Chapter Six Adjustments and refusals

  1.What are the steps in dealing with complaints?
Acknowledge receipt of a complaint letter Yes Apologize for the error Admitting responsibilities Explaining briefly the fault Your fault No Regretting for dissatisfaction Explaining for rejection Rejecting tactfully
Proposing to solve the problem Offering specific solution Directing to third party
Concluding by keeping the goodwill

  1.What are the steps in dealing with complaints? Adjustment letters: Correct the mistake Refusal letters: Say no and maintain goodwill

  2.The general plan for adjustment letters

  1.Begin directly ? with the good news.
  2.Describe the action you have taken since receiving it.
  3.Stating briefly your decision and offering compensation if appropriate.
  4.End with a friendly, positive comment. 6见Sample 6-1

  3.The general plan for refusal letters

  1.Imagine you were the recipient.
  2.Begin with the neutral idea that leads to the reason for the refusal.
  3.Present your justification or explanation.
  4.Refuse positively ? with the bad news.
  5.Offer a counterproposal.
  5.End with a friendly, positive comment. 6见Sample 6-3
Useful notes:
回避责任 挑错 得到赔偿 撤消投诉 提供证据 商业文件 合同条款 evade responsibility find fault with to cover a loss from withdraw a claim provide proofs business document contract clauses

  1). The Opening
The first paragraph you should start with acknowledging the complaint or delivering the good new. We have received your complaints of, referring to your order No.XXX Thank you for bringing us attention to the of… matter of …should reach you in three days days… should

  2). The body
The body should focus on your actions and decisions about the complaint. I have checked with the transporters, and that… they inform me that records… According to our records Having checked with our suppliers, it is that… clear that

  2). The body
The body should focus on your actions and decisions about the complaint. I really must apologize for the inconvenience which has been caused. another…percent We will deduct another percent of the bill for the misunderstanding. the…, would… To compensate the , we would

  3).The Closing
Express goodwill.
Thank you for allowing us to serve your company. Thank you for your comments and suggestions on… on won’t from… I hope this accident won t keep you from
Exercises: Rearrange the sentences
years’ a.We hired a new warehouse manager with several years experience and the highest recommendations from two previous employers. b.You b.You have complained recently about late deliveries from our warehouse and your consequent lost sales. won’t c.He is new in this area and won t be bogged by following our past operating procedures and practices. d.We d.We took your complaint seriously. e.We e.We would appreciate your notifying us of any late or unsatisfactory delivery experience in the future. f.Our f.Our new manager, Bert Watson, knows his job depends on prompt deliveries.
我们希望此次特殊的运货能部分弥补给贵方带来 的麻烦。 I hope this special shipment will compensate in part for the trouble we have caused you. 我方已收到您六月十七日的来信, 我方已收到您六月十七日的来信,非常抱歉五月 份财务结算中出现的错误。 We have received your letter of July 17, and regretted the error in the statement of account for May.
如发现确是我方地毯质量低劣, 如发现确是我方地毯质量低劣,我们愿意承担一 切责任。 If it is found that the quality of our carpet is inferior to the samples, we are willing to take all responsibility. 对于这一严重错误, 对于这一严重错误,我方深表歉意。 We wish to express our deepest regret over the serious mistake.
我们很理解你对这件事情的关注,我保证今后会 我们很理解你对这件事情的关注, 给贵方安全发货。 We understand your concern about the matter and guarantee the safe delivery of your order in the future. 希望此事不会影响您对本公司的良好印象。 I hope this matter will not affect your good opinion about us.
On receiving a letter of claim one must analyze and investigate in detail whether the claim is justified and within his of her responsibilities for compensations. 收到索赔信时首先要详细地分析和调查这个索赔 是否合理,是否在你赔偿责任范围之内。
The industrial dispute is indeed something unexpected and we have little control over it. Therefore we should not be held legally liable on the matter. 工厂罢工的却是我们无法预料的,而且我们也无 法控制,所以我们不应该对此事负法律责任。
However, the goods were inspected by the prestigious ABC Inspection Company here two days before loading, and the goods were loaded onto the carrying vessel in perfect condition, which is shown by the Inspection Certificate and the clean B/L attached. 该货物是在装船两天前由声望很高的ABC ABC商检公 该货物是在装船两天前由声望很高的ABC商检公 司检验的,商检证书和清洁提单都表明货物装船 时是完好的。
Writing a letter
Situation: The office bought a photocopier last week. But it didn’t work. Ms. Zhang returned it to the store but failed to get the money back. So she wrote a complaint letter to Mr. Black, manager of the store. Suppose you were Mr. Black, Write an adjustment or letter to comfort your customer and offer reasonable solutions.
Write a letter
Your company has received a letter from ABC Company complaining about the shipment of wrong amount of goods and inferior materials (reference order 9835/E). sizeThey ordered 100 size-36coats (model no. 1
  34), but only received
  10. Besides, the color of the coats was not consistent . Write an adjustment letter to comfort your customer and offer reasonable solutions.
Dear sirs: I would like to apologize for the error made by our company in supplying your order (9835/E) dated August 7, 20
  06. sizeYou order 100 size-36 coats (model no. 1
  34) and our dispatch office sent only
  10. This was due to an invoicing mistake. You also informed us that the color of the coats that you did receive was not consistent. You said that the colors of different coats were slightly different shades of blue, some being more of a green color.
We have told our clerk to be more careful with invoicing. We have also complained to the factory about the colors. We have dispatched 100 new garments by express carrier. They should arrive by Monday September 11, 20
  06.To show our goodwill, we would like to offer you a 10% discount on your next order with us. We look forward to receiving your further orders, and assure you that they will be filled promptly. Yours truly, Alice He



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