Telephone Conversation
Hints and Practice
When you receive a call
Hello, this is John Williams speaking. Hello, John Williams here. Hello, 237-78
  04. Hello, Watson’s Ltd. Avoid ‘I’m…’ Avoid ‘Are you…?’. Use ‘Is that … speaking?’
What’s the difference?
John Williams speaking. John Williams from sales. Never say ‘This is Manager Wang speaking’ or ‘This is Mr. Wang speaking’ This is Wang, manager of sales department at IBM.
Wrong Number
Sorry, wrong number. Sorry, you’ve got the wrong number.
If you want to talk to someone
I’d like to speak to Mr. Williams. Could I speak to Mr. Williams, please? May I speak to…? Hello, is John Williams there? Hello, is that John? Can I have extension 1
Ask for his name
May I know who is calling, please? Who is calling, please?
If you did not hear clearly
Can you say that again? Excuse me, I didn’t catch that. Can you repeat that, please? I beg your pardon. Pardon, please. I’m sorry, can you spell that, please?
When you go to look for him
Hold on, please. Hold the line, please. Hang on a moment, please. Just a second, I will get him for you. Just a minute. I’m afraid the line is busy now.
If he has an extension
I’ll put your through to Mr. Williams. Hold on, please.
If he is not in, the caller can say
Can I leave a message? Can you take a message? Could you tell him that Bill called? Could you ask him to call me back? Could you ask him to get back to me?
You can tell the caller
Would you like to leave a message? Can I take a message? I’ve got that. I’ve made a note of it. I’ll make sure he gets the message. Thank you for calling.
Tell him your purpose
I’m calling to tell you that there will be a meeting tomorrow. I’m calling to ask if you’ll be free tomorrow evening. I’m returning his call.
Practice 1
Good morning, Modern Office Ltd. This is Barbara Bell from IBM. (Want to speak to Mr. Moore.)
Practice 2
Hello, Peter Brown speaking. Hello, Peter. (Tell him you’re Mike.)
Practice 3
Good Morning, Ufax Ltd. Can I help you? Yes, could I speak to Mr. Williams? (Ask who is calling.)
Practice 4
Good morning, National Bank. Could I speak to Mr. Anderson, please? I’m sorry, Mr. Anderson is out for a lunch. (Take a message for him.)
Practice 5
Hello, Sales Department. Is that Maria? It’s Mark here. Can I speak to Jane? Hold on, please. (Will find out if she’s in the office.)
Practice 6
I’d like to speak to Mr. Carter. Just a moment. (Tell him you will put him through.)
Practice 7
Hello, Lucy Brown speaking. Hello, Ms. Brown. This is Harry Carlson. (Tell him that you call to check the arrangement for tomorrow.)
Practice 8
Hello, could I speak to Mr. White? Oh, I’m afraid he’s not available at the moment. Do you know what time he’ll be back? I’m sorry, but he has an appointment with some clients until 4pm. (ask him to call back)
Practice 9
My name is Mark Portal. . Yes, P-O-R-T-A-L, Mark Portal.
Practice 10
I ‘ll just write that down. So, it’s Judy Jackson. That’s right, from Intech. Intech? . Yes, Intech.
Practice 11
May I have your name, please? My name’s Peter Delaney. . It’s D-E-L-A-N-E-Y.
Practice 12
接电话。 介绍自己:名叫什么,在那里工作。 请对方重复姓名。 重复姓名, 要求和销售部经理讲话。 请对方稍等, 你给他接到经理那里。
Practice 13
早上好, 自报公司名字。 你好,我是John White, 是IBM的。 请再说一遍好吗? 我是John White, 是IBM的,想和总监讲话。 请稍等。 我是销售总监,自报名字。 你好,我打电话了解一下你是否收到了我们上 星期寄出的样品。
Practice 14
请Mr. Williams接电话。 道歉并说明他现在不在。 主动提出留言。 请他回电话。 询问打电话的人的姓名和电话号码。 说出自己的姓名和电话号码。 重复姓名和号码以核实。 表示感谢。 说不用谢。



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