商务英语口语 300 句+对话 16 例
Section One Establishing Business Relations 建立业务关系
I. Brief Introduction 建立业务关系,实际上就是确定贸易对象.贸易对象选择得合适与否,决定 着贸易的成败.在一般情况下,双方通过各自的介绍或第三者的介绍,先摸清对 方的资金信用, 经营能力和业务范围等重要条件, 然后再进行实质性的业务商讨. 贸易双方只有在相互了解,彼此信赖的基础上,才能进行积极地合作,并使双方 贸易活动得以顺利地开展. II. Basic Expressions
  1. We've come to know your name and address from the Commercial Counselor's Office of the Chinese Embassy in London. 我们从中国驻伦敦大使馆的商务参赞处得知你们的名字和地址.
  2. By the courtesy of Mr. Black, we are given to understand the name and address of your firm. 承蒙布莱克先生的介绍,我们得知贵公司的名称和地址.
  3. We are willing to enter into business relations with your firm. 我们愿意与贵公司建立业务关系.
  4. Your firm has been introduced (recommended, passed on) to us by Maple Company. 枫叶公司向我方介绍了贵公司.
  5. Our mutual understanding and cooperation will certainly result in important business. 我们之间的相互了解与合作必将促成今后重要的生意.
  6. We express our desire to establish business relations with your firm. 我们愿和贵公司建立业务关系.
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商务英语口语 300 句+对话 16 例

  7. We shall be glad to enter into business relations with you. 我们很乐意同贵公司建立业务关系.
  8. We now avail ourselves of this opportunity to write to you with a view to entering into business relations with you. 现在我们借此机会致函贵公司,希望和贵公司建立业务关系.
  9. We are now writing you for the purpose of establishing business relations with you. 我们特此致函是想与贵方建立业务关系.
  10. Your desire to establish business relations coincides with ours. 你方想同我方建立业务关系的愿望与我方是一致的.
  11. We specialize in the export of Japanese Light Industrial Products and would like to trade with you in this line. 鉴于我方专营日本轻工业产品出口业务,我方愿与贵方在这方面开展贸易.
  12. Our lines are mainly arts and crafts. 我们经营的商品主要是工艺品.

  13. We have been in this line of business for more than twenty years. 我们经营这类商品已有二十多年的历史了.
  14. Your letter expressing the hope of establishing business connections with us has met with approval. 来函收悉,得知贵方愿与我方建立业务关系,我们表示同意.
  15. In order to acquaint you with the textiles we handle, we take pleasure in sending you by air our latest catalogue for your perusal. 为了使贵方对我方经营的纺织品有所了解,特航寄我方最新目录,供细阅.
  16. Glad to see you in your company.
  17. It's only half an hour's car ride. 很高兴在贵公司见到您. 只有半小时的车程.

  18. Suppose we make it, say three o'clock tomorrow afternoon. 如果我们能去的话,那么就明天下午三点钟吧.
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商务英语口语 300 句+对话 16 例

  19. It would be very helpful if you could send us statistics on your sales. 如果你们能将你们的销售统计资料寄给我们,那可就太有帮助了.
  20. We would like to ask you to kindly send us the related information. 我们希望你们能将相关资料寄给我们. III. Sample Dialogue A: Good morning. My name is Mr. Brown. I'm from Australia. Here is my card. -- 早上好!我叫布朗,澳大利亚人.这是我的名片. B: Thank you. I'm pleased to meet you, Mr. Brown. My name is Kathy Perless, the representative of Green Textile Import and Export Corporation. -- 谢谢.布朗先生,见到您非常高兴.我是凯茜佩利丝,是格林纺 织品进出口 公司的代表. A: Pleased to meet you too, Ms. Perless. I travel a lot every year on business, but this is my first visit to your country. I must say I have been much impressed by your friendly people. -- 佩利丝小姐,见到您我也很高兴.我每年出差跑很多地方,但是,到 中国来还 是头一次.你们这里的人非常友好给我留下了深刻的印象. B: Thank you for saying so. Have you seen the exhibition halls? On display are most of our products, such as silk, woolen knitwear, cotton piece goods, and garments. -- 谢谢夸奖.您参观过展览厅了吗?展出的大部分是我们的产品,比如丝绸, 毛织品,棉布匹和服装等. A: Oh, yes. I had a look yesterday. I found some of the exhib its to be fine in quality and beautiful in design. The exhibition has successfully displayed to me what your corporation handles. I've gone over the catalogue and the pamphlets enclosed in your last letter. I've got some idea of your exports. I'm interested in your silk blouses. -- 哦,对,昨天我去看过.有些产品质量好,设计又美观.展览会成功向我介 绍了贵公司所经营的各种产品.我已看过你上次在信中所附的目录和小册子, 对贵公司的出口产品有了一些了解.我对你们的丝绸女衫颇感兴趣.
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商务英语口语 300 句+对话 16 例
B: Our silk is known for its good quality. It is one of our tradi- tional exports. Silk blouses are brightly colored and beau- tifully designed. They've met with great favor overseas and are always in great demand. -- 我们的丝绸以质量好著称.丝绸是我们的传统出口商品之一.丝绸女衫色彩 鲜艳,设计美观,在国外很受欢迎,需求量一直都很大. A: Some of them seem to be of the latest style. Now I've a feeling that we can do a lot of trade in this line. We wish to establish relations with you. -- 有些看来还是最新的式样.现在我感觉我们在这方面可以做不少买卖.我们 希望同贵公司建立业务关系. B: Your desire coincides with ours. -- 我们双方的愿望是一致的. A: Concerning our financial position, credit standing and trade reputation, you may refer to Bank of Hong Kong, or to our local Chamber of Commerce or inquiry agencies. -- 关于我们的财务状况,信用及声誉,你们可以向香港银行,或我们的当地商 会或咨询社进行了解. B: Thank you for your information. As you know, our corporation is a state-operated one. We always trade with foreign countries on the basis of equality and mu- tual benefit. Establishing business relations between us will be to our mutual benefit. I have no doubt that it will bring about closer ties between us. -- 谢谢你所提供的情况.我们公司是国营公司,我们一向是在平等互利的基础 上进行外贸交易,我们之间建立业务关系将对双方有利.我相信业务关系的建 立也将使我们之间的关系更为密切. A: That sounds interesting. I'll send a fax home. As soon as I receive a definite answer, I'll make a specific inquiry. -- 太好了,我会发一份传真回去.一收到肯定的答复,我就提供具体的询价. B: We'll then make an offer as soon as possible. I hope a lot of business will be conducted between us. -- 到时我们一定尽快报价.我希望我们之间能做成很多生意. A: So do I. -- 我也一样.
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商务英语口语 300 句+对话 16 例
Section Two Inquiry 询 盘
I. Brief Introduction 在对外贸易中,交易的一方欲出售或购买某种商品,向另一方询问买卖该商 品的各项交易条件,这种口头的或书面的表示,在进出口业务中称之为询盘或询 价. 询盘一般分为两种:
  2)具体询价:所谓具体询价实际上就是请求对方报盘(request for an offer). 也就是说,买方已准备购买某种商品,或已有现成买主,请卖方就这一商品 报价. II. Basic Expressions
  21. Our buyers asked for your price list or catalogue. 我们的买主想索求你方价格单或目录.
  22. Prices quoted should include insurance and freight to Vancouver. 所报价格需包括到温哥华的保险和运费.
  23. I would like to have your lowest quotations C.I.F. Vancouver. 希望您报成本加运费,保险费到温哥华的最低价格.
  24. Will you please send us your catalogue together with a detailed offer? 请寄样品目录和详细报价.
  25. We would appreciate your sending us the latest samples with their best prices. 请把贵公司的最新样品及最优惠的价格寄给我们,不胜感激.
  26. Your ad in today's China Daily interests us and we will be glad to receive samples with your prices. 对你们刊登在今天《中国日报》上的广告,我们很感兴趣.如能寄来样品并附 上价格,不胜欣慰.
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商务英语口语 300 句+对话 16 例

  27. Will you please inform us of the prices at which you can supply? 请告知我们贵方能供货的价格.
  28. If your prices are reasonable, we may place a large order with you. 若贵方价格合理,我们可能向你们大量订货.
  29. If your quality is good and the price is suitable for our market, we would consider signing a long-term contract with you. 若质量好且价格适合我方市场的话,我们愿考虑与你方签署一项长 期合同.
  30. As there is a growing demand for this article, we have to ask you for a special discount. 鉴于我方市场对此货的需求日增,务请你们考虑给予特别折扣.
  31. We would appreciate your letting us know what discount you can grant if we give you a long-term regular order. 若我方向你们长期订货,请告知能给予多少折扣,不甚感激.
  32. Please quote your lowest price CIF Seattle for each of the follow- ing items, including our 5% commission. 请就下列每项货物向我方报成本加运费,保险费到西雅图的最低价格,其中包 括我们百分之五的佣金.
  33. Please keep us informed of the latest quotation for the following items. 请告知我方下列货物的最低价格.
  34. Mr. Smith is making an inquiry for green tea. 史密斯先生正在对绿茶进行询价.
  35. Now that we have already made an inquiry on your articles, will you please make an offer before the end of this month? 既然我们已经对你们的产品进行了询价,请在月底前报价.
  36. As a rule, we deliver all our orders within 3 months after receipt of the covering letters of credit. 一般来说,在收到相关信用证后三个月内我们就全部交货.
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  37. Please quote us your price for 100 units of Item 6 in your catalog. 请给我们提供你们产品目录册上 100 组 6 号产品的报价.
  38. Those items are in the greatest demand in foreign markets. 那些产品在国外市场上的需求量很大.
  39. Would you please quote me your prices for the goods? 你能报给我这些商品的价格吗?
  40. We have quoted this price based on careful calculations. 这个报价是我们在精打细算的基础上得出来的. III. Sample Dialogue A: I'm glad to have the opportunity of visiting your corporation. I hope to conclude some substantial business with you. -- 我很高兴有这个机会参观你们公司.我希望能与您谈下大笔生意. B: It's a great pleasure to meet you, Mr. Brown. I believe you have seen our exhibits in the showroom. May I know what particular items you're interested in? -- 很高兴见到您,布朗先生.我想您已经看过我们展示厅里的产品了. 可否知 道您具体对哪些商品感兴趣? A: I'm interested in your hardware. I've seen the exhibits and studied your catalogues. I think some of the items will find a ready market in Canada. Here is a list of my requirements, for which I'd like to have your lowest quotations, C.I.F. Vancouver. -- 我对你们的五金产品感兴趣.我已看过你们的展示品并仔细看过你 们的目录 册.我想其中的一些产品很快就能在加拿大畅销.这是我 所列的需求单,请 给予最优惠的报价,温哥华到岸价. B: Thank you for your inquiry. Would you tell us the quantity you require so that we can work out the offers? -- 感谢您的询价.您能告诉我们您需要的数量以便我们报价吗? A: I'll do that. Meanwhile, could you give me an indication of price? -- 我会的,同时你能给我一个估计价格吗?
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商务英语口语 300 句+对话 16 例
B: Here are our F.O.B. price lists. All the prices in the lists are subject to our confirmation. -- 这是我们的离岸价单,里面所有的价格都以我方确认为准. A: What about the commission? From European suppliers I usually get a 3 to 5 percent commission for my imports. It's the general practice. -- 佣金呢?从欧洲供销商那里,我通常可以得到进口产品 3-5%的佣金.这是惯 例. B: As a rule we don't allow any commission. But if the order is a substantial one, we'll consider it. -- 一般来说,我们不允许任何佣金.但是如果订单数量可观,我们会考虑的. A: You see, but I do business on a commission basis. A commission on your prices would make it easier for me to promote sales. Even two or three percent would help. -- 但我是在佣金的基础上做生意的.你们在价格上提供佣金将使我推销产品更 加容易一些.即使 2%或 3%也是可以的. B: That's something we can discuss later. -- 这个问



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