考试时间:90 分钟 考试方式:闭卷
Ⅰ.Fill in the following blanks with appropriate prepositions (每空 1 分,共 16 分)
  1. We shall be glad to send you the necessary information about our machine tools request.
  2. receipt your cable of March 5, we at once requested to Bank
of China in London to establish a letter of credit your favor .
  3. In reply,we wish to inform you that we well connected major dealers the line of textiles.
  4. We shall be very grateful you, if you will advise us as to the specification of those which can be shipped stock.
  5. We will pass your decision to consideration.
  6. Your price is high side. the buyers their

  7. We refer you our bank for our financial standing.
  8. Should this trial order prove satisfactory our customer,we can assure you repeat orders in increased quantities.
  9. we lodge a claim you for breakage, since the goods are not packed strong wooden cases. D.(每小题 Ⅱ.Choose the best answer from A, B, C and D.(每小题 1 分,共 25 分)
  1. While an enquiry, you ought to enquire into quality,
specification and prices, etc. A. making B. offering C. sending D. giving

  2.We you for the special offer you send us. A. thank indebted 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案
B. appreciate
C. be grateful
D. be 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案

  3.We are looking forward to your L/C for Order No 1
  23. A. receive receiving
  4.We are a copy of our catalogue for your reference. A. send enclosing
  5. We have the pleasure in your letter of Nov.
  11, in which you inform us that you are satisfied with our men’s shirts, shipped per S. S.“East Wind”. A. admitting D. adjusting
  6. We wish to call your attention to the in the L/C, since there is no possibility of L/C extension A. variety D. probability
  7. We can men’s shirts in stock. A. suppose D. support
  8.Our payment terms are , irrevocable letter of credit for the full invoice value. A. confirmed D. completed
  9..Please see to it that the goods we ordered are shipped as soon as covering letter of credit you A. gets D. reaches
  10. We have pleasure in offering you the goods in our cable of today‘s date. B. comes C. arrives the B. combined C. committed B. supply C. suggest B. validity C. possibility B. acknowledging C. accepting B. covering C. closed D. B. receiving C. be received D. be 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案
A. inquired for inquiring of
B. inquired of
C. inquiring for

  11. Please make sure that the stipulations in the L/C in exact accordance with the terms of the Sales Contract. A. are be
  12. the terms of payment as stipulated in the contract,please establish an irrevocable letter of credit in our favor. A. In fact fact C. In contrast with accordance with
  13.This offer is firm, subject to your immediate reply should reach us not later than the end of this month. A. it which
  14. If you can make us a firm offer at a price, we will place an order with your corporation. A. competitive objective
  15. We desire to establish beneficial business relations. A. mutual equally
  16.We enclosed our Purchase Confirmation No. 4848 duplicate. A. in through
  17. We are unable to with your request in your letter dated Jan. 25, 20
  04. A. conform B. compose C. confirm D. comply B. for C. with D. B. mutually C. equal D. B. comparative C. subjective D. B. they C. what D. D. In B. As a matter of B. is C. will be D. to 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案

  18. We cannot present entertain any fresh orders for Younger Brand Men's Shirts. A. of B. at C. to D. for

  19. you like other items, kindly let us know and we shall be only too pleased to make you offers direct. A. In case In that case
  20. We lodge a claim you the short--weight.( A. with…with for …with
  21. We place this order the understanding that the discount is 10% A. based on through
  22. We are anxious to the market for our Antimony Trioxide, which at present enjoys a limited sale in Europe. A. increase extend
  23. Our products enjoy in world market. A. most popular selling fast
  24.If any of the item you, please let us know. A. arises B. rises C. arouses D. raises B. great popularity C. good seller D. B. enlarge C. expand D. B. with C. on D. B. for…for C. with…for ) D. B. In the case C. In this case D.

  25. We trust that you will find our goods. A. attracting D. attractive Chinese:( Ⅲ. Translate the following into Chinese:(每小题 3 分,共 15 分)
  1.Since the premium varies with the scope of insurance, extra premium is for buyer's account, should additional risks be covered. 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案
B. to be attractive
C. attract your attention 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案

  2. We would like to inform you that at present we can supply you with various kinds of men's leather shoes.
  3.After reinspection at the port of destination, the quality of the goods shipped ex S.S.“Red Star” under Contract No. CT7543 was found not in compliance with the contract stipulations.
  4.Please advise us whether you iron nail packed in plywood kegs of 60kgs,net and whether you can ship our order from stock
  5. If you make us an offer at competitive prices we can sell a large quantity of chemical product in our district. Ⅳ.Translate the following into English: (1?6 每小题
  1.5 分,7 ?11 每小题 3 分,共 24 分)
  9. 价格波动 中国国际贸易促进委员会 成交 抬价 承兑交单 鉴于这一事实,我们已将包装改为小木箱。 因无直达班轮,请允许转船 为付还这些额外费用,请开汇票向我方支取。 我们男士衬衫的包装为每件套一塑料袋,五打装一纸箱。内衬防潮纸,
  10. 我们得悉上述货物的有关信用证即将开出。保证一收到贵方信用证,我 们将尽早安排第一艘可以定得舱位的船只装运。
  11. 本公司致力于各国和各地区的贸易和金融界的商业往来。
Ⅴ. Write an amendment letter to L/C with the following particulars (共 20 分):
  2. 长吨改为公吨 目的港由伦敦改为汉堡 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案

将船期展至 8 月底并允许分批装运和转船 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案



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