商务英语写作 7 Routine Business Documents

  1. Letters requesting payment 催款信
  2. Credit and status enquiries 赊购与资信调查

  1. Letters requesting payment 催款信
Collection letters (
Collection Letters ( 6 steps ):
  1. Friendly reminder.
  2. 2nd reminder.
  3. Another reminder.
  4. Offer to talk.
  5. Deadline.
  6. Notice of litigation(诉讼).
Collection letters (

  1. Friendly reminder. ? We are sure that you will not object to this reminder that there is a balance due of (amount of balance) on your monthly account. ? If you have not mailed your check, please do so now, this will bring your account upto-date. ? Thank you, we appreciate your business.
Collection letters (

  2. 2nd reminder. ? You did not reply to our first reminder that your account is overdue. Please confirm that you will be sending us a check for (amount) to bring your account upto-date. ? Enclosed you will find a postage paid envelope for your convenience.
Collection letters (

  3. Another reminder ? Again, we must remind you of your open account that is now (number of days) days beyond our (number of days) terms. Despite the fact that you have ignored our previous reminders, you can no longer delay payment if you wish to keep your account open. ? Please phone us to discuss ways we can work together to reduce this balance. We will try to help you in every conceivable way. Don't fail your company and us now. At the very least, send us an explanation with a partial payment of at least (dollar amount) to keep your account open. ? We are looking forward to talking with you.
Collection letters (

  4. Offer to talk ? We are interested in our customers and are always trying to find new ways to improve our service. For these reasons, we are inquiring why there has been a further delay in paying your long overdue account. If we can help by making your payments smaller, extending our terms, or by recommending a lending company - please let us know. ? We would appreciate talking with you within the next (days) and a payment in the amount of (amount of payment).
Collection letters (

  5. Deadline. ? (time period), just (time period) is the time our legal department tells us we should extend your open account. After that time - (date) our legal staff will have to take action to collect the balance on your overdue account. ? We have repeatedly written and phoned your office asking for payment. As a business person you must understand that we also have a business to run for profit. We do expect your cooperation as follows: ? We expect a payment of (dollar amount) from you on or before (date).

  6. Notice of litigation(诉讼) (诉讼) To: Attention: ? All of our efforts to settle the above matter amicably have been unsuccessful. We have made numerous calls, and to date, have not had the courtesy of a call back. We have delayed legal action up to now based on your assurances that we would be paid in full by [date] I am enclosing copies of your letters stating that intention. ? Please be advised that you have left us no alternative but to file suit immediately. We have attempted to be understanding of your cash flow problems but our patience has now reached an end. Your account is being turned over to our attorney(律师 While I regret the necessity 律师). 律师 of this action I must advise you to govern yourself accordingly. (◆)
Credit and status enquiries 赊购与资信调查
Reasons for credit
买方:可是零售商先拿到货,用销售收益来 销售收益来 支付货款;使购买者在凑足资金之前可以 支付货款 提前享用所需商品;避免了每次购物均需 提前享用所需商品 均需 单独支付的不便。 单独支付的不便 卖方:主要是为了增加利润。这样不仅可以 吸引新的客户,而且可以留住老客户 可以留住老客户。 吸引新的客户 可以留住老客户
Credit Requests 贷款申请书 (
With letters of request you can:
  1. Introduce yourself and remind the reader of your connection (if necessary) before making your request.
  2. Clearly make your request to the person(s) involved.
  3. State plainly and directly your reason(s) for making the request.
  4. Mention the special contributions the reader can make--how he or she can be of help, why you chose him or her, any benefits of fulfilling the request, and so forth.
  5. Promote goodwill and trust. (◆)



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