实际调查研究证明自己的



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