测试 1
  1. 贵公司是专营工艺品出口的吗? Are your company specialized in the export of handicrafts?
  2. 你们的还价偏低,我们无法接受。 Your counteroffer is so low that we can’t accept. 或 I appreciate your counteroffer but find it too low to accept.
  3. 根据你们的建议,我们已经改进了内包装,以适合你方市场消费者的需要。 According to your advisement, we have made much improvement in the inner packing in order to meet customers’ requirements in your market.
  4. 你们能给我们报一万双男式皮鞋,二 00 九年一月份交货的实盘吗? Would you let us have your most favourable firm offers of January,2009 for 10,000 pair of men’ s leather shoes?
  5. 你们一定要在交货期前三十天把信用证开到我方,以便做好必要的安排。 Your L/C must reach us one month before the time of shipment so that we can make necessary arrangement.
  6. 关于价格问题,我认为在购买商品时,应该考虑的不仅是价格,还有品质。我们的产品质量一向是很好的, 价格也是有竞争性的。无论如何,我们有诚意与你们做生意,希望你们还个价吧。 About the matter of price, I think when we buy some products, we should take into consideration not only the price but also the quality. Our products are well with quality and competitive price. Well, anyway, we are sincere in our wish to do business with you .Let’s have your counter offer.
  7. 考虑到我们之间长期友好的贸易关系,我们准备把折扣提高到 10%。 Considering the long-standing business relationship between us, we shall grant you a special discount of 10%.
  8. 我方不得不要求你方在保兑的,不可撤销的即期信用证的基础上进行这笔交易。 we have to require you to do the transaction on the basis of confirmed irrevocable Letter of Credit payable by draft at sight.
  9. 我们可以应你方要求,按发票价的百分之一百三十投保,但必须提请你方注意:额外的保险费用应由你方负 担。 We can accept your request to have the insurance of the goods covered at 130% of the invoice amount, but it must be submitted to your notice that the extra premium should be borne by you.
  10. 合同应规定商品的名称、规格、数量、单价、总值、装卸港、交货期及付款条件等。 The contract shall provide the name of the commodity, specifications, quantity, unit price, total, loading and unloading port, delivery date and terms of payment, etc. III.
  1.We are given to understand that you are a state-owned enterprise and we have confidence in the quality of Chinese products. If your prices are moderate, we believe there is a promising market for the above-mentioned articles in our area. 我们知道你们是国有企业,并且我们对中国产品质量很有信心。如果你们的价格适中,我们相信在我们上述提到 我方地区会有一个很有潜力的市场。 As is well known, our tablecloths are exquisitely made and moderately priced. They are known for their fine quality and beautiful packing. There is a wide range of samples in our show-room. 众所周知,我们的桌布是做工精致,价格公道。它们以优良的品质和精美的包装而闻名。我们的展厅有各种各 样的产品样本。
  1. Accordingly, we have lost no time in getting in touch with our factories and urged them to hasten their delivery. Owing to heavy commitments, they cannot advance delivery from June to April but they understand perfectly that July is the selling season for shirts in your market. 因此,我们在与我们的工厂联系方面没有损失丝毫时间并且还让他们要加快交货。由于订货太多, 4 月到 6 月他们无法提前交货,但是他们完全了解 7 月是你方市场的衬衣销售旺季。

  2. Although we are much appreciative of your efforts to help sell our bicycles, we regret being unable to consider your request for payment by D/A 60 days’ sight. Our usual practice is to ask for sight L/C. 虽然我们衷心感谢你为推销我们的自行车付出的努力,但很遗憾,我方不能接受你方要求用 60 天远期 D / A 付款方式。我们的惯例是见票即付的信用证支付。
  3. As we must adhere to our customary practice, we hope that you will not think us unaccommodating. 由于我们必须坚持我们的一贯做法,我们希望你方不要认为是我们不愿通融。 IV. Writing: Write a letter of making a specific enquiry and a letter of reply to the specific enquiry. Both the letters are based on the following situations: (
  1) Commodity: silk scarves; (
  2) Price: $300 per dozen CIF Melbourne; (
  3) Quantity: 5000 dozens; (
  4) Payment: by confirmed, irrevocable L/C at sight. The buyer asks for 10% reduction in the price, the seller only to give a 2% reduction. 测试 2
  1. We are more flexible in doing business now. open shipment as soon as you receive our L/C?
  2. Could you
  3. We think it’s unwise for either party to insist on his own price. the Beijing Machinery Import and Export Corporation.
  4. We have opened an L/C In favor of
  5. To open an L/C, we have to pay a deposit . That’s tie up our money.
  6. I’m very glad that we have reach an agreement on this problem. for three days.
  7. Our offer will remain valid
  8. We’ll effect in your favor a sight L/C to be settled in US dollars. and give our request your special consideration?
  9. Could you make an exception
  10. Generally speaking , an L/C should be opened by the buyer one month before shipment. II. Translate the following Chinese into English:
  1. 我们专营工艺品出口已有多年了。 We specialize in export of arts and crafts for many years
  2. 请寄来贵方产品最新样品并附最低价格,我们将十分感激。 We would appreciate you sending us the latest samples with their best prices.
  3. 你们的还价和世界市场的价格不一致。 The price you counter offered is not in line with the world market.
  4. 好吧,我给你一个特别优惠价,这种衬衫每打成本加运费纽约到岸价格为 70 美元。 Well, I would give you a special discount, the price of the shirt is $70 per dozen CIF London.
  5. 请告知你方的包装方式以便我方确认。 Please advise your packing for our confirmation.
  6. 你们的价格比竞争者的价格高很多,应把它降到合理的水平,否则将无法达成交易。 The price you quoted is found to be on a higher side than other competitor, and you should see your way to make a reduction reasonably. If not, business can be closed.
  7. 考虑到目前市场价格的上升,我们只能给 5%的折扣。 Considering the price of this product is tending up, we shall grant you a discount of 5%.
  8.关于价格问题,我认为在购买商品时,应该考虑的不仅是价格,还有品质。我们的产品质量一向是很好的, 价格也是有竞争性的。无论如何,我们有诚意与你们做生意,希望你们还个价吧 About the price, I do hope you’ll direct the attention of your clients to take into consideration not only the price but also the quality, and the quality of our products is always very good, and prices
are competitive. Well, anyway, we are sincere to do business with you, let’s have you counteroffer.
  9.正如您所知,信用证在国际贸易中是普遍采用的正常的支付方式。我们必须坚持这种习惯的做法。 As you know, letter of credit is the normal terms of payment universally adopted in international business, we must adhere to this customary practice.
  10.既然你们的客户急需这批货物,请速开信用证,以便我们能按照合同所规定的时间及时装船。 Since your customers are in urgent need of the goods and we hope you will open letter of credit as soon as possible, thus enabling us to ship the goods in time.
  1. In order to conclude the business, I hope you’ll meet me half way. What about 50% by L/C and the balance by D/P? 为了实现合作,我希望我们都能做出让步,一半用信用卡的方式付款一半用付款交单的方式付款怎么样?
  2. The price terms to be employed depend much on the characteristics of the goods as well as their specific transport requirements and shall always serve the best interest of buyers and sellers alike. 价格条款高很多都是由货物的特征以及他们的具体运输需求来决定的, 而且总是为买家和卖家提供最大的利益一 样。
  3. As far as a trial order is considered, the quantity is by no means small. And generally speaking, we should gain profit from trial order. I hope you’ll be to meet our requirements. 只要考虑到订单,数量就不会小。一般来说,我们应该从订单中得到好处。我希望你们可以满足我们的要求。
  4. In the past few years many of the dealers have placed substantial orders with us and some have even pressed us for repeat orders. We believe our tablecloths are also salable in your market. 在过去的几年里,许多经销商都已同我们定制了大量的订单,有的还重复订货。我们相信我们的桌布在你们那儿 的市场也会畅销。
  5. We now avail ourselves of this opportunity to write to you with a view to entering into business relations with you. 现在我们借此机会给你们写信是为了和你们建立业务上的联系。 IV. Writing: Write a letter of making a specific enquiry. The letter should be based on the following situations:
  1. Commodity: Sunbird Men’s Silk Shirt;
  2. Price: $800 per dozen CIF New York;
  3. Quantity: 10000 dozens;
  4. Payment: by confirmed, irrevocable L/C at sight. The buyer asks for 15% reduction in the price, the seller only to give a 5% reduction. 测试 3
  1. 请随时向我方报告下列货物的最新价格。 Please keep us informed of the latest quotation for the following items.
  2. 我方打算按照当前的国际市场价格给你报个价。 We are prepared to give you a quotation which is based upon the prevailing international market price.
  3. 很遗憾,我们的价格与你方还盘之间的差距太大。 I’m sorry the difference between our price and your counteroffer is too wide.
  4. 能不能互相让步?我想我们双方都坚持自己的价格是不明智的。 How about meeting each other half way? I don’t think it wise for either of us to insist on his own price.
  5. 我们不能做这笔交易,因为卖方提价百分之五,并降低数量百分之二十五。 We cannot do the business, because the sellers have increased their price by 5% and reduced the quantity by 25%.
  6. 这些厂经验丰富,历史悠久,是我们产品出口的主要生产厂家,所有产品在世界市场上享有较高声誉。 they are our main export bases of tools with the advantage of having good production experience and
long historical record. All their products enjoy high prestige 信誉 in the world market.
  7. 一般来说,我们在收到有关的信用证后三个月内可交货。 As a rule, we deliver all our orders within three months after receipt of the covering L/C.
  8. 我们认为您的价格不切实际,需要降到竞争水平才行。 our impression is that your price is impracticable. You must bring it down to a competitive level.
  9. 我们已通知我方银行开立以您方为受益人的不可撤销的跟单信用证。其金额为 20000 美元。 We have instructed our bank to open an irrevocable 不可改变的 documentary letter of credit in your favour. The amount is US$13
  1.Since the total amount is so big and the world monetary market is rather unstable at the moment, we can not accept any other terms of payment than L/C. Furthermore, the same kind of payment terms are being insisted upon by your exporters for goods to China. 因为总额很大和世界金钱市场在当时是相当不稳定的, 我们不可能接受除 L/C 以外的.任何其他付款期限。 此外, 这同一种付款期限也被向中国出口的您的物品的出口商所坚持。
  2.2Please quote your lowest price CIF Seattle for each of the following items, including our 5% commission 请表述您以下项目中每一个最低的的 CIF 西雅图价格,包括我们的 5%委员佣金。
  3.W e usually pack each piece of men’s shirt in a polybag, half dozen to a box and 10 dozen to a wooden case 我们通常用聚乙烯薄膜袋包装每一件衬衣,一盒里有半打,一个木箱里有 10 打。
  4.The quantity you ordered is much smaller than those of others. If you can manage to boost it a bit, well consider giving you a proper rate of discount.你们订的数量比别人少很多。如果你能设法增加一点, 我们将考虑给你一个适当的折扣率。 :
  5.Owing to heavy commitments, they cannot advance delivery from June to April but they understand perfectly that July is the selling season for shirts in your market. 由于繁重,他们不能推进交付从 六月份到四月,但他们非常清楚七月份是在你的衬衫市场销售旺季 测试 4 I. Translate the following Chinese into English:
  1. 请注意有关信用证的条款应与合同条款严格一致。 Please see to it that the stipulations in the relevant credit are strictly in accordance with the terms stated in the contract.
  2. 考虑到我们之间长期友好的贸易关系,我们准备把折扣提高到 10%。 Considering the long-standing business relat



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