报价篇: (
  1) A: We can offer you this in different levels of quality. B: Is there much of a difference in price ? A: Yes ,the economy model is about 30% less. B: We'll take that one . A:这产品我们有三种不同等级的品质。 B:价钱也有很大的分别吧? A:是的,经济型的大约便宜 30%. B:我们就买那种。 (
  2) A: Is this going to satisfy your requirements ? B: Actually , it is more than we need . A: We can give you a little cheaper model . B: Let me see the specifications for that . A:这种的合你的要求吗? B:事实上,已超出我们所需要的。 A:我们可以提供你便宜一点的型式。 B:让我看看它的规格说明书吧。 (
  3) A: You're asking too much for this part . B: we have some cheaper ones . A: What is the price difference ? B: The basic model will cost about 10% less . A:这零件你们要价太高了。 B:我们有便宜一点的。 A:价钱差多少? B:基本型的便宜约 10%左右。 (
  4) A: How many different models of this do you offer? B: We have five different ones . A: Is there much of a price difference . B: Yes, so we had better look over your specifications. A:这个你们有多少种不同的型式。 B:五种 A:价钱有很大的差别吗? B:是的,所以我们最好先把您的规格说明细看一遍。 (
  5) A: The last order didn't work out too well for us B: What was wrong? A: We were developing too much waste . B: I suggest you go up to our next higher price level. A:上回订的货用起来不怎么顺。 B:有什么问题吗?
A:生产出来的废品太多了。 B:我建议您采用我们价格再高一级的货 (
  6) A: Did the material work out well for you ? B: Not really . A: What was wrong? B: We felt that the price was too high for the quality . A:那些材料进行的顺利吗? B:不怎么好。 A:怎么啦? B:我们觉得以这样的品质价钱太高了。 (
  7) A: Has our material been all right ? B: I'm afraid not . A: Maybe you should order a little better quality B: Yes, we might have to do that . A:我们的原材料没问题吧? B:有问题呢。 A:也许您应该买品质好一点的 B:是呀,恐怕只有这么做了。 (
  8) A: I think you had better come out to the factory . B: Is there something wrong . A: Yes ,your last shipment wasn't up to par . B: Let 's go out and have a look at it . A:我看你最好走一趟工厂, B:出了什么事吗。 A:嗯,你上次送去的货没有达到标准。 B:走,我们去看看? (
  9) A: I want you to look at this material . B: Is this from our last shipment ? A: Yes ,it is . B: I can see why you are having some problems with it . A:我要你看看这材料! B:这是上次叫的货吗? A:是啊。 B:我明白为什么你用起来会有问题了。 (
  10) A: I would suggest that you use this material instead of that . B: But that costs more . A: But you will get less waste from this . B: We'll try it once . A:我建议你改用这种替代那种。
B:可是那样成本较高。 A:但可以减少浪费。 B:那么就试一次看看吧。 (
  11) A: Our manufacturing costs have gone up too much . B: You might try one of our cheaper components . A: Let's take a look at your price list again B: Sure . I'll bring it in next week . A:我们的制造成本增加太多了。 B:你试试这种较便宜的组件怎样? A:我再看一次你们的价目表吧。 B:好哇 ,我下个礼拜带过来。 (
  12) A: This is the best material we have to offer . B: Actually ,I don't think we need it to be this good . A: I can let you have this kind cheaper . B: Let's do that . A:这是本公司所供应的最好的原料。 B:说实在的,我并不认为我们用得着这么好的, A:我可以算你便宜一点。 B:那就这么说定吧? (
  13) A: How is the new material working out for you ? B: Fine .we're saving a lot of money with it . A: I'm glad to hear that . B: It was a good suggestion .thanks . A:新原料用得如何? B:不错,节省了不少的钱, A:听你这么说真高兴。 B:你建议得不错,谢谢。 (
  14) A: How many would you like to order ? B: Is there a minimum order ? A: No ,we can ship in lots of any size . B: We'll try one case of this . A:您要订多少? B:有最低订购量的限制吗? A:没有,任何数量都可以出货。 B:那么,这种的就试一箱吧 (
  15) A: We're ready to take your order now. B: We want to try this component as a sample. A: I can send one for you to try . B: Yes , please do that .
A:你们现在可以下订单了。 B:这种组件我们想试个样品看看。 A:我们可以寄个给你试用。 B:好,那就麻烦你了。 (
  16) A: How many would you like to order ? B: How do they come packaged ? A: In cases of 1
  00. B: We'll take 5
  00. A: 您要订多少? B:货是怎样装的呢? A:一箱装 100 个。 B:我们要 500 个 (
  17) A: We need seven of these . B: They come in cases of five . A: Then ,send two cases please . B: Good . thank you for the order . A:我们要七个这种的。 B:它们是五个一箱。 A:这样的话,就送两箱吧。 B:好的,谢谢你的订货。 (
  18) A: We can't handle an order that small . B: What is the minimum we would have to order . A: 300 pieces . B: I see ,send those ,then . A:这么少的数量,我们不能接受。 B:那么我们至少得订多少呢。 A:300 个 B:哦,那就 300 个吧。 (
  19) A: We have a problem with your order . B: What is it ? A: We can't split open a case to fill your order . B: I'll see if we can take the whole case . A:你订的货有点问题。 B:什么问题。 A:因为我们不能拆箱来凑足你的订量。 B:那我考虑看看是不是可以买整箱。 (
  20) A: Do you offer any quantity discounts ? B: No, we don't. A: Then give us three cases of this .
A:大量购买有折扣吗? B:不,没有。 A:那么这种的就买三箱好了。 (
  21) A: You could save a lot if you would order a little more . B: How could we do that ? A: We offer a discount for large orders . B: Let me take another look at our requirements . A:如果你单子下得多一点,可以省不少的钱。 B:怎么说呢? A:我们对大量订购有打折。 B:那我们看看我们的需要量有多少 (
  22) A: Your prices seem a little high . B: We could make them lower for you . A: How ? B: If you order in large lots , we'll reduce the price . A:你们的价钱高了一些。 B:我们可以算你便宜一点。 A:怎么做呢? B:如果你大量订购,我们可以降价 (
  23) A: We can offer a 10% discount for orders over 10000 pieces. B: I'm not sure we can use that many . A: It would represent quite a savings . B: Ok, I'll see what I can do . A:订购一万个以上,我们可以打九折。 B:我怕我们用不了那么多。 A:这省下的可是一笔不少的钱哩。 B:好吧,我考虑考虑吧 (
  24) A: Why are there three prices quoted for this part ? B: They represent the prices for different quantities. A: I see . B: The more you order , the more you will save . A:这种零件为什么有三种不同的报价? B:那表示不同的量有不同的价钱。 A:原来如此。 B:订购愈多,省的钱愈多 (
  25) A: Is this your standard price ? B: Yes ,it is . A: It seems too high to me B: We can negotiate the unit price for large orders .
A:这是你们的基本准价吗? B:是的 A:好像贵了一点。 B:如果大量订购,单价可以再谈。 (
  26) A: I'm calling about mistake on our last invoice . B: What was it ? A: We should have been given the large quantity price . B: Yes ,that is absolutely right . A:我打电话来,是因为上回的发票有错。 B:怎么啦。 A:你应该开大宗折扣价才是。 B:啊,对的,是应该这样。 (
  27) A: Doesn't the quantity discount apply on this order ? B: No ,I'm sorry ,but it doesn't. A: Why not? B: Because these items are from different shipments. A:这次下的单子没有大宗折扣吗? B:抱歉,没有。 A:为什么没有? B:因为这几项品目不属同一批货。 (
  28) A: We can make the price lower if you would order a bit more . B: How much more ? A: Just three more cases . B: I think we can do that . A:如果你单子下多一点,我们可以减价。 B:还要多下多少? A:只要再三箱就可以了。 B:那我想没问题。 (
  29) A: I have the quotations you asked for . B: Good ,we've been looking for them . A: I'll leave them for you to look over . B: I'll give you a call when we are ready to talk about them . A:你要的报价已经做好了。 B:好啊 ,我们一直等着看呢。 A:我会留下来给你慢慢的看。 B:等我们准备好可以谈的时候,我会打电话给你。 (
  30) A: Were you able to quote on all the items we need ? B: No, not all of them . A: Oh ?why not ?
B: We aren't able to supply the third ad fifth items . A:我们需要的每个项目你都能报价吗。 B:不,没办法全部。 A:哦,为什么? B:第三及第五项目,我们没有货供应。 (
  31) A: Here are the quotations that you asked for . B: How do they compare to last year's ? A: The price increases haven't been too bad at all . B: That's good to hear .let's take a look at your prices . A:这是你的报的价。 B:与去年的相比怎么样。 A:没有涨太多。 B:那好,我们来看看你的报价吧。 (
  32) A: I have a question about this quotation you submitted . B: What is it ? A: The third item has been omitted . B: Oh ,yes .we don't carry that item anymore . A:你提出的报价我有问题。 B:什么呢? A:第三项目漏掉了。 B:哦,是的,那一项目我们不再卖了。 (
  33) A: What is the deadline for submitting the quotation ? B: We need it in our office by next Monday . A: I think we'll able to make that . B: Good .we can't extend the deadline . A:报价截止日是哪一天? B:下星期一以前要送到我们公司。 A:我想没问题。 B:那好,我们可不能延期的。 (
  34) A: We'd like a chance to bid on this business. B: We'll be taking quotations next month . A: Will you let us have the specifications ? B: Sure ,just drop in my office some time and pick them up . A:我们希望能有机会投标这笔生意。 B:我们将在下个月接受报价。 A:规格说明书可以给我们吗。 B:没问题,什么时候到我办公室来拿都可以。 (
  35) A: Can you tell me why our bid was not accepted? B: I think you were a little too high on some of the items .
A: On which ones ? B: You're perfectly welcome to inspect the winning bid . A:请告诉我为什么我们没有得标好吗? B:我想你们有几个项目的价格高了一点。 A:哪几个品目呢, B:我们很欢迎你来查阅得标者。 (
  36) A: Was our bid accepted ? B: No ,I 'm sorry .it wasn't . A: Can you tell me why ? B: Sorry ,but I'm not at liberty to reveal that information. A:我们得标了吗? B:抱歉,没有。 A:能告诉我什么原因吗? B:对不起,我示能随意泄露情报。 (
  37) A: Congratulations ! your bid has won . B: I'm glad to hear that . A: When can you come around to discuss some details with us ? B: I'll be there next Monday at noon . A:恭喜!你得标了。 B:真是好消息, A:什么时候可以过来和我们讨论细节呢? B:下个星期一中午吧。 (
  38) A: What is your best price on this item ? B: $
  24.95 per hundred pieces A: That will be fine with us . B: Fine. I'll start the paperwork for your order right away . A: 这一品目的最低价是多少? B:一百个美金二十四块九毛五。 A: 这价钱还可以. B: 那好啊,那我立刻就为你们的订单做准备了 . 39 A: can we expect the same price as the last time ? B: Oh, yes, no problem about that. A: Good. We'll be ordering in just a few days. A: 价钱能够和上次的一样吗? B:哦,可以。没有问题。 A:好的。两三天内我们就会下订单。 40 A: This price is quite a bit higher than it was last time. B: we’re sorry, but we’ve had a slight price increase here..
A:Slight? I wouldn’t call this slight. B:we’ve had to increase our prices on this item by just 8%. A: 这次的价格比上次要贵了一些. B:真抱歉,不过我们只涨了一点点而已.. A:一点点?这叫一点点? B:着一种我们不得已也只加了 8%而已。



   报价篇: (1) A: We can offer you this in different levels of quality. B: Is there much of a difference in price ? A: Yes ,the economy model is about 30% less. B: We'll take that one . A:这产品我们有三种不同等级的品质。 B:价钱也有很大的分别吧? A:是的,经济型的大约便宜 30%. B:我们就买那种。 (2) A: ...


   一,交际 1. Hello, … 你 . 2. Hi, … 喂,你 . 3. Good morning/ afternoon/evening. 5. Fine, thank you/ thanks. 6. Not bad, thank you. 7. Welcome back to school. 欢 8. Welcome to our school. 欢 9. Happy birthday! 乐! 么? ? …/ … . 们. / 叫… 叫… / . What' 10. What's yo ...


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   一、如何用英语进行商务议价 1. Let's get down to business, shall we? 让我们开始谈生意好吗? 2. I'd like to tell you what I think about that. 我想告诉你我的一些想法。 3. Are those prices FOB or CIF? 这些价格是船上交货价还是运费及保险费在内价? 4. Are these prices wholesaleor retail? 这些价格是批发价还是零售价? 5. That's ...


   介绍篇: 介绍篇: 1) A: I don't believe we've met. B: No, I don't think we have. SungA: My name is Chen Sung-lim. B: How do you do? My name is Fred Smith. 我们以前没有见过吧? A: 我们以前没有见过吧? B:我想没有. 我想没有. A:我叫陈松林. 我叫陈松林. B:您好,我是弗雷德史蜜斯. 您好,我是弗雷德史蜜斯. 2) A: Here's my na ...


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   商务英语口语 Unit 1 希望与要求 1. We'd like to express our desire to establish business relationship with you on the basis of quality, mutually benefit and exchange of needed goods . 我们希望在保证质量、互惠互利以及交易彼此需要的货物的基础上和你们建立业务关系。 2 .In order to extend our export bus ...


   8 We’ll leave some evenings free that is if it is all right with you. 如果你们愿意的话, 如果你们愿意的话,我们想留几个晚上供你们自 由支配。 由支配。 9 We’d have to compare notes on what we have discussed during the day. 我们想用点时间来研究讨论一下白天谈判的情 况。 13 Better have something we can get our h ...


   ●商务英语口语中赞成的表达法:    赞成.   I agree. *比较生硬的说法.   I think it's very important. (我认为这个问题很重要.)   I agree. (我同意.)   I agree with that.   I'm with you. *"对,对"、"很好嘛"、"我赞成"、"OK".   I'm for it.   I don't agree. (我反对.)    ...


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   进入项目几天,所见所闻完全颠覆了我对 SAP 项目实施和国际人的理解,我需要给自己重 新定位。几个月后项目结束,我将面临 SAP or not 的抉择。考虑了许久,最后还是决定将 这篇文章贴出来,因为承诺。 原文如下: 一位朋友咨询:每天怎么学英语? 论坛里的很多朋友也面临着同样的问题,我自己曾经也是。我写笔记通常只给自己看,所以 很少发帖,上一篇《学给 ERP 新手,Hold on》至今已两年。这篇文章贴出来,是觉得对大 家没有坏处,说不定还有好处,于是才开始写。 下周就要进入新工作,有了 ...


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   研究生学位论文 The Stylistic Analysis of the Syntactic Features of Legal English 法律英语句法特征的文体学分析 qfm雌也?奎【睦盎???一 一,㈣w 柑m懈g?嫠建玉立援??一 强± 仙抽赴冒置直堂壁廛虽置言堂 ≈≈#目H】lL?垫堕生旦且±旦“搬Hm???生??且一 中国海洋太学 法律英语句法特征的文体学分析 摘要 法律语言是法律职业专用的语言,是法律思想的外衣和法律精神的体现。 法律的撰写和记录主要靠书面语言来实现。法律 ...


   选校网 www.xuanxiao.com 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库 绝密★ 绝密★启用前 2010 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试 英 卷 15 至 16 页。考试结束后,将本试卷和答题卡一并交回。 语 本试卷分第一卷(选择题)和第二卷(非选择题)两部分。第一卷 1 至 l4 页。第二 第一卷 注意事项: 注意事项: 1. 答题前.考生在答题卡上务必用直径 0.5 毫米黑色墨水签字笔将自己的姓名、准 条形码。请认真核准条形码上的准考证号、姓名租科目。 ...

(人教新目标版)七年级英语上册 自测卷3

   Unit 3 学生自测试题 1. 在表格中写出下列中文意思对应的英文单词。 爷爷 奶奶 爸爸 妈妈 姐妹 兄弟 父亲或母亲 父母亲 祖父或祖母 爷爷奶奶 姨母 叔叔 儿子 女儿 唐兄弟姐妹 朋友 那些 这些 他 她 照片;图画 照片;相片 这里 2. 把下列句子变为复数形式。 (1) This is my friend. (2) That is my pen. 【单元语法点拨】 单元语法点拨】 1. 代词 this“这,这个”和 that“那,那个”的复数形式分别为 these“这些”和 t ...