Unit 13
Business Negotiation
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Greetings How was your weekend?
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Revision Here I am going to check the homework, from which I will know how well the students did in the last classes.
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Do you like shopping? Do you always bargain when shopping ? Who is the best at bargaining in your class?
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What are the important points?
What are the difficult points?
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Key sentences

  1. Our price is reasonable as compared with that in the international market.
  2. Your price is higher than those we got from elsewhere.
  3. You should take quality into consideration.
  4. It would be very difficult for us to push any sales if we buy it at this price.
  5. You may notice that the price for this commodity has gone up since last year.
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Key sentences

  6. The price for this commodity is US$25 per pound in the international market.
  7. We may reconsider our price if your order is big enough.
  8. If your price is favorable, we can book an order right away.
  9. It is difficult for us to sell the goods, as your price is so high.
  10. You’ll agree our price is most favorable.
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Read the dialogue. Just watch it. Have a try. Just say it.
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Read the dialogue
Read the dialogue2 and pay more attention to the important and difficult points we’ve concluded.
Never give up !
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Watch it.
Please watch a short video about business negotiation and think about what the main procedures of a business negotiation are.
May I help you?
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Just have a try!
Divide the class into two groups and ask them to bargain using the useful words and expressions learned in the dialogue. It is based on the following situation: Mr.Mao wants to buy 100 computers from ABC company and now he is negotiating the price with the sales manager Mr.Wang.
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Just say it.
Ask the Ss to share their bargaing experience and discuss the tips for bargaining under a favourable situation.
Why don’t you ask me?
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Main procedures Introducing the team members Introducing the company in brief Negotiating about the price, terms of payment, packing, shipment,etc. Concluding what both parties negotiated Signing a contract
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Tips for bargaining Know your bottom price. Don’t make large concession. Be quick-minded. Show your own advantages. Aim at the long-term relationship. Make the others look good. Keep a slow and deliberate rule. Quit while you’re ahead. Keep uncertain.
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Conclusion: Dialogue Useful words and expressions Main procedures of business negotiation Tips for business negotiation Moral education:Money is not everything.
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Homework Get ready for the practical business negotiation based on the following situation: Buyer: Miracle Journey Sports Club Seller: LiNing Company Ltd. The buyer wants to buy another 100 pairs of roller-skates and 500 T-shirts from the seller and this is the second time for them to do business in the same year.
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Thank You!



   LOGO Unit 13 Business Negotiation 商务英语口语教程 Greetings How was your weekend? Your site here Revision Here I am going to check the homework, from which I will know how well the students did in the last classes. Your site here Lead-in Do you like shopp ...


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