Chapter 8
商务翻译实践 商务信函
Parts of Business Letter
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Letterhead(信头) Date(发信日期) Serial number/ Reference number(编号) Inside address(封内收信人地址) Attention line(指定收信人姓名) Salutation(称呼) Subject line or heading (主题) Body(正文) Complimentary close(结尾敬语) Signature(签名) Identification mark(发信人代号) Enclosure notation(附件注明) Postscript(附言) Carbon copy notation(复本证明)
Letterhead Date Inside address
Salutation Body
Complementary close Signature & title
Labels Pty Ltd. Canterbury 8633, New Zealand May
  20, 2009 , Kee & Co., Ltd 34 Regent Street London, UK (Date)
(Inside Address)
Dear Sirs,
We have obtained your name and address from Dee&Co. Ltd, and we are writing to enquire whether you would be willing to establish business relations with us. We have been importers of shoes for many years. At present, we are interested in extending our range and would appreciate your catalogues and quotations. If your prices are competitive we would expect to place volume orders on you. We look forward to your early reply. Yours faithfully, Tony Smith (Body) (Complimentary Close) (Signature Block)
Features of Each Part
Letterhead Date Inside Address Salutation Complimentary Closure
System A/S Corporation
Borups Alle 177, P.O. Box 80, Copenhagen, Denmark Tel: +45 38183449 Fax: +45 38183448 Web Site: E-mail:
? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Company name Address Telephone number Fax number Website E-mail address even the logo or the trade mark.
Date lies under letterhead, on the left-hand side, and can be written both in British and American ways. e.g. 3(rd) December, 2009 (British) December 3, 2009(American)
Inside Address
? Inside address lies under the date on the left.
Mr. Robert Keats (name of person addressed) Director of Personnel (title of person addressed) Windsor Knitting Mills inc. (name of organization) 295 Magnolia Avenue (street number and name) Spartanburg, South Carolina 29301 (city, state and post code) The United States of America (country name)
Salutation lies in the second or third line under inside address, starting from the very beginning of the line. The word Dear can often be used in salutation despite of their relationship. Such as: ? Dear Andy ? Dear Miss Diaz ? Dear Sirs ? Dear Sir or Madam
Dear Sir or Madam Dear Sir Dear Madam Dear Mr Smith Dear Ms Smith Dear Mrs Smith Dear Miss Smith Dear John (此处John 为英语中 常用男名) 写信给某一公司,不确定具体 的收信人 对男士,但是你不知道他的具 体姓名 对女士,但是你不知道他的具 体姓名 对男士 对已婚或未婚的女士 对已婚女士 对未婚女士 对朋友或你比较熟悉的人(通 常为多年生意伙伴)
? The message the core of the letter. ? In the business world, people often use 7 Cs to determine whether a business letter is well written or not.
Principles: 7 Cs
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Clarity 清晰 Courtesy 礼貌 Correctness 正确 Conciseness 简明 Completeness 完整 Consideration 体谅 Concreteness 具体
Complimentary Close
‘Good-bye’ ? One or two lines below the closing sentence ? The first letter should be capitalized, and at the end of the close, a comma is necessary. such as, ‘Sincerely yours’, ‘Yours sincerely’, ‘Faithfully yours’, ‘Respectfully yours’.
? Signature is under the complimentary close. ? Personal identification is preferred, e.g. a job title.
Faithfully yours, Richard Owen Marketing Manager
Business Email
Dear Hu Hsiao, Thank you for your approach. We are a small family based Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarder company based in Sydney. From Sydney we arrange import and export air and sea freight, customs clearance, distribution logistics, marine insurance and market assistance for clients throughout all of Australia. Two of our present main clients have been with us since we opened for business in 19
  49. We now have three generations of Bollingers currently working in our company. Coupled with our now 59 years of experience is our determination to maintain our high standards of personal and innovative service. Whilst we do not presently have any uncommitted on-going trade to or from Guangzhou, please be assured that we shall keep your details on file and shall contact you next time we have an enquiry for air/sea freighting to/from Guangzhou. Hopefully you will be able to send us shipments to initiate our business partnership. I trust that this may be the beginning of a mutually beneficial business relationship. Best regards, Barry Bollinger Managing Director BOLLINGER SHIPPING AGENCY PTY LTD 14/7 Sefton road THORNLEIGH NSW 2120 Australia PH: +612 9980 1364 Fax: +612 9980 1365 e-mail: Web:
Seven deadly sins(七宗罪)
① ② ③ ④ Abbreviating St. and Ave. Abbreviating the name of month Showing the date in figures like 5/8/2009 Using P.S. to add something forgotten to mention in the body ⑤ Using misspelled words and names ⑥ Errors in figures ⑦ Not checking grammar
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? We are writing to enquire about … 写信是询问关于…… We are writing in connection with … 写信是关于 …… We are interested in … and we would like to know … 我们对……感兴趣……我们想知道 …… …… asking if … 感谢(某日)询问是否……的来信 Thank you for your letter of (date), enquiring about … 感谢(某日)询问有关……的来信 We have received your letter of (date), enclosing … 我们已收到(某日)的来信以及随信寄来的…… concerning … 我们已收到(某日)关于……的来信
? 如果写信的开头或者是信中要提到某件事情: 如果写信的开头或者是信中要提到某件事情:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? with reference to… 关于…… further to … 继……之后 with regard to … 关于…… I am writing in connection with … 我写信是为了…… A point in your letter gives us great concern that … 我们很关心您信中提到的…… Regarding … 关于……
? ? ? ? ? I am pleased to tell you that … 我很高兴的告诉你/通知你…… I am delighted to inform you …… I am happy to advise you … We are pleased to inform you that We have pleasure in informing you that We have the pleasure to apprise you of We have the honor to inform you that (of)
? ? ? ? ? ? I regret to tell you that … 很遗憾/很抱歉告诉你/通知你…… I am sorry to inform you … I am sorry to advise you that … We regret that … 我们很遗憾……
? ? ? ? ? ? We are unable to … 我们不能…… We are able to … 我们能…… …… We have been forced to … 我们不得不……
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? This was owing to … 这是因为……(多半为坏消息) Due to … 这是由于 …… As a result of … 这是……的结果 Because of … 这是因为……
? 请求采取行动,如果紧急的话,可以加上后面的 请求采取行动,如果紧急的话, 词组 ? Please could you … as soon as possible ? 请你尽快…… ? We would be grateful if you could …without delay ? 如果你能尽快……,我们将不胜感激 ? We would appreciate it if you could … immediately… ? 如你能尽快…… 我们将不胜感激
? ? ? ? ? ? We must apologize for … 我们必须为……表示我们的歉意 We apologize for … 我们为……道歉 …… We are extremely sorry for … 我们为……感到非常抱歉
We would like to know about/if … 我们想了解有关…… Please could you give us further detail about … 请给我们更多有关……的信息 We would be grateful if you could let us know about/if … ? 如果能告诉我们有关……,我们将不胜感激 ? We would appreciate it if you could inform us about/if … ? 如果能告诉我们有关……,我们将不胜感激 ? ? ? ? ?
? Unfortunately, 然后直接说不幸的事情发生 了,比如, ? Unfortunately, we have not yet received your payment, we would be grateful if you could make the payment soon.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (用在强烈抱怨 强烈抱怨中) 强烈抱怨 I should like to draw your attention to (the fact that) … 我想提请你们注意…… I should like to point out that … 我想指出…… I should like to remind you that … 我想提醒你们…… I hope that it is not necessary to remind you that … 我希望没有必要提醒你们……
? ? ? ? Unless…, we will be forced to … 除非……, 否则我们将不得不…… If … (not) …, we will be forced to … 如果……不……, 我们将不得不……. …… …… …….
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
普通结尾 I look forward to receiving your reply/order/products/etc. 期待收到你的答复,定单,产品等 Looking forward to hearing from you. 期待你的来信 提供消息类邮件的结尾 提供消息类邮件的结尾 I hope that this information will help you. 期待这些消息会对你有所帮助。 Please contact me if you need any further information. 如果需要更多的信息,请你与我联系。 Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are need any further information. 如果需要更多的信息,请马上联系我。 Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. 有什么问题,请随时与我联络。 Please let me know if you need any further information. 如果需要更多的信息,请告诉我。 道歉信结尾 道歉信结尾 Please accept our apologies once again. 请接受我们的歉意 We hope that this has not caused you any in convenience. 我们希望这不会给你造成不便。
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 开头: 开头: Thank you for your letter/telephone call/telex/fax. 很感激你的来信/来电/电传/传真。 It was a pleasure to … (meet you at/on…) 很荣幸在…… 时间/地点与你见面。 It was good to …(see you again at/on…) 很高兴在……时间/地点再次见到你。 (hear from you again) 很高兴再次收到你的来信。 It was a pity that … ( we did not have more time to talk at/on…) 很遗憾我们上次没有更多的时间讨论…… I am sorry that … ( I missed you when you visited my office) 很遗憾你来我办公室时,我没能见到你。
? 信件主体 ? 要求提供消息:I was wondering if you could help me. 我不知道你是否能帮我。 ? 提供消息:I thought you might be interested to hear that … 我想你可能会对……感兴趣。 ? 抱怨:I am afraid we have a small problem. 恐怕我 们有个问题 ? 告知坏消息:I am afraid I have some bad news. 恐 怕,有些坏消息。
? 结尾 ? I look forward to seeing you again next time I am in … 我期待着下次我在…时,与你见面。 ? If ever you are in London, please give me a ring or call in. 来伦敦时,给我打电话或来我公司坐坐. ? Please give my regard to Dianna Smith. 请替我向 Dianna问好。 ? Please pass my best wishes to Mr. Lund. I hope that he has now recovered from the flu. 请向兰德先生问好。 我希望他早日康复.



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