Part I

  1. We’d like to express out desire to establish business relations with you on the basis of equally, mutual benefit and the exchange of needed goods. 我方希望能在平等、互利、互通有无的基础上与贵司建立业务关系。
  2. In order to extend our export business to your country, we wish to enter into direct business relations with you. 为了能在贵国拓宽我方的出口业务,我们希望能与你们直接建立业务 关系。
  3. Our hope is to establish mutually beneficial trading relations between us. 我们希望双方能建立互惠的贸易关系。
  4. We look forward to a further extension of pleasant business relations. 希望我们之间友好的业务关系得到进一步的发展。
Part I

  5. It’s our hope to continue with considerable business dealing with you. 我方希望能够继续同贵方保持大量的业务往来。
  6. We look forward to receiving your quotation very soon. 我方期待着尽快收到贵方的报价。
  7. I hope you’ll see from the reduction that we are really doing our utmost. 希望贵方能从这一降价中看出我方真的在尽最大的努力。
  8. We hope to discuss business with you at your earliest convenience. 我们希望尽早与你方洽谈业务。
Part I

  9. We wish to express our desire to trade with you in leather shoes. 我方希望能与贵方达成皮鞋贸易。
  10. We look forward to your early and trust that through our mutual cooperation we shall be able to conclude this transaction with you in the near future. 我们盼望早日得到你方的答复,并相信通过相互合作,我们不 久即可达成这笔交易。
  11. I hope we can do business together, and look forward to hearing from you soon. 希望我们有合作机会,并静候您的佳音。
  12. I hope that we can cooperate happily. 希望我们合作愉快。
Part I

  13. I hope that we can continue our cooperation. 希望我们能继续合作。
  14. We sincerely hope that this transaction will turn out to the satisfaction of both parties. 我们真心地希望这次交易能使我们双方都能满 意。
  15. We hope that this market trend will continue. 我方希望这种市场趋势能继续发展下去。
Part II

  16. It is hoped that you would seriously take this matter into consideration and let us have your reply soon. 希望你方能认真考虑这件事,并尽快答复我们。
  17. We hope that you will deal with our request earnestly. 希望能得到贵方的迅速答复。
  18. We hope to receive your immediate answer. 希望得到贵方的迅速答复。
  19. We are looking forward to having your early reply to this matter. 希望贵方对这件事能尽早答复。
Part II

  20. We hope that this dispute can be settled through friendly negotiation without its being submitted for arbitration. 我方希望争方可以通过友好谈判加以解决,而不要仲裁。
  21. We look forward to your settlement at an early date. 我方期待着贵方早日解决这一问题。
  22. Your early settlement of this case will be appreciated. 如能早日解决这一问题,我方将不胜感激。
  23. We hope that you can settle the claim as quickly as possible. 希望贵方能尽快解决索赔事宜。
Part II

  24. We hope that there will be no repetition of this kind of trouble in the future. 希望类似的麻烦将来不再发生。
  25. We expect that you will offer us a lower price as soon as possible. 期待贵方能尽快报一个更低的价格。
  26. We hope that the matter can be brought to a satisfactory solution. 希望此事有一个圆满的解决。
  27. I do hope this undesirable incident will not stand in the way of our future business. 我希望这件不愉快的事情不会影响我们今后的贸易。
Part II

  28. We hope this matter will not affect our good relations in our future dealings. 我希望此事不会影响我们将来业务中的良好关系。
  29. I wish that this business will bring benefit to both of us. 希望这笔生意对我们双方都会带来好处。
  30. We hope this incident will not bring any harm to our pleasant relations. 我们希望此事不会给我们的良好关系带来任何损害。



   北外刘润清教授寄语英语专业的同学 爱思英语编者按:下文的作者是北京外国语大学 刘润清教授,寄语所有英语专业的朋友。 静下心来,看完本文,尤其注意大学这看似漫长 实则短暂的几年时光中,刘润清教授是如何提高英语 水平的。诚然,刘教授当年经历的教学法、师资、学 习环境已经经历了较大的变革,但不变的是学习英语 的过程,若想追寻的大师的足迹,必须抛却浮躁,脚 踏实地地走上这条漫长的学习道路(当然,对于广大 英语爱好者来说, 这篇文章也具有极高的指导意义) : 我在中学学的是俄语,1960 年报考北京外 ...

商务英语口语 Unit One 希望与要求 1、We'd like to express our desire to establish business relationship with you on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and the exchange of needed goods. equality(平等), mutual benefit(互利) ...


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   一、如何用英语进行商务议价 1. Let's get down to business, shall we? 让我们开始谈生意好吗? 2. I'd like to tell you what I think about that. 我想告诉你我的一些想法。 3. Are those prices FOB or CIF? 这些价格是船上交货价还是运费及保险费在内价? 4. Are these prices wholesaleor retail? 这些价格是批发价还是零售价? 5. That's ...


   Step 1 认识图表 表格 Table year 2006 2007 2008 2009 item Food , drink and 40% 35% 30% 25% clothing Transport and entertainment Education and housing others 10% 30% 20% 15% 20% 25% 35% 38% 40% 15% 12% 10% 某地区居民近4年的消费变化 某地区居民近 年的消费变化 曲线图 Graph 记忆规律曲线图 柱形图/ ...


   介绍篇: 介绍篇: 1) A: I don't believe we've met. B: No, I don't think we have. SungA: My name is Chen Sung-lim. B: How do you do? My name is Fred Smith. 我们以前没有见过吧? A: 我们以前没有见过吧? B:我想没有. 我想没有. A:我叫陈松林. 我叫陈松林. B:您好,我是弗雷德史蜜斯. 您好,我是弗雷德史蜜斯. 2) A: Here's my na ...


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   ●商务英语口语中赞成的表达法:    赞成.   I agree. *比较生硬的说法.   I think it's very important. (我认为这个问题很重要.)   I agree. (我同意.)   I agree with that.   I'm with you. *"对,对"、"很好嘛"、"我赞成"、"OK".   I'm for it.   I don't agree. (我反对.)    ...



   小学英语教学法初探 一、英语教学的游戏化。 根据小学生好奇、好动的特点,在教学过程中,我们 应充分发挥自己的想象力和创造力,根据教学内容的需要,设计出多 种形式的交际性活动。如学习“Who is...?Is he/she/it...?”时,用“听 音猜人”的游戏;学习“Where is/are...?Is it in/on/under...?”时,用“藏 物猜地点”的游戏;学习“What’s this?It’s a...”时,用“蒙眼摸物” 的游戏等。游戏的趣味性可以极大的激发学生的学习热情 ...


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   2004 年陕西省中考英语试题 陕西省中考英语 英语试题 第Ⅰ卷 听力部分 听句子, Ⅰ.听句子,选答语 共 5 小题,计 5 分) 听句子 选答语(共 小题, 本题共有 5 个小题,每个小题你将听到一句话,读两遍,请从所给的三个选项中 选出一个最恰当的答语。 1. A. I think so. B. Thanks a lot. C. I hope so. 2. A. Sure B. Not at all. C. Sorry, you can’t. 3. A. Very busy. B. V ...


   1 考博英语词组, a matter of 几(分钟,里路,块钱等)的事;大约,左右;是个…问题,事关… about of 即将;打算 absent from 不在;缺席 absorbed in 吸引;专心于… account for 说明(原因);解释;占… adhere to 粘附在…上;坚持,遵守;依附 adjust to 调整以适应 after all 还是;终于;毕竟 aim of 瞄准;致力于…;旨在 all but 几乎,差点;除…之外的全部 all the while 一直地 ...


   第1册A版 一、 Greetings 问候语 1. Hello! / Hi! 你好! 你好! 早晨(下午/晚上 晚上) 2. Good morning / afternoon / evening! 早晨(下午 晚上)好! 3. I'm Kathy King. 我是凯西 金。 我是凯西?金 4. Are you Peter Smith? 你是彼得 史密斯吗? 你是彼得?史密斯吗 史密斯吗? 5. Yes, I am. / No, I'm not. 是,我是。/ 不,我不是。 我是。 我不是。 ...