Going digital and new patterns of work
Going digital and new patterns of work
Office automation Setting up company website Internet marketing
单词1 单词1
magnetic [m?g‘n?t?k] a.
  1. 磁铁的; [m?g‘n? 磁铁的; 磁性的; 磁性的;有磁性的
  2. 地磁的
  3. 有吸引 力的, 力的,有魅力的 flux [fl?ks] n.
  1. 流出
  2. 涨潮
  3. 变迁 [fl? selectric [si‘lektrik] n 电动打字机

  1.Office automation
Office Automation is a general term that includes a wide range of applications of computer, communication and information technologies in office environments. Though automation is in a continual state of flux, the size of the market is huge, with annual investments measured in billions of dollars.
Automation has altered not only our work environment, but our very concept of work. The technology we see today had its start in the 1960s, when 3 clearly identifiable streams of development became evident. The first was computing
The second stream of technological development was in the area of text processing. In the mid-1970s IBM introduced a product midcalled the MCST - Magnetic Card Selectric Typewriter While the first 2 streams were centered around the processing of information in the office, the third, COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY, focused on the movement of information from one place to another.
The most dramatic shift for business in communications technology has been the Internet. Increasing use of the Internet in the form of e-mail and ewebsites is transforming the work environment. The Internet has broken down traditional geographic barriers to communication, opened up markets, and created an environment of almost instant feedback.
As the government policy of convergence makes high-speed Internet the norm, highbusinesses will rely more and more on the Internet for their communication needs. Today, we continue to see major developments in several areas like ipad1&
  2.A lot of people believe that the age of flat computer has arrived.
The Impact of Office Automation
The computer is changing the office environment much like the automobile has changed the city. Effectively integrated office automation systems may result in the restructuring of entire organizations, with the emergence of new structural configurations and the elimination of departments or entire divisions. The new information technologies have led to a large reduction in the size of the average organization's middle ranks.
Moreover, the workers who remain are no longer tied to a centrally located office: telecommuting has become a new trend in the business world. On the positive side, this trend enables individuals to work from the comfort of home; on the negative side, this lack of a common office environment may contribute to the erosion of the city core..
The new technologies may also have the potential to strengthen the power of transtransnational corporations, displacing many people whose jobs will be automated. In most organizations office automation has been viewed as a means to computerize old procedures and to make employees more productive, rather than to make the organization more effective.
There is a rising level of fear of the new technologies and the impact they will have on job security and on the privacy of the individual . There is also concern that organizations do not develop if adapt to the new technologies unsuccessfully. It is safe to say, however, that the technologies will have a significant impact on the working lives in the coming decades.
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  2.Setting up company website
When setting up a company website, it’s important to consider how the website work efficiently. Among many benefits, a website can be an important way to compete for customers, including potential customers from overseas, to become more involved and proactive in gaining web competitive edge. Also it can act as another sales tool available to the salespeople and save cost if you use it as a distribution channel and
distribute material to customers or potential customers. It can assist a company’s current customer base in helping to answer product or service questions. Once a website is set up, you have to promote it to ensure that your customers and prospects will know about your website. You can promote your site address
online through E-mail marketing, online Ereferral system by which you are linked with other sites with similar audiences, online press release. Old- fashioned offline Oldmarketing methods also apply. Make sure your URL appears on all your marketing and other print, such as advertisements, stationery, press releases, and brochures and leaflets.
Designing is also important. It should be done in line with the company’s mission or vision and put its best image on the web.
Come on
cyberpromotion 网上促销 advent [‘?dv?nt] n.
  1. 出现;到来
  2. 基督降临; [‘?dv? 出现; 基督降临; 降临节 sweepstakes [‘swip,steks] n.
  1. 赌金的独得; 赌金的独得; 总赌金
  4.保龄球锦标赛 HardHard-copy
  2. 硬拷贝
  4.原始底图 blend :[blend]
  1.使混和,使混杂; [(+with/into)]
glamorous [‘gl?m?r?s]富有魅力的; [‘gl?m?r?s]富有魅力的; 迷人的

Until the late 1940s, when television began finding its way into American homes, companies relied mainly on print and radio to promote their products and services. The advent of television brought about a revolution in product and service. Between 1949 and 1951,advertising on television grew 960 percent. Today the Internet
is once again transforming promotion. By going online, companies can communicate instantly and directly with prospective customers. Promotion on the World Wide Web includes advertising, sponsorships and sales promotions like sweepstakes, contests, coupons and rebates. In 1996 World Wide Web advertising revenues topped $300million.
Effective online marketers don’t merely transfer hard-copy ads to cyberspace. hardSuccessful sites blend promotional and nonnon-promotional information indirectly delivering the advertising messages. To encourage visits to their sites and to create and cultivate customer loyalty ,companies change information frequently and provide many opportunities
are using ”push” technology, which automatically delivers customized news and other information to users’ computers when they log onto the internet. Although organisations like Nielsen Media Remains difficult to assess how many times the same person looks at an ad and who that person is.
Although online promotions can be glamorous and sophisticated, they are not perfect. For a well-designed wellmarketing mix, industry experts advise companies to use the Internet as a supplement to other advertising media.
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