Unit One 希望与要求 1 We’d like to express our desire to establish business relations with you on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and the exchange of needed goods. 2 In order to extend our export business to your country, we wish to enter into direct business relations with you. 3 Our hope is to establish mutual beneficial trading relations between us. 4 We look forward to a further extension of pleasant business relation. 5 It’s our hope to continue with considerable business dealing with you 6 We look forward to receiving your quotation very soon, 7 I hope you’ll see from the reduction that we are really doing our utmost. 8 We hope to discuss business with you at your earliest convenience. 9 We wish to express our desire to trade with you in leather shoes. 10 We look forward to your early reply and trust that though our mutual cooperation we shall be able to conclude this transaction with you in the near future. 11 I hope we can do business together, and look forward to hearing from you soon. 12 I hope that we can cooperate happily. 13 I hope that we can continue our cooperation. 14 We sincerely hope that this transaction will turn out to the satisfaction of both parties. 15 We hope that this market trend will continue.
16 It is hoped that you would seriously take this matter into consideration and let us have your reply soon. 17 We hope that you will deal with our request earnestly. 18 We hope to receive your immediate answer. 19 We are looking forward to having your early reply to this matter. 20 We hope that this dispute can be settled through friendly negotiation without its being submitted for arbitration. 21 We look forward to your settlement at an early date. 22 Your early settlement of this case will be appreciated. 23 We hope that you can settle the claim as quickly as possible. 24 We hope that there will be no repetition of this kind of trouble in the future. 25 We expect that you will offer us a lower price as soon as possible. 26 We hope that the matter can be brought to a satisfactory solution. 27 I do hope this undesirable incident will not stand in the way of our future business. 28 We hope this matter will not affect our good relations in our future dealings. 29 I wish that this business will bring benefit to both of us. 30 We hope this incident will not bring any harm to our pleasant relations.
Unit 2 产品介绍
Part One
  31. This model of typewriter is efficient and endurable , economical and practical for middle school students.
  32. The computer we produced is characterized by its high quality ,compact-sized, energy-saving and it’ also easy-to-learn and easy-to-operate.
  33.They are not only as low-priced as other makers, but they are distinctly superior in the following respects .
  34. You will get a 30% increasing production upon using this machine and also it allows one people to perform the task of three people.
  35. This product will pay its own way in a year.
  36.This machine will pay back your investment in 6 month.
  37.The new type of suitcase card designed by our engineers is very ingenious and practical.
  38.This kind of bicycle can be folded in half and handy to carry around ,especially useful during traveling and traffic jams.
  39.The maximum speed of this kind of variable speed bicycle is 30 K/H .
  40.These machines have few breakdowns and easy to maintain because of their simple mechanical structure.
  41.Compared with other brands, this kind of tyre cost less per mile and wear much longer due to its topnotch rubber.
  42. This kind of tyre is characteristic of nonskid stop on wet road.

  43.This material has a durable and easy-to-clean surface.
  44.This kind of air-conditioning system is practical and economical for the needs of your company.
  45.Our products are as superb quality as well as the typical oriental make-up. Part two
  46.Our silk garments are made of super pure silk material and by traditional skills.
  47. The garments are magnificent and tasteful and have long enjoyed great fame both at home and aboard.
  48.As our typewriters are made of light and hard alloy they are both portable and endurable.
  49.The hand bags we quoted are all made of the best leather and various the kinds and the styles in order to meet the requirements of all walks of life in your country.
  50.As our products have all the feature you need and 20% cheaper compared with that Japanese made ,I strongly recommended to you.
  51.Vacuum cleaners of this brand are competitive in the international market and are the best- selling products of their kind.
  52. “Forever” multiple speed racing bicycles are sure to be sellable in your market.
  53. Owning to its superior quality and reasonable price our silk has met
with warm reception and quick sale in most European countries.
  54.We feel that our product is the best kind in Asia and we can very well compete against Japan in price.
  55. Our goods are greatly appreciated in other markets similar to your own.
  56.By virtue of its super quality ,this product is often sold out in many areas.
  57.Our products are superior in quality and moderate in price and are sure to be sellable in your market.
  58.These items are most sellable in our market.
  59.There have been a steady demand in our market for this kind of toy.
  60.We have the pleasure in recommending you the goods similar to the sample you send.
Unite four 承诺
  91.We assure you that such things will not happen again in our future deliveries.
  92.We’d like to avail ourselves this opportunity to assure you of our brond attention in handling your future order.

  93.Our products are always good as the samples we send ,I can promise there will be not debasement of quality.
  94.I guarantee that there is not difference in quality between the products we send you next month and what’s samples you saw just now.
  95.I can promise you that the product we send you will be of A-one quality.
  96.Our products are surely of standard quality.
  97.I give you my word that the payment will be made not later than the end of June.
  98.I promise I will check into these problems and find out if they were our fault.
  99.We can make sure that goods avoid been damaged during the transit. 1
  00.We will provide a fresh guarantee for the protection of the equipments repaired.
Unite Five 询盘 Part One. 1
  01.Please quote us for the goods listed I enclosed inquiry sheet giving your prices CIF Jakarta. 1
  02.Please quote us your lowest price CIF Hamburg for ten MT of walnut meat.
  03.Please quote us FOB London for 100 reams of good quality white poster paper. 1
  04.Please quote us your most competitive prices in order to consummate business. 1
  05.Please quote us your lowest price for fertilizers . 1
  06.Please quote us your best price and let us know the minimum quantity for each order. 1
  07.Please make us a offer on CIF Hongkong bases for hand made leather gloves. 1
  08.Please make us a offer giving your price FOB New York. 1
  09.We have already made an enquire for your articles please make a offer before the end of this month. 1
  10.I would like to make a enquiry about this type of leather bag. 1
  11.We shall be pleased if you finished us with your quotation for this product. 1
  12.Many of customers are interested in your “Seagull” brand household scissors and we wish to have your CNF Shanghai quotations. 1
  13. We want to know the price CIF Tokyo for your printed shirting. 1
  14.We are anxious to get a offer for your products. 1
  15. We shall be very glad to receive a offer from you on this brand of radios. Part Two.
  16.We shall like to know the offer for the rice of this kind. 1
  17.We ‘d like to know the minimum order quality per color and per design. 1
  18.What price could you quote us on two dozens sets? 1
  19.Would you please quote us a price one your 71 * 81 reversible wool blankets 15% wool and 85% cotton, bound with rayon satin? 1
  20.How much you asking for this brand of ties? 1
  21.If we order 10,000 units what would be your offer? 1
  22.What’s the price for 1000 Kg of white sugar. 1
  23. Can you supply this quality at approximately 50% cents per meter? 1
  24.If our order is a substantial one how much will you bring your price down? 1
  25.How much discount could you offer on a order of this size ? 1
  26.Please inform us what special offer you can make us ? 1
  27.Here is a list of my requirements I ‘ld to have your lowest quotations CIF New York. 1
  28.Please inform us of your lowest price CIF London. 1
  29.We’d appreciate it very much if you let us know what discount you can grant us if we give you a large order of your products. 1
  30.Please let us have your best quotation by tomorrow together with the appropriate time of shipment.
Unite Six 报盘 Part one 1
  31.This offer is subject to your reply reaching here on or before 29,June. 1
  32.If we can receive your order within the next 10 days, we will make you a firm order at the prices quoted. 1
  33.This offer is firm for 5 days. 1
  34.The price we quoted is on FOB Shanghai bases instead of CIF Hongkong bases and our offer will be valid until August
  31. 1
  35.We make you the offer subject to your apply reaching us not later than noon December
  23. 1
  36.We have the offer ready for you. 1
  37.I’d to remind you that we have to withdraw our offer is we don’t hear you by next Monday. 1
  38.This offer will remain effective for another 10 days from June
  1. 1
  39.The quality of our product is good and the prices is reasonable so we are confident that you will accept our offer dated 4th May. 1
  40.Sincerly the market is advancing rapidly the price we offered you is the best I belive. 1
  41.Here are our latest price sheet. You will see that our prices is most competitive.
  42.We believe that the price we offer you can compete well with those of other firms. 1
  43.We hope you will accept our offer and give us order soon. 1
  44.We feel better offer will give you full satisfaction .I hope to receive a favorable reply from you soon. 1
  45.If you think our proposal acceptable please let us have your order at early date. Part Two 1
  46.We have the pleasure in offering you our product. 1
  47.We are interested in making you a offer on our hand-make carpets which is well received in the overseas market. 1
  48.Our price for 200 dozens pairs of plastic shower curtains with matching drapes would be 45 USD shall we hold them for your order? 1
  49.We give you price of 1440$ FOB Chicago. 1
  50.We are pleased to quote you for 1500 dozen man shirts as for the sample you send before at price 5/piece CIF New York for promote shipment. 1
  51.In compliance with your request we are now offering you 2000 dozens magnifiers at 30$ per dozen CIF San Francisco September shipment. 1
  52.You will note that we are in the position to offer you 50 long tons of ten for sheet at the attractive price of £135 per long tons CNF Shanghai.
  53.We offer your 1500 tons of Canada oats at the price of 500 pounds /ton. 1
  54. We can quote you the price of 75$ / typewriter and 10% discount on shipping . 1
  55.Our average whole sell price is 180$ / unit. 1
  56.We offer you firm 2,000 tons of chemical fertilizer at £150 per long ton CIF Vietnam deliver in April. 1
  57. We can offer a quality discount of up to 15% but we are prepare to give 20% discount for a offer to buy the complete stuff. 1
  58.I have here our price sheet on a FAS vessel basis ,the price are given without engagement. 1
  59.As prices is steady raising, we’d advise you to place your order without delay. 1
  60.Our product is in great demand and supplies is limited so we would recommend that you accept this offer as soon as possible.
Unite Seven 还盘 Part one 1
  61. We hope you will consider our counter-offer most favorably and tell us your decision at your earliest convenience. 1
  62.We wish you will reconsider your price and give a new bid so that
there could be a possibility for us to meet half way. 1
  63.To accept the price you quote would leave us only a small profit on our sales because the principle demand in our city is for articles in the medium price range. 1
  64.Your competitors are offering considering lower prices and unless you can reduce your quotations we have to buy else where. 1
  65.To accept your present quotation would mean a heave loss to us not to speak of profit. 1
  66.I wish to point out that your offer are higher than some of your competitors in other countries. 1
  67.Your price really leaves not margin for reduction what so ever? 1
  68.We can obtain the same quality through another channel at much lower price than that you quoted us. 1
  69.There is big difference between your price and those of your competitors . 1
  70. We hoped you will quote your rock-bottom price, otherwise we have no alternative but to place our orders else where. 1
  71.If you insist on your original offer it will reduce our profit considerably. 1
  72.We didn’t expect that the discount you offer would be so low. 1
  73.Your price should be base on the actual situation of our customers. 1
  74.In our market products of similar types are so many and with such a
lower prices that many of our regular customers may switch other companies I am afraid. 1
  75.Your offer is not acceptable because we have another supplier offering similar quality products at 5% discount. 1
  76. Your quotation is by no means favorable with those of other origins. 1
  77.I am sorry to say that your prices are about 9% higher than those offered by other suppliers. 1
  78.Compared with what is quoted by other supplier, your price is uncompetitive. 1
  79.Your price compares unfavorable with your competitors. 1
  80.Our counter offer



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