常用商务英语术语 常用商务英语术语

  1. 出口方面的词汇
出口信贷 export credit 商品倾销 dumping 优惠关税 special preferences 贸易顺差 favorable balance of trade 进口配额制 import quotas 对外贸易值 value of foreign trade 普遍优惠制 generalized system of preferences 缩略形式 GSP 出口津贴 export subsidy 外汇倾销 exchange dumping 保税仓库 bonded warehouse 贸易逆差 unfavorable balance of trade 自由贸易区 free trade zone 国际贸易值 value of international trade 最惠国待遇 most-favored nation treatment 缩略形式 MFNT

  2. 价格术语
运费 freight 总值 total value 关税 customs duty 净价 net price 港口税 port dues 折扣 discount, allowance 装运港 port of shipment 零售价 retail price 码头费 wharfage 卸货费 landing charges 印花税 stamp duty 含佣价 price including commission 回佣 return commission . 目的港 port of destination 卸货港 port of discharge 现行价格(时价)current price/ prevailing price 出口许口证 export licence 期货价格 forward price 离岸价(船上交货价) FOB?free on board 到岸价(成本加运费、保险费价) CIF?cost,insurance and freight 跟单信用证 documentary credit 可撤销信用证 revocable credit 保兑信用证 confirmed L/C 即期信用证 sight letter of credit 可转让信用证 transferable L/C 循环信用证 revolving credit 开证申请人 applicant for the credit 通知行、转证行 advising bank/ transmitting bank 受益人 beneficiary 商业发票 commercial invoice 装箱单 packing list 保单 insurance policy
进口许口证 import licence 现货价格 spot price 国际市场价格 world (International)Market price 成本加运费价(离岸加运费价) C&F?cost and freight 信用证 letter of credit ( L/C) 光票信用证 clean credit 不可撤销跟单信用证 irrevocable documentary L/C 不保兑信用证 unconfirmed L/C 远期信用证 usance letter of credit 不可转让信用证 non-transferable L/C 备用信用证 standby letter of credit 开证行 the issuing bank 保兑行 confirming bank 汇票 bill of exchange 原产地证书 certificate of origin 提单 bill of lading
受益人证明书 beneficiary’s certificate 交货 delivery 装运、装船 shipment 交货时间 time of delivery 装运期限 time of shipment 托运人 (一般指出口商) shipper, consigner 班轮 regular shipping liner 油轮 tanker 报关 clearance of goods 提货 to take delivery of goods 装运通知 ship advice 立即装运 immediate shipments
检验证书 inspection certificate

  3、交货条件 、
轮船 steamship(缩写 S.S) 租船 charter (the chartered ship) 定程租船 voyage charter 定期租船 time charter 收货人 consignee 驳船 lighter 舱位 shipping space 陆运收据 cargo receipt 空运提单 airway bill 选择港(任意港)optional port 选港费 optional charges 即期装运 prompt shipments
收到信用证后 30 天内装运 shipments within 30 days after receipt of L/C 不允许分批装船 partial shipment not allowed / partial shipment not permitted / partial shipment not unacceptable 选港费由买方负担 optional charges to be borne by the Buyers 或 optional charges for Buyers’ account 一月份装船 shipment during January 或 January shipment 一/二月份装船 shipment during Jan./Feb.或 Jan./Feb. shipment 在......(时间)分两批装船 shipment during....in two lots 在......(时间)平均分两批装船 shipment during....in two equal lots 分三个月装运 in three monthly shipments 分三个月,每月平均装运 in three equal monthly shipments

  4、交易磋商、合同签订 、交易磋商、
实盘 firm (definite) offer 发盘人 offerer 询盘 inquiry 递盘 bid; bidding 还盘 counter offer 习惯做法 usual practice 有效期限 time of validity 销售合同 purchase contract 购货确认书 purchase confirmation 虚盘 non-firm (indefinite) offer 受盘人 offeree 报价 quotation 递实盘 bid firm 参考价 reference price 交易磋商 business negotiation 一般交易条件 general terms and conditions 销售合同 sales contract 销售确认书 sales confirmation
需经卖方确认 subject to seller’s confirmation 寄售 consignment 招标 invitation of tender 一般代理人 agent 代理协议 agency agreement 来料加工 processing on giving materials 独家经营/专营权 exclusive right
需经我方最后确认 subject to our final confirmation

  5、贸易方式 、
拍卖 auction 投标 submission of tender 总代理人 general agent 累计佣金 accumulative commission 来料装配 assembling on provided parts 独家经营/包销/代理协议 exclusivity agreement
独家代理 sole agency; sole agent; exclusive agency; exclusive agent

  6、品质条件 、
品质 quality 规格 specifications 商品目录 catalogue 标准 standard type 宣传小册 pamphlet 货号 article No. 索赔 claim 罚金条款 penalty 不可抗力 force Majeure 产地证明书 certificate of origin 重量检验证书 inspection certificate of weight (quantity) 净重 net weight 毛作净 gross for net 毛重 gross weight 外汇 foreign exchange 外币 foreign currency 汇率 rate of exchange 硬通货 hard currency 直接标价 direct quotation 金平价 gold standard 买入汇率 buying rate 固定汇率 fixed rate 国际货币基金 international monetary fund 原样 original sample 复样 duplicate sample 对等样品 counter sample 参考样品 reference sample 封样 sealed sample 代表性样品 representative sample

  7、商检仲裁 、
争议 disputes 仲裁 arbitration 仲裁庭 arbitral tribunal 品质检验证书 inspection certificate of quality 商品检验局 commodity inspection bureau

  8、 数量条件 、
容积 capacity 体积 volume 溢短装条款 more or less clause

  9、外 汇 、
法定贬值 devaluation 法定升值 revaluation 浮动汇率 floating rate 软通货 soft currency 间接标价 indirect quotation 金本位制度 gold standard 卖出汇率 selling rate 纸币制度 paper money system 黄金外汇储备 gold and foreign exchange reserve
汇率波动的官定上下限 official upper and lower limits of fluctuation



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