商务英语对话: 商务英语对话:与老外打电话完整对话
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A: Stone Corp. Hi, Mary speaking. 隐四通公司, 您好,我是 Mary。 B: Hello, I’d like to speak to Mr. Hunter, please. 你好,我想找 Hunter 先生。 A: May I ask who is calling, please? 请问您是哪位? B: My name is Herbert Wood of IBM Computer Company. 我是 IBM 电脑公司的 Herbert Wood. A: Thank you, Mr. Wood. One moment, please… (into PBX) Mr. Hunter, Mr. Wood of IBM Computer Company is on the line 谢谢,Wood 先生,请稍等。(打内线电话)Hunter 先生,IBM 电脑公司的 Wood 先生找 您。 C: Can you find out what he wants? 你可以问他有什么事吗? A: Yes, Mr. Hunter. (to caller) I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr. Wood. Mr. Hunter is rather busy right now and would like to know what you wish to speak to him about. 好的,Hunter 先生。(对来电者说)对不起 Wood 先生,让您久等了。Hunter 先生现在非 常忙,他想知道你有什么事对他说。 B: Yes, I want to buy some computer software and talk about developing some other software. I don’t know whether he is interested in that or not? 是的,我想买一些计算机软件,另外再谈一谈开发一些其它的软件。我不知道他是否有兴 趣。 A: I see. Thank you very much, Mr. Wood. Would you wait a moment, please? (to PBX) Mr Hunter, Mr. Wood wants to buy some computer software.
我明白了,非常感谢,Wood 先生。请你等一下好吗?(打内线电话)Hunter 先生,Wood 先生想买一些计算机软件。 C: I see. Put him on line two. 好的,请转到 2 号线。 A: Yes, Mr. Hunter. (To caller) Mr. Wood, I’m very sorry to have kept you waiting. I’ll put you through to Mr. Hunter. 好的,Hunter 先生。(对来电者)Wood 先生,不好意思让你久等了,我把你的电话接给 Hunter 先生。
A: Good afternoon, Sales Department. May I help you? 下午好,销售部,我能帮你什么忙吗? B: Could I speak to Mr. Bush, please? 可以和 Bush 先生说话吗? A: I’ll see if he is available. Who shall I say is calling, please? 我要看一看他是否在。请问我得告诉他谁打来的? B: John Smith. A: Hold the line, please. Mr. Bush is in a meeting with the Managing Director at the moment, I’m afraid. Can I help you? 请别挂机,Bush 先生正在和总经理开会,我可以帮你忙吗? B: Well, I want to discuss with him the new contract we signed last week. 好的,我想跟他讨论一下我们上星期签订的合同。 A: I don’t think the meeting will go on much longer. Shall I ask him to call you when he is free? 我想会议不会开得太久,我让他有空给你打电话,好吗? B: Yes, that would be easiest. 是的,那样最好了。 A: Could I have your name again, please? 请再一次告诉我你的姓名,好吗? B: Yes. It’s John Smith.
好的,我叫 John Smith。
A: And the number? 电话号码呢?
B: 021-64358796
A: OK. You’ll be hearing from Mr. Bush later in the morning then, Mr. Smith. 好的,Smith 先生,早上晚些时候,你会收到 Bush 先生的电话。
B: Thank you for your help. Good-bye. 谢谢你的帮助,再见。
A: You are welcome. Good-bye. 别客气,再见。
A: Madison Industries. This is Cathy Winer speaking. Can I help you? Cathy Winer, 我能帮您吗?
Madison 工业,我是
B: Good afternoon. Could you connect this call with Mr. Black, please? 下午好,麻烦你接到 Black 先生,好吗?
A: May I know who’s calling? 请问您是哪位?
B: This is Mary Fox of A.B.C. Computer Co…I’m calling on behalf of Mr. Tom Backer, the general manager of our company.
这里是 A.B.C 电脑公司的 Mary Fox. 我是替我们公司总经理 Tom Backer 先生打电话。
A: I am sorry, Ms. Fox. Mr. Black is now in a meeting. May I have your number and ask him to call back later? 对不起,Fox 小姐。Black 先生正在开会,请告诉我你的电话号码,我会让他给你打电话 的,好吗?
B: I’m afraid Mr. Baker would like to speak to Mr. Black right now. He has got an urgent matter to discuss with Mr. Black without delay. 我想 Baker 先生想现在和 Black 先生说话,他有紧急事情与 Black 先生商量,不能拖延。
A: OK. Then, would you please hold the line? (one minute later) 好的,请你别挂机。(一分钟后) Ms. Fox, the line is through. Mr. Black is ready to answer the call. Go ahead. Fox 小姐,电话接通了,Black 先生可以和你通话了,请吧。
B: Thank you for your kind assistance, Ms. Winer 非常感谢你的善意帮助,Winer 小姐。
A: You are welcome. 别客气。
A: Good morning. NTT Co… 早上好,NTT 公司。
B: Hello. May I speak to Mr. Ira Black, head of the Export Section, please? 你好,可以和出口部负责人 Ira Black 先生通话吗?
A: I’m sorry. Mr. Black has just gone out. May I ask who’s calling?
对不起,Black 先生刚出去。可以问一下您是哪位吗?
B: This is John Carter from Ace Consultant. Would you please tell me when I could get a hold of him? 我是 Ace 咨询公司的 John Carter. 请你告诉我什么时候能找到他。
A: I really have no idea when Mr. Black could be available in the office. Could you call back later or would you mind leaving a message? 我真的一点都不知道 Black 先生什么时候会在办公室。 您可以过一会儿再打来或者给他留 言吗?
B: I think it’s better for me to leave a message. But it’s important and urgent. Please make sure he gets this message. 我觉得还是留下一个口信比较好。不过这件事很要紧,请一定将留言传达给他。
A: I see. I’m sure to pass your messages to Mr. Black. 明白了,我一定把您的留言传达给 Black 先生。
B: Good. Would you mind telling him that due to some sudden changes, do not fill out any orders for NNC Corporation until further notice? It’s very important. I’ll explain later. 那就好,你可以告诉他,由于意外变化,在进一步通知之前,请勿给 NNC 公司发货。事 关重大,稍后我会做出解释。
A: Okay, let me repeat your message to see if I’ve got it all. 行。我重复一遍留言,看看是否记全了。



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